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  1. Starkz

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    You do realize, that Bran sees and knows all? Bran knew he was going to be King, Bran knows what his advisors and people are going to do. An elective monarchy doesn’t make any part of it worse and is far better than what the other options were. The informed and educated class voting on who should be King. The only “war” that would grow when a king gets old would be politics which is literally no different than today’s actual world. It clear Daenerys is unhinged and unstable. I have no idea what you’re trying to rationalize anything she’s said. It’s clear her way of purification to paradise is through fire and blood. We all know exactly what Daenerys would’ve done to Winterfell and any other who didn’t bow down in fear for their lives. She’s never been a good ruler, conquerer? Yes. Ruler? Hell no. Robert was better than her. Commoners are represented through their lords the same way we as citizens are represented through representatives. You realize this right? Furthermore why would any House try to restablish the hereditary monarchy? The lords of Westeros who want to be king won’t stand for this. Nor will any others as everyone wants a chance to be King. You’re trying to pick holes in places where there are none or that have safeguards.
  2. Starkz

    Bran book vs show

    If Bran somehow becomes King in the books he’d be, what, 12? 13? Not to mention if he’s anything like the show he’s a robot.
  3. Starkz


    No I sincerely doubt that. His legacy will be one of true heroes and legends.
  4. Starkz


    I think most people realize Dany is mad. His legacy won’t be tarnished but he is forced to go Beyond the Wall or be a part of the NW which is bitter.
  5. Starkz

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    Also don’t forget we had subtitles and were able to read what she said and Tyrion can understand Valyrian to some degree and saying Winterfell and Dorne don’t really translate in Valyrian.
  6. Starkz

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    Bran is hardly an absentee king and if you forgot during Roberts reign there was no wars and it was genuinely peaceful and if not for Roberts bad spending habits everything would have been good. Also not to mention the King is going to be elected from now on not by succession. The North didn’t rebell and the North saved the 7 Kingdoms from the AoTD and the rest of the Kingdoms will always be in debt to them. The North is the farthest most and most neglected Kingdom and has plenty other reason to succeed. If you forgot, Daenerys herself said any Kingdom could if they asked. Also Daenerys has committed multiple “cruel acts” and obviously is no longer in the right state of mind, if she’s ever been.
  7. Starkz

    The Six Kingdoms

    Dany wasn’t breaking the wheel. She was continuing it and wanted to be the supreme leader at the top. She was completely unhinged and the end result of a leader being chosen by the lords and ladies of Westeros is the closest you can get to a Democratic ending.
  8. Starkz

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    Don’t forget Dany says she’ll go to Dorne and Winterfell too to ensure they follow her.
  9. Starkz

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    It’s pretty obvious life under Daenerys would not have been good. She’s totally detached from reality and doesn’t seem to care that she just committed mass-genocide against innocents including children. Even with the IT she’s still not content and somehow believes she’s going to “break the wheel” by steering it and being the one in charge which is literally being a part of the wheel.
  10. Starkz

    Strangest Possible Ending

    Daenerys ending up on the IT at the end would be the most horrifying way to end the series. If she doesn’t die by series end, which she likely will, her ending up on the Throne is the worse possible ending.
  11. Starkz

    What will Jon do?

    Jon goes back to the Nights Watch and Bran becomes King with a council.
  12. GRRM said so in an interview and the writers of the show have said such.
  13. Terrible. Won’t be reading the rest of GRRM series either. They’ll both have the same ending and I won’t read this monstrosity.
  14. The Targaryen madness is overrated imo. The saying the “gods flip a coin” is just an embellishment since the Targaryens that were mad/bad were so reknown. I think legitimately their was about 5 or less that could be qualified as “mad”. Being a shit person also doesn’t make you mad which is what Viserys was.
  15. Rhaeger took her... odds of them marrying are pretty low.