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  1. Giant Ice Spider

    Ramsay as Warden of the North

    Maybe. Perhaps people would be so relieved that he didn't live up to their expectations they wouldn't notice. But if his eyes seemed paler … no, I think they would notice that. They wouldn't put two and two together (they have no reason to suspect that it's still Roose), but they could think maybe it's Ramsay who's up to evil sorcery. That would be problematic for Lord Bolton. All that being said, if Bolt-On is true then perhaps part of the reason Roose hates Ramsay so much is he loathes the idea of having to mimic Ramsay's bad behaviour. "No tales were ever told of me," he says in Reek III. Perhaps he's angry he can't keep it that way.
  2. Giant Ice Spider

    Ramsay as Warden of the North

    See, I would have thought he would try to ape Ramsay, to ensure continuity and reduce suspicion.
  3. Giant Ice Spider

    Ramsay as Warden of the North

    An interesting idea, but things seem to go a little too perfectly. Also, what would happen to Rickon?
  4. Giant Ice Spider

    Westeros; the sleepy superpower

    The reason is that GRRM wanted to portray Jaehaerys as a good king, and to be a good king in GRRM's eyes, you need to bring about peace. This means no conquest. So GRRM has sacrificed realism in the name of making a political statement.
  5. Giant Ice Spider

    Ramsay as Warden of the North

    Let's agree to disagree.
  6. Giant Ice Spider

    Ramsay as Warden of the North

    "The best laid schemes of mice and men/Gang aft agley," Even if Roose has a plan, it may not work. The plans of characters tend not to in GRRM's stories.
  7. Giant Ice Spider

    Ramsay as Warden of the North

    Why would the Lannisters name anyone else Warden of the North? Why deliberately piss off their northern allies? Typically I use "Warden of the North" and "Lord of Winterfell" interchangeably, but since Ramsay is ALREADY Lord of Winterfell due to his marriage to 'Arya', naming the topic "Ramsay as Lord of Winterfell" wouldn't make any sense.
  8. Giant Ice Spider

    Ramsay as Warden of the North

    The Dynamic Duo of the North - Roose and Ramsay Bolton - do not get along. Roose disapproves of Ramsay's lack of self-control and obsession with violence and killing, Ramsay disapproves of his father's diplomacy, and presumably of his father's remarriage. Not to mention the power struggle going on between them. Thus, they have every reason to kill each other. While there would be consequences to Roose killing Ramsay, the more interesting case would be if Ramsay killed Roose. At that point, Ramsay would become Warden of the North. And therein lies what I wish to discuss: How would Ramsay behave as Warden of the North, and what would do?
  9. Giant Ice Spider

    The Family Traditions of House Bolton (Theory)

    Ocular albinism (which is what Roose probably has, if he isn't an immortal vampire) is caused by an X-linked gene. Roose would have got the condition from his mother. Now, if you're correct and the Boltons marry their cousins, this would make sense, as Roose would get his distinctive eyes from a pale-eyed Bolton mother. Perhaps his mysterious first wife was a fellow Bolton. That being said, we hear of no cousins or uncles - and the Boltons weren't operating a one-heir-only system, having male uncles and cousins would be unavoidable. If they could be trusted, Roose would have them by his side (or name one of them instead of Ramsay as castellan of the Dreadfort). If they could not be trusted, I think they would still have come up in conversation. It's also worth noting that if Roose has uncles or cousins, he doesn't need Ramsay for an heir - he could just use one of them.
  10. Giant Ice Spider

    The Family Traditions of House Bolton (Theory)

    The other reason I think there are no Bolton women is it would give another House a claim to the Dreadfort, which, again, creates wars of succession.
  11. Giant Ice Spider

    The role of Jon Snow in TWoW

    Jon failed to persuade Marsh about anything: the wildlings, for one, but mostly he failed to persuade Marsh he was competent. If he did even one thing Marsh would have done, or at least showed he understood and respected Marsh's reasoning, he might well be alive.
  12. Giant Ice Spider

    ASOIAF Jokes

    I once made a wager with Ramsay Bolton. If he lost, I got to be heir to the Dreadfort; if I lost, he'd flay me because he said I needed skin in the game.
  13. Giant Ice Spider

    The role of Jon Snow in TWoW

    While I suspect you're right, that would disappoint me.
  14. Giant Ice Spider

    Areo Hotah - The Most Boring Man in Westeros?

    Human robots are never very exciting, are they?
  15. Giant Ice Spider

    The Future of Melisandre

    I can totally see her accidentally sabotaging the war for the dawn, and then trying to brazen it out the way she always does.