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    sansa, arya, and dany

    It's also worth noting that at the time MMD added having children to the list of impossible things, MMD probably assumed that the Dothraki would be taking Daenerys to Vaes Dothrak for Daenerys to join the Dosh Kaleen - aka, the wives of dead khals who don't get any anymore. Kind of hard to have children when you're not allowed to have sex with anyone again.
  2. Kytheros

    sansa, arya, and dany

    Well, perhaps, not so much "dirt", as all the fun childhood stories, some of which may be embarrassing to Jon, but also "what was Jon like growing up", "what does he like to do for fun when the world isn't ending", "what's his favorite color", "what's it like having Jon as a family member", "what's it like having an older brother that's not a flaming asshat", etc. Remember, it's not like Daenerys actually knows that much personal information about Jon or his history, and there's nobody else she can really ask about him. Tyrion doesn't know that much about Jon, and what he does, he's basically already told Daenerys. Varys? Jon likely wouldn't have been someone Varys ever paid close attention to, although he may know or suspect R+L=J, but Varys would likely keep his mouth shut about that until/unless it came up some other way. Theon's gone off to get Yara, and it's not like Daenerys would've had time to grill Theon about Jon before Theon left. Also, it's not impossible that an initial Arya/Jon reunion happens in front of Daenerys before she knows it's Arya jumping on Jon. Remember how their goodbye went - and that was knowing they'd see each other again - and how things have gone for them since, and remember how the Sansa/Jon reunion went, and they never got along and didn't even say goodbye to each other, and remember that Arya and Jon were a whole lot closer to each other than Sansa and Jon. Sansa and Arya even said something about how Jon would react to seeing Arya again during their reunion. In addition, Daenerys's experiences of family relationships are going to mostly be based on the abusive relationship she had with Viserys, and the sexual undertones there, and most of the other family relationships she knows about aren't that great either - the Lannisters from Tyrion's perspective, and the Greyjoys from Theon and Yara's perspective that their uncle murdered their father and wants to do the same to them. The Stark siblings family interactions are something that's almost entirely new to her. Daenerys never really had much of a family life growing up, and definitely not one in a loving, caring family - she can have that kind of vicariously through learning about the childhood the Stark siblings and Jon had with each other. Plus, talking about Jon is bound to be a more pleasant subject than the army of the dead, and less contentious than politics. Bran and Sam telling Jon about his parentage and everything that entails seems a whole lot more like something they'd plan to do in private with him, rather than in public, so he could figure out what he wanted to do with the information instead of springing it - and everything that follows - on him (and everyone else) publicly. Although, Sam did set Jon up to be elected Lord Commander of the Night's Watch without mentioning it to him.
  3. Kytheros

    sansa, arya, and dany

    Actually ... I think Bran and Sam, while they're going to tell Jon as soon as they can, they're going to tell Jon in private. Then it'll be up to Jon to either sit on it, try to figure out who he can talk to about it, or tell people about it. That is, unless Daenerys says something about being the rightful Queen of the Iron Throne and the Seven Kingdoms in front of Bran that triggers his Three Eyed Raven uncontrolled words mode, and he drops the identity bomb then and there. That said, I'm rather looking forward to the Bran/Jon and Arya/Jon reunions. Also, the Sam/Jon reunion. And the Stark siblings/Daenerys introductions and interactions; Bran's weird enough that Daenerys might try to minimize interactions with him, but if she is brought to believe in what he can do, he's a potential window into the past of her family; Sansa and Arya, however, aren't robots like Bran, and are Jon's beloved sisters - normally, you want your significant other's family to like you - and can tell her things about him that he won't, but they're also going to be protective of him and suspicious/dubious of her. But mostly the Arya/Jon reunion - and I hope the show does their relationship justice.
  4. Because you don't know whether an episode will be good or bad until after you've gone and watched it. Some of them are great, others are good. And this season has been up and down a fair amount.
  5. Oh, it's absolutely way worse on the show, and has only gotten more pronounced as they diverged from the books. The books at least had the same route take the same amount of time, more or less. And even when GRRM is fudging the travel times, it's not as blatant.
  6. To be fair to the show, travel times aren't something that GRRM put a lot of effort into making consistent in the books, either. So that particular problem didn't start with the show, although it's significantly more noticeable this season. Even odds Dany's approaching or landing somewhere in Westeros or on Dragonstone by the end of episode 10.
  7. To be fair, the last time we saw Asha/Yara and Theon on the show, an episode or two back, they were in Volantis, which is most of the way to Mereen already. And, it's not really all that clear where the Iron Islands stuff lined up with everything else chronologically, at least until they interacted with other plotlines. But yeah, the fast travel network is getting irritating. And, yes, book 6 needs to come out asap.
  8. Well, I think it's hard to argue that the camera work wasn't extremely good. The problem, in my opinion, is that however good it looked, that doesn't make up for the bad writing and plot induced stupidity. Admittedly, that's not been exclusive to this episode - it has, after all, been going on all season - but prolonging bad writing and stupidity doesn't make it any better, it just makes things worse, and a lot of it, especially in the North, came to a head in this episode.
  9. She didn't even mention the Vale as a possibility. The entire season. Maybe she wants to wait for confirmation one way or the other, but still, if she'd mentioned the Vale as a possibility, Jon would have been willing to wait to find out if they were coming or not. The only possibilities I see are she was deliberately setting Jon up or, she doesn't want Jon to know she asked Littlefinger for help because she's planning on screwing Littlefinger over.
  10. I'll give it points for the cinematography. It was exquisite camera work. The Mereen stuff was actually rather solidly written. Unfortunately, the writing for the North just failed. Failed hard enough that the cinematography and Mereen don't make up for the stupidity. Admittedly, the stupidity has been ongoing for most of this season, but prolonged stupidity is no less stupid. Jon explicitly asks Sansa "Where do you suggest we get more men?" And she says nothing. Right now, it looks like Sansa was deliberately setting Jon and the Stark-loyal forces up to get slaughtered by Ramsay.