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  1. End of Disc One

    Fourth Quarter 2019 Reading

    Most people think Lightbringer is a significant step up from Night Angel--not that I personally agree. If cliches were your problem in Night Angel, Lightbringer is less cliched and more about subverting expectations. There are some big surprises.
  2. I'm not very far yet, but it seems the main difference is that the characters in this book are more living in the shadows of established characters. And they're more coming-of-age while Logan and Glokta had already experienced a lot of shit before the start of The Blade Itself.
  3. End of Disc One

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    I read Tigana earlier this year and I didn't find it to be slow at all. Maybe I just read a lot of slow books. I loved it.
  4. End of Disc One

    Third Quarter 2019 Reading

    I'm about 3/4 of the way through Dark Age and it's on track to be my favorite one yet. Iron Gold was a bit of an awkward transition into multi-POV, but Dark Age pulls off the epic feel much better. All of the storylines in Iron Gold feel very small time in comparison to Dark Age. I've seen a lot of comparisons to Golden Son, which I don't really get other than that they're both book 2. In Golden Son, Darrow pretty much kept succeeding until the very end. Dark Age is bleak as fuck...nothing is going right for the good guys, but IMO that just makes the rise that much more satisfying. Dark Age seems to be the most divisive book so far, with people saying it's either their favorite or least favorite. The main complaint I've seen from the latter are that it's too bleak, so your mileage may vary.
  5. End of Disc One

    Third Quarter 2019 Reading

    It's funny, I'm about 2/3 of the way through and I thought the beginning was the best part. Everyone talks about how slow it is but I loved it. After the Hayholt I felt it got less interesting. I realize I'm in the minority here.
  6. I'm reading The Dragonbone Chair and thought the same thing during the part where Simon was escaping the Hayholt. It was trippy and reminded me a lot of the journey underneath Ishterebenth or whatever it's called.
  7. Tad actually has a fairly respectable section at my local B&N. I'd guess about a shelf and a half, by official measurements. I know when I bought the last copy of The Dragonbone Chair last year, it was restocked when I went back in the next week.
  8. End of Disc One

    Dresden Files (most recent thread is archived) Peace Talks is finished

    I also think it would be weird to bang your good friend's daughter, but that's just me
  9. End of Disc One

    RIP Gene Wolfe

    RIP Gene Wolfe grew on my
  10. End of Disc One

    Second Quarter 2019 Reading

  11. Smokestacks? Has Angland really come that far? Edit: Well yeah I guess it's in the first sentence of the blurb. This should be interesting.
  12. End of Disc One

    The Voice Inside My Head vs Any Other Voice

    I agree with you--people heap praises on some of these audio book readers but they don't do much for me. Maybe it's because I read more slowly than most people and I sub-vocalize more.
  13. End of Disc One

    Popular Book series you’ve tried and failed to get into:

    I always have to at least try starting with the first book in barely-connected-series, but if that doesn't work I'll skip ahead to a more popular book. We'll how K.J. Parker goes. I read somewhere that all of his books are in the same universe, and that the Fencer trilogy can be a tough read. But that is where I'm starting.
  14. End of Disc One

    Popular Book series you’ve tried and failed to get into:

    Yeah my dad actually enjoyed Prince of Nothing for the most part, but he said it got too weird by the end of the trilogy. I don't him just pretend there are no more books, lol.