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  1. Codename: Nymeria

    [Spoilers] EP703 Discussion

    Jon will definitely be willing to bend the knee. The deal is, Dany uses her dragons to defeat the Army of the Dead, Jon acknowledges her as queen. The only real argument they're having is whether to deal with Cersei first, which is why we have another season. Jon never actually says he won't bend the knee, he just basically he won't do it right away - it's not yet a reasonable thing to ask. But I think he clearly holds open the possibility, especially given how he just sort of accepts the whole "being prisoner" thing. His concern is defeating the Night King; I don't think there's any chance a King Jon Snow would be willing to wage war in order not to have swear fealty, especially with dragons potentially at his doorstep. He's just using whatever leverage he has to try and get Dany's attention towards the North.
  2. Codename: Nymeria

    How would you rate episode 702?

    It's been a hot minute since I posted on these forums, but this episode really bugged me for a couple of reasons, enough to post here and see what the response is: 1) That's Qyburn's plan? To use the exact same method of dragon-killing that felled Meraxes three centuries ago? Musta done a lot of research on that one. I also was (bitterly) amused at him assuring Cersei that dragons weren't invulnerable while standing in the middle of more than a dozen dragon skulls, only one of which went from head to skull as a result of death by old age. What's his backup plan? Convince Dany to put all her dragons in a lair, and have the common folk attack them? 2) Where the hell is Bran?! Jon knows the deployment of the NW, he has plenty of time to get a raven from Dragonstone...no one in Castle Black though to send him a raven bearing the "Hey, we found your brother" message? 3) Who is now in control of the Twins? You would think knowing the answer to that question would play pretty significantly in everyone's war planning (like, if there's a Stark bannerman put in charge, that pretty much closes off the North to conquest by anything other than dragons...) And how is this not discussed at Jon's meeting? Jaime and Cersei mention knowing about it in Episode 1. While we're at it, who controls the Riverlands (assuming Emmon Frey was among the dead)...Gemma Lannister?