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  1. Kytheros

    The younger, more beautiful queen . . .

    Arya's the one who gets compared to Lyanna. Sansa looks like her mother Catelyn did at her age.
  2. Kytheros

    (Spoilers) - The War makes no sense

    Slaves are not, or should not be, a valid argument. The Iron Bank is a Braavosi institution. Braavos is famously anti-slavery - they've gone to war to force other Free Cities to give up slavery.
  3. Kytheros

    One last big twist in Season 8?

    Tyrion's betrayal is in him trying to save his relatives. To bring an end to things such that they're in a position where Daenerys is willing not to kill them, and is willing to accept them remaining around. It's a subtler and less blatant betrayal than outright turning around and stabbing Daenerys ... hmm. Possibly too subtle for Benioff and Weiss. Cersei's hold over Tyrion is that he loves Jaime, and he loved Cersei's children - his niece and nephews - and that Cersei's pregnant. IIRC, Tyrion said that Cersei's one virtue/thing he liked about her is that she loves/loved her children. But yeah, Jorah ... he's absurdly loyal to Daenerys, and the only possibility for someone else for him to love is Lyanna Mormont, who should hate him. Jon ... even if the Aunt/Nephew reveal goes poorly, that's still not betraying her for love. I don't believe AJT. I believe Tyrion really is Tywin's son.
  4. Kytheros

    Why didn't Arya add Jaime to her list?

    Do we actually know that Jaime definitely isn't on her list? And just isn't in a section that she hasn't repeated? I mean, it's not like she's ever gone through the entire list in such a way that we know everyone on it.
  5. Kytheros

    Who will be accused for Kevan's and Pycelle's death?

    Cersei will blame Tyrion in a conspiracy with the Tyrells. The Tyrells will blame Cersei. I am unsure who the Faith will blame. Sure, on the one hand, Pycelle not being able to be present and testify will probably help Margaery's defense. On the other, Kevan is the one standing between Cersei and power.
  6. Kytheros

    Time- Accounts, inconsistencies, and thoughts.

    That's Geodawnian imagery - the Great Empire of the Dawn and the Gemstone Emperors. Way before the Valyrians.
  7. Kytheros

    Season 8 Predictions?

    In the books, most of the khalasar has gone, but there's still some of it left - more than enough to take Daenerys to Vaes Dothrak. Indeed, one those who would become her bloodriders were planning to take her to Vaes Dothrak for her to become one of the crones of the Dosh Khaleen after giving Drogo the pyre, and it's likely that the rest of them would have assisted. Indeed, Daenerys didn't even ask them to become her bloodriders until after MMD had given the prophecy in Daenery's last chapter.
  8. Kytheros

    The Bittersweet Ending That Must Be

    Hang on, now. While GRRM's ending (if/when he ever gets there) might not hold up to the promise of the early books, I'm absolutely certain it'll be better than the the show's.
  9. Kytheros

    One last big twist in Season 8?

    It was "Betrayal for Love", not betrayal by someone who loves her. In the books, anyways. However, I'm not sure they kept that in on the show. But if they did, yeah, Tyrion is by far the likeliest candidate for the betrayal for love (of his family). Most likely either love of his brother, or love of his unborn niece/nephew.
  10. Don't try to bring logic/reason into this. Logic and reason have no place on the show. Nor does internal consistency nor continuity. If, however, we insist on trying to bring logic/reason into things, and keeping internal consistency and continuity, Warden of the North is a purely military position, and has no relevance to one's titles/lands. As far as whether or not Jon has a lordship/lands of his own, it's questionable as to the disposition of Winterfell, but as King of the North, he would (presumably) have taken possession of the Dreadfort, and all lands formerly held by the Boltons. Those probably are still technically in Jon's hands, since it's unlikely he gave them to someone in the interim, even after kneeling to Daenerys, whatever happens with/to Winterfell and the lands held directly by the Starks. And, as jcmontea notes, it is likely to be irrelevant and one of the details we never know.
  11. The Warden titles are legacy artifacts of the books - they were originally going to matter more in the books, but GRRM changed his mind about how things worked, but left them in. It's unclear whether or not the show has retained the distinction of between Warden of the North and Lord Paramount of the North. Or, for that matter, the distinction between Warden of <Compass Direction> and Lord Paramount of <Region>, ie, Warden of the East and Lord Paramount of the Vale, or Warden of the West and Lord Paramount of the Westerlands. Don't recall who was Warden of the South, offhand. I'm inclined to think the show has not retained the distinction between Warden of the North and Lord Paramount of the North, and, in fact, has completely forgotten about the other Wardenship titles.
  12. Kytheros

    Season 8 Predictions?

    There's a fairly significant difference between "you are infertile/will not bear living children due stillbirths, miscarriages, and infant deformity" and "you're going to join the Dosh Kaleen and never have sex, much less the opportunity for children, again". Remember, MMD would have assumed that Daenerys would be taken to Vaes Dothrak to join the Dosh Kaleen as the widow of a Khal - and therefore been completely and utterly off limits and untouchable. Decidedly hard for Daenerys to have children without having sex first. Jon doesn't actually need to become King in order to perpetuate House Targaryen. He just needs to marry and have children with someone (well, marriage is technically optional).
  13. Kytheros

    Time- Accounts, inconsistencies, and thoughts.

    The Kingsguard was invented by Aegon the Conqueror at Visenya's insistence he needed bodyguards. It is also quite possible that calling certain warriors "knights" was a shift in the tales post-Andal invasion and Andalization of Westeros.
  14. Kytheros

    Who do you want to die but think will survive?

    Jaime's doomed. I mean, basically the only way he doesn't die is if Cersei's off the board and out of play, and Tommen and/or Myrcella win. Any other contender, whether current or potential future, would kill Jaime or send him to the Wall (which is effectively a death sentence when the Others come), whether it's for his part in betraying Aerys, betraying Robert, violating oaths to the Starks, or on general principle for being a Lannister. And that assumes he survives his probably imminent encounter with Lady Stoneheart. To be fair, there's a fair amount of potential foreshadowing for the last option there, especially with the Varamyr prologue. On the other hand, I prefer the idea that Jon goes through something like what Bran did, rather than Beric/Stoneheart or Coldhands. Especially in light of the GRRM statement that Beric (and thus Stoneheart) are "fire wights", without normal biological processes.
  15. The non-Targaryens who ride dragons in the books are either other Valyrian bloodlines (ie, House Velaryon), or are conceivably descended of unacknowledged Targaryen bastards. Or, if the lack the name, have Targaryen/other Valyrian ancestors in their family tree. But that's all historical stuff that's not been mentioned on the show. I doubt that they'd spring that on us in the final season, when Jon's Targaryen blood has already been confirmed. It could very well be that Bran wants Jon to know that Lyanna's his mother. However, that's not really a vital "he needs to know the truth about himself" sort of thing, IMO, especially in the context of Jon leading the fight against the Others. Sam only brought up the marriage because Bran thought Jon was a Sand (which he wouldn't've been anyway, but I digress).