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  1. Littlefinger's crewman

    The battle of blood

    In The Winds of Winter there will be a huge sea battle near Oldtown. King Euron will fight against Hightower's and Redwyne's fleets in a narrow passage between Arbor and Oldtown. Why has Euron chosen this location for the battle ? He will be surrounded by the enemy and he will have every way to escape closed. And at the end, who will be the winner of the battle?
  2. Littlefinger's crewman

    Trial by combat

    If you were to be judged by a trial by combat, wich champion would you choose? RULES: 1-The champion has to be a charcter from ASOIAF who has been alive during the saga 2-The champion can't use magic 3-The champion can use any kind of weapon 4-The champion has to be a human.
  3. Littlefinger's crewman

    POV's You'd Like to See?

    I completely agree
  4. Littlefinger's crewman

    POV's You'd Like to See?

    Margaery, Daario Naharys or Loras during Dragonstone battle
  5. Littlefinger's crewman

    The TWOW chapters, what should I do?

    George Martin has realeased some chapers from the sixth ASOIAF book, The Winds of Winter. Since Martin announced that TWOW wouldn't hit the shelves in 2018, I got more curious about these chapters but I still don't want to spoil me any surprise about the next book. I want an advice from the ones that have already read these chapters: Are they worthy of the reading? Should I read them? Does something importan happen in these chapters?
  6. Littlefinger's crewman

    Rickon's role to play

    Davos is going to Skagos to find Rickon Stark in order to get Manderly's alliance. For what the Northeners know, if Davos is going to find Rickon and bring him back to the continent, the little Stark will be the Lord of Winterfell. Will finally Rickon get importance in ASOIAF? Wil he play an important role? What role will it be?
  7. Littlefinger's crewman

    Quentyn Martell, why making him die?

    Quentyn Martell is one of my favourite characters and I think his storyline could evolve in a very interesting way. So when he died I was very surprised ( more than when happened Red wedding). Now I ask myself: why should Martin have written through his point of view if he knew that Quentyn would be dead? Why did he need to tell us his story? Have Quentyn been useful at something? P.S. I'm sorry for my English, I'm from Italy, if I made any mistake please forgive me
  8. Littlefinger's crewman

    Spare one of these villains from execution and explain why

    I'd spare Ramsay Bolton because I love his character, he is one of the stranger people in Westeros. I'd spare Euron too, he is so col to be killed in such an inglorious way!
  9. Littlefinger's crewman

    Gerold Dayne

    I think that Gerold Dayne, the black star, is a very interesting character who still have to play a role in the story. He hasn' t showed what he could do yet. Are we going to see him again? What role is he going to play?
  10. Littlefinger's crewman

    Sansa and Baelish in the Iron Throne

    Petyr Baelish is a skilled player of the game of thrones, so skilled that someday he could reach his main goal: sit on the Iron Throne, maybe with Sansa Stark next to him. Is it possible?
  11. Littlefinger's crewman

    Will Tyrion rule Casterly Rock?

    In ADWD Tyrion says in his last chapter that he had intention of conquer Casterly Rock with the aid of the Second Sons. Do you think it is really going to happen?