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  1. Kytheros

    The younger, more beautiful queen . . .

    Arya's the one who gets compared to Lyanna. Sansa looks like her mother Catelyn did at her age.
  2. Kytheros

    Season 8 Predictions?

    In the books, most of the khalasar has gone, but there's still some of it left - more than enough to take Daenerys to Vaes Dothrak. Indeed, one those who would become her bloodriders were planning to take her to Vaes Dothrak for her to become one of the crones of the Dosh Khaleen after giving Drogo the pyre, and it's likely that the rest of them would have assisted. Indeed, Daenerys didn't even ask them to become her bloodriders until after MMD had given the prophecy in Daenery's last chapter.
  3. Don't try to bring logic/reason into this. Logic and reason have no place on the show. Nor does internal consistency nor continuity. If, however, we insist on trying to bring logic/reason into things, and keeping internal consistency and continuity, Warden of the North is a purely military position, and has no relevance to one's titles/lands. As far as whether or not Jon has a lordship/lands of his own, it's questionable as to the disposition of Winterfell, but as King of the North, he would (presumably) have taken possession of the Dreadfort, and all lands formerly held by the Boltons. Those probably are still technically in Jon's hands, since it's unlikely he gave them to someone in the interim, even after kneeling to Daenerys, whatever happens with/to Winterfell and the lands held directly by the Starks. And, as jcmontea notes, it is likely to be irrelevant and one of the details we never know.
  4. The Warden titles are legacy artifacts of the books - they were originally going to matter more in the books, but GRRM changed his mind about how things worked, but left them in. It's unclear whether or not the show has retained the distinction of between Warden of the North and Lord Paramount of the North. Or, for that matter, the distinction between Warden of <Compass Direction> and Lord Paramount of <Region>, ie, Warden of the East and Lord Paramount of the Vale, or Warden of the West and Lord Paramount of the Westerlands. Don't recall who was Warden of the South, offhand. I'm inclined to think the show has not retained the distinction between Warden of the North and Lord Paramount of the North, and, in fact, has completely forgotten about the other Wardenship titles.
  5. Kytheros

    Season 8 Predictions?

    There's a fairly significant difference between "you are infertile/will not bear living children due stillbirths, miscarriages, and infant deformity" and "you're going to join the Dosh Kaleen and never have sex, much less the opportunity for children, again". Remember, MMD would have assumed that Daenerys would be taken to Vaes Dothrak to join the Dosh Kaleen as the widow of a Khal - and therefore been completely and utterly off limits and untouchable. Decidedly hard for Daenerys to have children without having sex first. Jon doesn't actually need to become King in order to perpetuate House Targaryen. He just needs to marry and have children with someone (well, marriage is technically optional).
  6. The non-Targaryens who ride dragons in the books are either other Valyrian bloodlines (ie, House Velaryon), or are conceivably descended of unacknowledged Targaryen bastards. Or, if the lack the name, have Targaryen/other Valyrian ancestors in their family tree. But that's all historical stuff that's not been mentioned on the show. I doubt that they'd spring that on us in the final season, when Jon's Targaryen blood has already been confirmed. It could very well be that Bran wants Jon to know that Lyanna's his mother. However, that's not really a vital "he needs to know the truth about himself" sort of thing, IMO, especially in the context of Jon leading the fight against the Others. Sam only brought up the marriage because Bran thought Jon was a Sand (which he wouldn't've been anyway, but I digress).
  7. Wanting Jon to know about his mother is one possible factor. However, I think telling Jon about his parentage also means telling Jon that he can probably ride a dragon. And that's going to be much more important for the War for the Dawn than telling Jon that he's the true heir to the Iron Throne. Remember, Bran wanted to tell Jon about his parentage - "the truth about himself" - before he learned that Lyanna and Rhaegar were married. And that means Jon being the true heir to the Iron Throne is not the truth about Jon that Bran wanted Jon to know.
  8. As far as showing Bran's gaining control over his powers ... when he looked to see whether or not Sam was right about Rhaegar and Lyanna being married, he didn't need physical contact with or proximity to a weirwood, the way he did earlier in the season/in previous seasons. Also, to be fair, since Meera left, there wasn't really anyone in Winterfell who he could talk to about it/understand what he was talking about even a little.
  9. Kytheros

    The younger, more beautiful queen . . .

    Only on the show. In the books, the White Walkers/Others are supposed to be beautiful. You're probably still right that any females wouldn't be younger than Cersei.
  10. Kytheros

    Jon will get wightified, a theory by Lothar Frey

    Plus Jon's at the Wall, which is filled with magic and has preservative qualities (see: Maester Aemon), and is right outside the tower where Val is. Val's sister Dalla saved Mance's life after being severely injured, might Val save Jon's? The alternative source for healing is probably Mel doing a fire-healing, ala Moqorro, but Val healing Jon seems more suitable/appropriate, though I suppose both could contribute. Especially in light of Bran's vision of Jon, it seems likely that Jon's going to be unconscious, possibly comatose, for a while. That's probably a point in favor of Val doing the healing, not Mel. I think I'm more inclined towards a quasi-Arthurian fate ... or an Immortal Emperor, or stepping back as an immortal guardian, if things go that way. Actually, I think what's currently happening with the White Walkers is probably that somebody already screwed the pooch in one of two ways - (1) a pact was made to end the Long Night and keep the Walkers quiescent, and it was violated in some way, releasing the Walkers, and/or (2) a pact was made with the Starks, and the Walkers are coming to hold up their end. Most likely, IMO, this happened around the timeframe of Robert's Rebellion.
  11. Kytheros

    Jon will get wightified, a theory by Lothar Frey

    It's not definite that Jon is actually dead/killed at the end of Dance. We need to remember that. I'm more inclined to think that Jon is going to undergo a very near death experience, and when he eventually recovers, he'll be more magically awakened, instead of actually dying and being resurrected/reanimated. Jon, like Bran, is likely to have an extended recovery period, where it's unclear whether or not he'll pull through, but he'll come out more magically aware/awakened than before.
  12. Well, yeah, the show's doing a shit job on pretty much everything except visual spectacle these days.
  13. Kytheros

    sansa, arya, and dany

    It's also worth noting that at the time MMD added having children to the list of impossible things, MMD probably assumed that the Dothraki would be taking Daenerys to Vaes Dothrak for Daenerys to join the Dosh Kaleen - aka, the wives of dead khals who don't get any anymore. Kind of hard to have children when you're not allowed to have sex with anyone again.
  14. There weren't. It's a failing of the show, but getting used to/gaining better control over it seems a viable explanation for the shift in Bran's demeanor.
  15. Kytheros

    Winter & the Dothraki

    In show, the "winter" is basically a Book!Northern summer snowstorm, if that. In the books, the Dothraki are fundamentally useless in the North. Dothraki might still be functional in the South, but their value is much reduced. And even the South is getting hit with actual winter ... and winter is not a good time to be marching armies around fighting.