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  1. Giant Ice Spider

    Ramsay as Warden of the North

    Maybe. Perhaps people would be so relieved that he didn't live up to their expectations they wouldn't notice. But if his eyes seemed paler … no, I think they would notice that. They wouldn't put two and two together (they have no reason to suspect that it's still Roose), but they could think maybe it's Ramsay who's up to evil sorcery. That would be problematic for Lord Bolton. All that being said, if Bolt-On is true then perhaps part of the reason Roose hates Ramsay so much is he loathes the idea of having to mimic Ramsay's bad behaviour. "No tales were ever told of me," he says in Reek III. Perhaps he's angry he can't keep it that way.
  2. Giant Ice Spider

    Ramsay as Warden of the North

    See, I would have thought he would try to ape Ramsay, to ensure continuity and reduce suspicion.
  3. Giant Ice Spider

    Ramsay as Warden of the North

    An interesting idea, but things seem to go a little too perfectly. Also, what would happen to Rickon?
  4. Giant Ice Spider

    Tender side of Tywin, Roose, And Walder.

    it seems Tywin and Joanna were in love, yes. As for Roose Bolton, the way I interpret his reference to Walda's squealing is more him being mildly amused than genuinely caring. And his interest in Domeric's welfare seems purely practical - he needs an heir, after all. Finally, we have the old weasel himself. Now, it seems to me Walder is a malignant narcissist (I'm not a mental health specialist, so don't quote me on that), and malignant narcissists, in addition to needing to feel superior, need others to feel inferior. So the various Lady Freys over the years probably underwent a fair amount of emotional abuse.
  5. Giant Ice Spider

    Why LF and Tyrells didn't include Varys to poisoning Joffrey?

    The more people who know about a conspiracy, the more people who could potentially reveal it. To be honest, a scheme involving LF, Dontos, Oswell Kettleblack, Lothor Brune, and the Tyrells already seems quite large - too large, even.
  6. Giant Ice Spider

    Does anyone find the existence Mountain Clans of the Vale odd?

    I don't think any of the First Men houses are so attached to the mountain clansmen, especially since they have been fully assimilated into Andal society.
  7. Giant Ice Spider

    What If Dunstan Drumm Won The Kingsmoot?

    In addition to setting up Harras Harlaw to fail, Euron did the same for Andrik the Unsmiling - one of Drumm's three champions. I think Euron is using the same tactic with Drumm and Victarion: isolate them, and then kill them off while making it look like they were incompetent.
  8. Giant Ice Spider

    Does anyone find the existence Mountain Clans of the Vale odd?

    Except they DO pose a threat. Cat & Co. are attacked over and over by mountain clansmen. If there are so many that one would be victim to constant ambushes along the road, that would seriously impact trade, as well as any contribution from the Vale to Westerosi culture. The West Virginia hicks aren't robbing and killing travellers (systematically). And they also haven't been equipped with Kevlar and SMGs at the expense of Tywin Lannister. Also remember the mountain carried off a niece of Jon Arryn. One would expect incredibly bitter reprisals after such an incident.
  9. Giant Ice Spider

    Westeros; the sleepy superpower

    The reason is that GRRM wanted to portray Jaehaerys as a good king, and to be a good king in GRRM's eyes, you need to bring about peace. This means no conquest. So GRRM has sacrificed realism in the name of making a political statement.
  10. Giant Ice Spider

    Maybe... Civil War in the Vale? Old houses vs New houses?

    What would they eat, besides the two oxen? Even if they take every mule, they can't bring much food with them. Also bear in mind some mules would need to take firewood/coals. And yet even with that, we were told in AFFC that the Eyrie would be too cold to live in. That sounds like a disastrous plan on LF's part.
  11. Giant Ice Spider

    Does anyone find the existence Mountain Clans of the Vale odd?

    It does seem weird that the Vale and Riverlands lands could never wipe them out. Guerrilla tactics are highly effective, but you can't keep a guerrilla war going forever (especially not with medieval technology). I would estimate (and it's just a guess, I'm no military historian) that it would take 100-200 years at most to wipe out or subjugate the mountain clans.
  12. Giant Ice Spider

    Ramsay as Warden of the North

    Let's agree to disagree.
  13. Giant Ice Spider

    Ramsay as Warden of the North

    "The best laid schemes of mice and men/Gang aft agley," Even if Roose has a plan, it may not work. The plans of characters tend not to in GRRM's stories.
  14. She is often wrong, but her visions aren't. A girl in grey on a dying horse DID arrive at Castle Black, for instance. But, let's say for argument's sake she didn't see Robb joining Stannis, that doesn't change the fact "she has power". So Stannis still might keep her around for that.
  15. Giant Ice Spider

    Ramsay as Warden of the North

    Why would the Lannisters name anyone else Warden of the North? Why deliberately piss off their northern allies? Typically I use "Warden of the North" and "Lord of Winterfell" interchangeably, but since Ramsay is ALREADY Lord of Winterfell due to his marriage to 'Arya', naming the topic "Ramsay as Lord of Winterfell" wouldn't make any sense.