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  1. Amris

    Another Look at Dany's HOTU visions

    That's a nice similarity you spotted. It seems true that the pyromancers helped Aerys to facilitate the rapes of Rhaella by 'charging up' Aerys. Whether that was the pyromancers intention is questionable. I haven't read that it was. Instead as I always understood it Aerys' getting charged up by burning people was an unintentional side effect of his desire to burn them. Which would mean the pyromancers were not really accomplices in the rapes. However your idea is pretty cool in that it makes me question whether my impression about the pyromancers' motives was correct? Maybe their goal really was to charge up Aerys (in oder to produce another Targaryen baby from Rhaella? - Fire and Blood after all.) Maybe the burning people alive stuff really only was a means to that end and we just haven't explicitly been told that? A nice idea. Whether there is something to it we'll have to wait and see. EDIT: what's also neat is that this would explain why Dany got shown this vision: She would be witnessing her own conception. Well - in a metaphorical way.
  2. Amris

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

    Ashara may still play a role maybe. But not as Jon's mother. R+L=J.
  3. Amris

    What are you least looking forward to?

    The opposite for me. I am hoping for a lot of 'Eastern' chapters. And the Meereen story is one of my favourites. What I don't want is any more Brienne chapters.
  4. Amris

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    There are different ways of interpreting text, Platypus. What you are doing is interpreting the text according to its strict wording. That's an accepted method of interpretation and often used. So no one can fault you for believing Summer saw a real winged snake. However: Realize that there are other means of interpreting text. Means that are as valid and as accepted as the interpretation by strict wording and are often used complementary to it. An interpretation by context indicates no real live dragon was seen by Summer. (The context being Bran not mentioning it or reacting to it in any way, other witnessess surely watching the fire but not reacting to a 'dragon' either nor even anyone mentioning having seen one there later on. Furthermore us having spent lots of chapters in Winterfell before the scene - and many chapters later too - and no dragon ever appearing then either. Also a dragon was not at all needed to start the fire since we know Ramsay started it.) We can also apply a so-called teleological interpretation (that's an interpretation asking for the meaning of something). What would be the meaning (for the story) of Summer seeing a real live dragon at the Winterfell fire? None that we know of. In fact a real live dragon at the Burning of Winterfell scene would be counterproductive to the on-going story in the North at that point which is about the Stark-Bolton rivalry and Ramsay being a general asshole and burning down his rival's seat Winterfell in that context. What would be the meaning (for the story) if Summer did not in fact see a live dragon at the Winterfell fire? It would be foreshadowing and setup for a dragon-related later event. Does that make sense? Absolutely! We know the story has a hidden Targ (Jon) who was raised at Winterfell, who likely will have more Winterfell scenes to come in the future and whose secret as a Targ will definitely at some point be exposed. Exposing a formerly hidden Targ (Jon) at Winterfell would be like a metaphorical dragon rising. Furthermore we also have reasons to suspect something dragon-related (or at least Targ-related) may be hidden in the crypts and my later be found (items belonging to Rhaegar for instance). If we don't like any of these possibilities we at the very least can expect a real live dragon (Dany's) at some point over Winterfell in the future. So context and meaning indicate no real live dragon was seen but rather that Summer's vision was foreshadowing for a later dragon- (or Targ-) related event. How do we decide which interpretation to stick to when - like here - interpretation by wording gives one result (live dragon) and interpretation by context as well as interpretation by meaning gives a contrary one (no live dragon). We have to look if the wording is so unambigous that is leaves no room for context and meaning or if there are clues that the author did indeed setup 'wiggle room' in his wording for the reader to look deeper than the strict wording. No surprise: We all know GRRM did just that: Summer's vision was clouded. The wiggle room is not only there. It is clearly spelled out.
  5. Um, you may be doing GRRM an injustice if you think in these 'either' and 'or's. (Like in your above post either Meereen ends stable and on the mend or the entire region entirely destroyed.) It seems to me that GRRM is trying to avoid such notions as overly simplistic and instead goes for a more nuanced and open approach. Where actions have not one consequence and outcome but many, some of them rather unforeseen, some good and many bad. And thus while Meereen will definitely be influenced and changed by Dany not all this change will be good (and not all of it will be bad either) and it in fact may be hard to decide and a reason for endless debates if the region will be better off or worse overall.
  6. Amris

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    Err - guys: No need to get all agitated about this. The OP - correctly - asked what we believe. It did not ask what we know for a fact. And that's entirely right and proper since the truth (fact) has not yet been revealed by the author. You have every right to believe Summer saw an actual dragon, Platypus. On the other hand I'm afraid you'll have to accept that most of us (16 to 1 at this point seemingly) do not believe that Summer saw a real dragon and that we have reasons for not believing it. Of course it is also your right to not be persuaded by our reasons. And we have to concede that our reasons (while I personally find them persuasive) really are not rock solid facts. The question is open at the moment.
  7. Amris

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    Back to the original question: Looking at it from a story-telling perspective I think it likely that Jon will end up Dany's heir. My reasoning: We know from GRRM's outline that the story was planned to have three parts: 1) War of the five kings in which on the surface of things the Starks get defeated and the Lannisters take the throne 2) Dany's successful invasion of Westeros and her taking the throne 3) White Walker invasion In other words: 1) Starks (Ice) seem to get destroyed by Lannisters but really are only driven underground to take up their respective hero journeys to learn skills for a later return. Particularly a certain hidden prince survives. 2) Targaryens (Fire) take the throne. 3) Ice attacks. Starks make comeback. Question left open by the outline: resolution of conflict how? In my considered opinion the reveal of the hidden prince who combines Ice and Fire is the logical final piece of bringing the conflict between Ice and Fire to some sort of resolution in part 3 (Otherwise why include a hidden prince with this particular backstory in the first place?). Which by definition means that Jon must become Dany's successor in some way. This may mean her literal heir. Or it may just mean heir in a loose sense - the story coming together in some way that makes him succeed her, whether formally acknowleged or not.
  8. Amris

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    Summer did not see an actual dragon. What Summer did see was a short glimpse of smoke and fire in the shape of a dragon over the burning first keep (and thus over the Crypts of Winterfell) and it is meant as foreshadowing of an eventual Targ ID reveal at that location.
  9. Yes, I like the Meereen chapters.
  10. Amris

    Dragons and one lion

    (1) The Great Empire of the Dawn and its gemstone emperors are in GRRM's background history book the World of Ice and Fire on page 301 in the history of Yi Ti. In case you don't have that book you can also find it here: https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Great_Empire_of_the_Dawn One of the interesting things about it is that legends have it stem from a duality: the Lion of the Night and the Maiden-made-of-light. They had a son: the God on Earth who was the first Gemstone Emperor. And it also ended with a duality: the Blood Betrayal in which the last ruler, the Amethyst Empress, was being cast down by her envious brother who then ascended the throne as the Bloodstone Emperor. This event is said to have ushered in the first Long Night and destroyed the Great Empire of the Dawn. The duality in this story much reminds me of the duality of Ice and Fire in the current story. And in the current story of course another Long Night seems to be threatening. So that when what seem to be ghosts of the Gemstone Emperors from before the first Long Night appear in Dany's dream and spur her on that is extremely intriguing to me. It begs the question if Dany is related to them and what her role in the story will be and if she is maybe an incarnation of either the Amethyst Empress or the Bloodstone Emperor. And if the first ruler of the Great Empire of the Dawn was a synthesis between the duality - the son of Night and Light - then if that has any relevance to Jon being a synthesis of the current duality - Fire and Ice. (2) Your interpretation that Dany was alternating between her own point of view and the baby's fits the wording of the text. You may be right. I don't know if you are but you may be. If you are that would lead to a very curious question: how was Dany doing this? Was she kind of warging her son? (3) Yes, Dany carried to term. I know. Strictly speaking I misused the word miscarriage. I used it anyway because the baby was dead.
  11. What do you mean? I can tell you are being sarcastic but I don't know why you are. What are you trying to say?
  12. I have heard of the scenario you are describing and think it is well thought out. Especially the thing about the holes in the ice and the night lamp theory. The problem I have is my feeling is exactly opposite to yours: I feel like Stannis has to lose the battle for the story to progress. I don't know how Stannis can lose against the Frey's if they are obliging enough to come to him. When all they would have needed to do was stay put and let him starve and freeze to death. But if Stannis wins then he stays in the story. And that's a problem since we all suspect Jon needs to take the place of northern leader at some point. Stannis needs to go in order for Jon to get into position. If Stannis manages to take Winterfell and remove the Boltons then what is Jon supposed to do?