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  1. can't rate it since I didn't watch the entire episode, but Tyrions speech was epic!
  2. this is one of the reason I stopped watching GoT and after Ygritte died I stopped. I'm just watching reviews on each GoT episodes now in Youtube. I like spoilers
  3. my fellow Jon/Arya shipper! I loved the thread you made btw. too bad it's closed already.

    what do you think of this?

    "Oh, and take the Stark girl with you. Deliver her to Lord Commander Snow on your way to Eastwatch." Stannis tapped the parchment that lay before him. "A true king pays his debts."

    Pay it, aye, thought Theon. Pay it with false coin. Jon Snow would see through the impostesure at once. Lord Stark's sullen bastard had known Jeyne Poole, and he had always been fond of his little half-sister Arya. - Theon (Winds of WInter)



    It's doesn't mean much in the romantic stand point, but I'm glad someone else mentioned their close relationship

    1. Ice Turtle

      Ice Turtle

      :) Yes it was great that it was mentioned, but gift chapters still can be edited so I don't believe them entirely.

    2. BeeStark


      aaahhh yes... Your awesome!

  4. BeeStark

    [Spoilers] EP610

    they should pay some tribute to Rhaegar and Lyanna next season with a Bran Flashback, either a scene where Lyanna was kidnapped or the Tourney at Harrenhal
  5. BeeStark

    [Spoilers] EP610

    She will have the Tyrells against her now too.. she wont have their economic support anymore
  6. BeeStark

    [Spoilers] EP610

    I'm a little upset that the show killed Margaery, she was my favorite plotting cunning princess
  7. BeeStark

    [Spoilers] EP610

    Hell yes! Cersei freakin killed their one last child remaining and killed a bunch of people, I'll be surprised if Jaime is still that love struck idiot
  8. woo! fellow Jon and Arya shipper!