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  1. I agree with your assessment, I'm also a fan of ashara being jon's mother. Hope winds comes soon I think this might be the third time I've read asos (that's where I'm at on my reread, tyrion 3), though I enjoyed agot and adwd far more, affc is also great.
  2. I agree, It all comes back to lyanna and rhaegar being the parents, however it appears that ashara's mystery baby, lyanna's mystery baby, jon and dany (and possibly aegon) all were born in somehow suspicious circumstances around the same time and as a consequence of the rebellion and all its moving pieces. It would fit for our author as well to have made some sort of swaps with all these babies or at least some. Genes are fickle at best in our story and if genes were what mattered in the end, we could clearly say that jon is either ned or brandon's, because unless lyanna got with someone with similar looks, her starkness wouldn't have kept as well as jon's did, I mean by all accounts he is a stark in every sense; for instance, robb got the tully look as well as bran, rickon and sansa, so the auburn hair prevailed over the dark brown hair and grey eyes. Since we don't know how the stark genes matched with fair haired genes, other than tullys, we can't say they would've remained like in jon. Dany has purple eyes, like dark purple which match aegon's, said by tyrion to be dark purple while they travel through the rhoyne. But she definitely looks targaryen, as does aegon, however we have all these hints at them not being who they say they are. My wild guesses on this would be aegon is just a kid from lys or volantis who was the same age and looked the part (or blackfyre of course) and dany could be ashara's mystery baby for all we know about her supposed memories of her childhood, which are little to none (house with red door, lemon tree, bare foot running, willem darry, that's it!) So there could be an argument made as to wether genes matter definitively or rather the evidence or hints found along the text.
  3. Actually this is my second re-read, and I have to say that for a long time I've been a firm believer of this theory, with all the additional info on the harrenhal tourney as well as the other clues scattered among the text. Lately, I find it to be very foolish, and I've since started to think what the real answer might be, was it ashara and ned? ashara and brandon? perhaps even ned and some random girl?or brandon and some random girl ? (brandon might have indeed been a wild wolf) how does rhaegar really fit into the picture and also do we have enough facts about lyanna to be putting this together? Of course the answer to all of this is we just don't know (damn you george!) All these other facts as well as the proximity to the isle of faces makes me think the rhaegar and lyanna connection is real, though I doubt it is to have some superhero jon snow brought forth. To me it is obvious that the complexity of the story will result in many heroes not just a single azor ahai, if you will. So in my opinion jon is not "the one", but one of the few perhaps. Rather than thinking about the three heads of the dragon, and dany, and (f)aegon, I'm thinking it will be a group effort. I'm even doubting that the "apocalypse" coming for our heroes will be as its being portrayed on the show or as the read will have us believe. Anyway, I don't want to ramble on with my several doubts on what our author has clearly set up to deceive us. So here is the thread I wanted to start, seeing that this story is meant to deceive, how much should we trust prophecy and visions and all that, they clearly have a part to play, but will they spell out the whole story or is it meant to deceive? George does a really good job on setting plots where we hear a tale, our pov character believes one thing only to be proved wrong by a background character in another one's pov. Where I'm trying to get with this is that cat believes jon's mother to be ashara dayne, she ponders it in a couple of her pov's first in agot and then in asos (If I'm not mistaken), which would indicate that ashara is not jon's mom, is the only other option lyanna? most of the arguments put forth for her being the mother are from the harrenhal tourney and visions. Prophecy ultimately leads us to r+l=j, which is my whole point. Any thoughts? Insight is always appreciated to loosen these knots and learn a bit more. ps. I know my fact are lazy, but bear with me. besides if you're here you probably know exactly what I'm talking about.
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