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  1. The episode as a whole got my first 10/10. Probably my biggest letdown so far was the Arya direction. I remember being so excited by Maisie's pitch-perfect acting on the Kingsroad, especially that moment when Joff is under her blade and we see a flash of a darker side in her eyes. This week's scene felt like the director (or maybe PR-worried producers) threw away the chance to continue that amazing foreshadowing. Aside from that, I'm incredibly happy with this ep!! No Ned Tower of Joy dream or attempt to write Jon, though. Unless they put something in the next episode (Ned's final words??), I'm going to be very confused about that choice.
  2. hey, coming back around since all the news about the show and book. How's it been?!?

  3. Tears of Lys, GRRM has released three of them (Reek, Jon, and Dany) for anyone who wishes to peek.
  4. Sup homie! How are things? :)

  5. [quote name='El-ahrairah' post='1621431' date='Dec 16 2008, 10.44']On Page 3, mention is made of a Mother, Maiden, and Crone in a Wicca ceremony. However, I know very little of this religion, and perhaps such feminine personifications are a genuine part of it.[/quote] Modern Wicca has adopted the Triple Goddess as one of their two gods since about 1954. The idea was first proposed by a poet in 1948, although any Wiccans would correct me that their beliefs have been the same for thousands and thousands of years, of course.
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