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  1. MattJC

    Pet-Peeves in Novels?

    I was personally acquainted with a man who apparently died by tripping and hitting his head on his own desk, so that one is more common than you might think. -Randomly inserted rape scenes. -Modern politics/values popping up where they don't belong. -Hundreds of pages of filler. -Characters who do not really feel the effects of the physical/mental trauma they suffer.
  2. MattJC

    Conan the Barbarian TV Series (Amazon)

    I love Conan and I cannot wait for this. We have yet to actually see any remotely accurate adaptation of the source material.
  3. MattJC

    SpaceX's Big Falcon Topic 2

    That was impressive. Even if Heavy Metal did it first.
  4. MattJC


    Hello all. I am Matt, an aspiring writer from Canada. I've been a fan of ASOIAF since 2005, and a lurker on the boards since around 2006. After some deliberation, I have decided "sure I'll join that forum."