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  1. That's weird, it redirects to Amazon.com for me too, even though the link says amazon.co.uk
  2. Interesting...this was my fear for the book, that Harry would spend a lot of time fighting octokongs and other grunts (like with A Memory of Light). But I actually thought there was quite little of this. I did not think that the action got repetitive, and I was overall very happy with the book.
  3. Books always come out on Tuesday. Yes I know there are exceptions like Harry Potter. But otherwise publishers will always release their books on Tuesday.
  4. Proven Guilty was very much "made" by the ~100 page aftermath section. Butcher is usually pretty good at those.
  5. Tad has turned in a draft of The Navigator's Children, and it's currently longer than To Green Angel Tower
  6. I thought AMoL was monotonous and exhausting as well. Though the Last Battle chapter was pretty good. I've loved some other long battles as well, like in The Unholy Consult. I guess I'm okay with 300 pages of battle as long as it's not too monotonous.
  7. I saw this on reddit. Is this real? I can't find the reddit post where I originally saw it, but people were unable to confirm the original post. Edit: Nevermind people have confirmed it's real. I just thought it was really bizarre when I first saw it.
  8. I'm reading through these in publication order. Currently on A Song for Arbonne. I'm enjoying it but it sort of feels like a lesser book than Tigana. Tigana was amazing. I don't dislike any book yet, but the third Fionnavar book was pretty boring for a good chunk of it. Its high points were really good though.
  9. There are none from the 90s But no I like these two new covers more than most of the early ones.
  10. The titles for the novellas continue to sound like James Islington's Licanius Trilogy Tad: The Heart of What was Lost The Shadow of Things to Come Islington: The Shadow of What was Lost An Echo of Things to Come The Light of All that Falls
  11. He does not wear a hat in the books. I believe the books have had a meta joke or two about hats.
  12. I read Tigana earlier this year and I didn't find it to be slow at all. Maybe I just read a lot of slow books. I loved it.
  13. I'm reading The Dragonbone Chair and thought the same thing during the part where Simon was escaping the Hayholt. It was trippy and reminded me a lot of the journey underneath Ishterebenth or whatever it's called.
  14. Tad actually has a fairly respectable section at my local B&N. I'd guess about a shelf and a half, by official measurements. I know when I bought the last copy of The Dragonbone Chair last year, it was restocked when I went back in the next week.
  15. I also think it would be weird to bang your good friend's daughter, but that's just me
  16. I'm not that far yet (only in the middle of Fionavar book 2 at the moment). But I've seen several people say that Ysabel is his weakest book.
  17. This is encouraging. I've already bought the first Fionavar book and was wondering whether or not that was a good idea.
  18. Plenty of us here were fans of the books way before the HBO series was even optioned, and we enjoyed this episode just fine. At least I did. I thought it was the best one yet.
  19. I think this Shae has the potentital to make the story more heartbreaking. Shae in the book was an obvious whore who said whatever a man wants to hear. If this more honest Shae can appear to actually fall for Tyrion then that would be, as I said, heartbreaking.
  20. No, I don't know why so many people think this. This is how she's described: http://awoiaf.westeros.org/images/thumb/4/41/Asha_Greyjoy.jpg/250px-Asha_Greyjoy.jpg Still a freak in bed though I'm sure
  21. I've seen quite a few people say this. But how do you even get it up when you're only doing it for duty?
  22. Will people ever start judging episodes by their own merits?
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