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  1. Would have needed support of the Tyrells & the Reach for it to even have a hope of being successful. I think Ned prioritized Jon's safety over fighting another war and seating him on a throne.
  2. The books are much richer and the character motivations for what they do are much more consistent.
  3. PCK

    Valonqar Revealed

    The dream in Storm implies Cersei will die before Jaime.
  4. PCK

    Who was the rightful king in the TWoFK?

    In truth, Stannis. General public perception, Joffrey, not many knew of the incest at that time and still don't. Commoners like Gendry (who actually is a son of Robert) believe Joffrey and Tommen are his sons.
  5. PCK

    1 more book after winds of winter?

    Depends on how fast things move in the next one. Storm covered a ton of ground, Winds could too.
  6. PCK

    What if fAegon married Cercei?

    Myrcella is more likely, especially if she is meant to be a queen at some point like that prophecy says. She'll be crossing near where Aegon & crew are currently, correct?
  7. Thinking on it, I really don't get why they aren't all separate countries.
  8. PCK

    GoT Cover, Kindle Edition (Night's King)

    Just got the audiobook with it. It is a cool cover.
  9. PCK

    Who will be accused for Kevan's and Pycelle's death?

    I never took into consideration that Pycelle was the key witness against Margaery. Added that Mace is the hand, it will cast suspicion on the Tyrells. She could definitely lose her trial now.
  10. PCK

    Enigmatic 'Not a Blog' Post: Alas, Valyria

    At this point, he should consider just releasing chapters individually on iTunes, Amazon etc. He'd make more money and we'd get more of the story. The story clearly became too broad. The first three books focused on the Starks, Lannisters, Baratheons, and the last Targaryen. 4 & 5 are about Starks, Lannisters, the last Baratheons, the last Targaryens, the Tyrells, the Martells, the Greyjoys, Brienne, and now Aegon & the Golden Company.
  11. PCK

    Enigmatic 'Not a Blog' Post: Alas, Valyria

    Is that going to tell, rather than show, like Rogue Prince and Princess & The Queen did?
  12. PCK

    Enigmatic 'Not a Blog' Post: Alas, Valyria

    Has he even started Fire & Blood yet? I'm not sure what to make of his last sentence or two either. Does he think he'll really be done next year or not?
  13. PCK

    Enigmatic 'Not a Blog' Post: Alas, Valyria

    The more I think about it, the more I think it does relate to Winds. If it were anything else, he would have outright said. He's always vague about TWOW. I'm sure he'll make it clear when the book is finished.
  14. PCK

    [Spoilers] EP701

    Arrogance and vanity are the chief reasons she makes a poor ruler, along with her cruelty.
  15. Kind of Doran's fault for letting Arianne go through with it.