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  1. Rhaeger took her... odds of them marrying are pretty low.
  2. Starkz

    Poll: Is Daario actually Euron?

    No but he and Euron are more alike than not and share a lot of parallels.. perhaps foreshadowing Dany and his union.
  3. Starkz

    Jon Snow's death

    Jon was screwed the moment Stannis took residence at the Wall.
  4. Dany only became important when she got dragons. Even then she still has a long way to go. So far she hasn’t ruled well and has made a lot of mistakes. She’s not ready to make any major impact to the main story which is in Westeros. The people of Westeros aren’t going to flee to Essos either and the reason we disagree often is because your views are so blantanly biased and you paint everything Dany does as heroic.
  5. Starkz

    The two big endgame prices

    Jon dying doesn’t have a shit load of positive influence lol. His parentage is still unknown and he’s one of the only people that actually knows about the Others and is concerned about them and trying to make a difference.
  6. Starkz

    The two big endgame prices

    Slavery isn’t going to end by the series end. If it does that wouldn’t be realistic at all and even after slavery ends their still is the prejudice and hate and needs a steady ruler to bring everyone together which will take many life times. Furthermore Essos is a lot bigger than what is shown.
  7. There is no singular most important character... GRRM has said this on multiple occasions and even went as far as to make sure the show didn’t only focus on certain people. At this point in the story Dany isn’t really that important of a character. Once and if she makes it to Westeros she’ll become more important to the story but at this point in Essos she’s a world apart from it. The most important characters are the 5 GRRM originally said were and I’d even throw Cersei in their.
  8. I think the point that GRRM tries and succeeds at getting across is that every character is the protagonist of their own story. I think this is why the series is so popular. Their really isn’t anyone in the wrong in this story, some people may do bad things, Ramsay, Cersei, which paint them as villains, but they still are the protagonists of their own story. One protagonist can be an antagonist to another character which is what I imagine we’ll see when all the characters eventually intersect. Dany will be the antagonist to a lot of POV characters upon her arrival in Westeros but that doesn’t make her an antagonist. It’s one of the wonders of the story that a character can both be an antagonist and a protagonist at the same time. In regards to “good guys” or “heroes” that’s all pretty subjective to the reader to decide on their own. Every character has their reasons for doing things, Tyrion killing his father isn’t exactly what a “good guy” or a hero would do but he still is considered a good guy to many and a lot of readers like him. Jon Snow leaving the Nights Watch isn’t something a hero focused on saving the realm would do but a lot of people still view him as a heroic person and a good guy. Dany crucifying and burning people isn’t what heroes or good guys do, but yet again, people still view her as a good person. Being a “hero”, “good guy” or “protagonist” is all dependent on the reader and GRRM let’s us decide for ourselves what it means to be a hero. At the end of the day I believe it is the why, not the what a character does that decides whether they’re a hero or a villain.
  9. Starkz

    Jon x Ghost

    It would be hard to hear a whimper from such a far distance and with all the noise from the horses and what not. Jon was the only one who heard Ghost so I do like the theory of someone whispering to Jon to go back.
  10. Starkz

    Jon x Ghost

    Any theories/ideas on how Jon was able to hear Ghost despite all the distance and commotion plus the fact that Ghost is mute?
  11. Starkz

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    Ok.. that has no relevance to anything I’ve been saying. I’m not advocating for “Lyanna son” on the Throne. The Throne belongs to Aegon, as I’ve said multiple times in several different posts. Why are you making this about some supposed son of Lyanna? Both Viserys and Aerys would choose Aegon over Dany as would Rhaegar himself. Elaborating on who Viserys would pick, if Jon supposedly is Lyanna son when it came down to it Viserys would pick him over his sister whom killed him. That doesn’t matter much however as Aegon will claim the Throne.
  12. Starkz

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    Rhaeger was never disinherited. I’m not sure where you’re getting that from but Rhaeger never was. Only after his death was Viserys proclaimed Aerys heir.
  13. Starkz

    Aegon's story is fake news and propaganda

    The Lannisters and Baratheons were the ones responsible. They never should have controlled the Throne.
  14. It’d be interesting to see what the heck goes through Ramsay’s brain and his views and thoughts on things.
  15. Starkz

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    Dany has no need of an heir for the 7K as she has no right to the Throne. The rightful King is Aegon. Should Aegon die, then she would need a heir which she can’t provide.