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  1. Well I had fallen out of love with the book series before the (edit:) TV series aired. The series rekindled my love for the books - or kindled rather since I had always been sceptical up to that point. Anyway I then (though) I loved the books for some years. And now I am back where I had started out: highly sceptical.
  2. Amris

    The purpose of R+L=J?

    Yes, the show only used it as another wedge in their quest to drive Jon and Dany apart and make Dany go crazy.
  3. Amris

    Is the quality of this season low?

    Heh, I love that. And it's 300.000 now. Aside from that that will never happen: for me it also is too late. The cat is out of the bag. We know how the story ends now. Since D&D claimed show and book have similar endings - only somewhat different ways to get there - it seems GRRM has envisioned his series to end like this too. Which means the whole 'bittersweet like Lord of the Rings' - claim was never in the cards. Instead the series is a pure tragedy. Several tragedies rolled into one story really. Like Romeo & Juliet combined with Apocalypse Now. What I am aiming at: I don't really want to rewatch an improved version of it. Having seen it once was sad enough.
  4. Yes, it would explain things. And give me back at least a little faith in the story. However I'm not sure if we are maybe ascribing to much finesse to D&D; What I've seen out of season 7 and 8 doesn't fill me with a lot of optimism about logic and story consistency. Yes, D&D are definitely using Bran as a means to throw several spanners in our heroes' plans. But in my experience with the show it is unfortunately quite likely they haven't been giving much thought as to Bran's or the CotFs' motives. That would mean there is no real motive and no plan behind Bran's actions. Aside from being a convenient plot device to mess things up. That's why I'm afraid it may turn out Dany did indeed suddenly (over the course of a single episode) convert from a caring individual who kept putting her person behind in order to help the helpless to a mass murderer out for the blood of innocent children. I think that happened for shock value only. Especially since it happens after she had already won and it did not even remotely make military sense anymore. That's even more shocking. So shock was what they were after, logic be damned. And I fear Bran had nothing to do with it (aside from doing his utmost in messing up Jon's and Dany's relationship at the worst possible time. But out of pure plot convenience, not out of some sinister CotF plan.)
  5. What do you mean the nissa nissa prophecy fits? Like Jon stabbing Dany? But where are the first two attempts at 'forging' then? I don't remember Jon stabbing a Lion. Or Bran being the 'last hero' stabbing Dany metaphorically by warging her? When did Bran stab a Lion though? Did he warg Tyrion also and that's the reason for Tyrion's bad advice? I am starting to get confused
  6. Wow! - I didn't think my own chain of reasoning to its logical conclusion. You did. And I must repeat: wow. Yes, that seems possible. Who is Bran nowaday? He is the impersonification of all the greenseers that came before him or so I understand. And as far as we know nearly all those greenseers were CotF, except for Bloodraven. If that's true then that means what Bran is inhabited by nowadays is like 95% CotF greenseers. So it seems logical he would further CotF interests, not human interests.
  7. Oh, right! Thank you for reminding me.
  8. Amris

    Is the quality of this season low?

    The quality of the scripts is low. The other departments (actors, costumes, buildings, cgi, music) are top notch.
  9. When Bran started his training as greenseer I had expected him to play a major (and positive) role in the fight against the dead. We now know he didn't. So what IS his role in the story then? A character with such an extremely strong magical background must be in the story for a reason, right? In order to figure his real role out I started to analyze what would happen to the story if Bran wasn't in it. The result is a little shocking: - Bloodraven would still be alive and the Childrens' cave wouldn't have been overrun by the Army of the Dead - The relationship between Jon and Dany wouldn't have broken down since Jon wouldn't have learned he is related to Dany - Jon and Dany would likely have married and the realm would be united - Varys wouldn't have been forced to go rogue - Dany wouldn't have snapped - half a million inhabitants of King's Landing would have survived Turns out Bran isn't a positive factor in the story after all. His role is to mess everything up. He is a Lucifer-like character.
  10. I am really starting to believe Tyrion has been giving this bad advice for the last 2 seasons because he has been protecting Cersei: It can't be argued away that his hated sister Cersei continues to benefit from Tyrion's bad advice to Dany. One or two pieces of bad advice can happen. But a continous stream of bad advice after bad advice? From someone as bright as Tyrion? Now I just realized the same thing happens in the books actually! - Whose advice is it that split the pro-Targaryen camp in two factions in the book by sending off Young Griff on his premature invasion? Tyrion's. - Who benefits from the Targ armies being split in two, offering the possibility of defeat in detail? Cersei. Now Tyrion's influencing Young Griff is much more circumspect and logical in the books than his obviously extremely bad advice to Dany here in the show. But it's effect is exactly the same. I don't think that's coincidence. I think what we have been experiencing throughout season 7 and now in season 8 is a very bad adaptation of the Aegon plotline from the books. An adaptation ruined by the enormous cuts in material which opens up these gaps that make everything feel forced and unbelievable. But the basic point remains: Tyrion is helping Cersei by doing his level best to split the Targ forces.
  11. Amris

    Is Young Griffs invasion filler?

    Thank you for this post! Now you have been making me think: - Who's advice was it that started Young Griff's premature invasion and the war in the south? Tyrion's. - Who benefits from splitting the pro-Targaryen forces into two camps and thus allows for potential defeat in detail? Cersei. Suddenly it jumps out at me that this is a parallel to a certain thing happening in something that must not be named here. I don't think Tyrion and Cersei are knowingly cooperating in the books. It is clear that Tyrion really hates her. Also there is no opportunity for him to communicate with her. But he does help her by splitting the Targaryen camp in two. Interesting, interesting.
  12. We should open a support-group I also can't bring myself to rewatch it.
  13. It couldn't have been cut since it culminates in the HotU. Which for me is one of the cornerstones of the series. Also Quaithe is a cool character and I wouldn't want to miss her. I don't know if it would have been possible to shorten the desert travelogue a bit. Maybe. However there needs to be some meat there about how she gets to the HotU in the first place. Can't just 'teleport' in and out with no real background. That would have felt weird. And Nevets is right, that the hardships of the travel do necessary things for her character development. So the answer to the question in the thread title is an emphatic 'NO'!
  14. For me it was much too noticable that plot and character behaviour were designed to reach a desired result. It went from 'that's a stretch' to 'impossible.' When it becomes so obvious how a script is bending in-world rules to reach a certain outcome then that kills the suspense for me. Because I'm not immersed in the story world anymore. I have to rate the episode as completely lacking any suspense. Having a forced storyline. But as usual great effort with costumes, buildings and cgi. Also the actors are good as usual. Wasted effort sadly.
  15. Amris

    Is Young Griffs invasion filler?

    Aegon is needed to make sense out of Varys and Illyrio's plotting: If he'd be missing the overall plot would have a gaping hole and those two chars (who we know are Aegon supporters) would stand around nonsensically doing basically nothing. I guess everybody has seen what I mean though I am not allowed to cite the example here. So: no, he is not filler. Up until now he has been a necessary element of the story. As for the future books I hope he is there to make the end-game more complex and interesting. Personally I came to appreciate Aegon's storyline (which at first had seemed like an unnecessary complication) more and more during rereads.