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  1. Figdoni

    The heartless subtext thread...

    Ooh, I dunno... the Freefolk might be well impressed that he stabbed a Queen... they're not into Queens or Kings... it'd maybe get him brownie points with the chicks, along with tales of bareback dragon riding. I mean.... if boasting about sucking on a Giants titty works for Tormund, i guess desirability is measured a bit different up North.
  2. Figdoni

    Your favorite individual acting performance

    Got to agree... the casting for these characters absolutely knocked it out of the park. I don't recall any of them ever having done less than a fantastic job with what they've been given. Unfortunately, what they've been given hasn't always been consistent or enough... definitely not much writing time devoted to Cersei this season, and so Lena at her best was missed, but I don't blame her for that.... but she does do power-staring out of windows & off balconies phenomenally well. Peter Dinklage for me is this seasons Emmy contender. Nicolaj Coster-Waldau was also fantastic and especially loved the scenes of them together. I've also consistently loved the performances by Rory McCann, Conleth Hill, Aiden Gillen, Liam Cunningham and Iain Glen. I never really appreciated Iain fully until I heard him in interview and he sounded absolutely NOTHING like Jorah, it kinda freaked me out. Hmmm, i thought he was pretty bland in Season 8 though too, bless him, with that stilted way of delivering lines "She... will... always... be... my... queen" But he's amongst those younger actors who have improved a bit, along with Emilia.... but I think Maisie has improved much quicker and has much more range... and Sophie does a fantastic catlike Sansa glare, but it'll be interesting to see how good/bad she is in other things when she has more to actually do.
  3. Figdoni

    Two Questions about this Episode

    1. They didn't have to. But they wanted to. And allowing them to do so means a fresh start rather than starting from a place of conflict and turmoil where not everyone wants to be there. They have a longer history as an independent North than as part of the 7 Kingdoms and have different customs, ways, concerns, predominant religion etc so its the choice that suits them best ... and this is the perfect time for them to choose to split, since there is no standing/inheriting monarch to have their nose out of joint about "losing" a bit of their kingdom. 2. I don't think it is necessary. Other than Tyrions description: "The world will always need a home for bastards and broken men" It's a place to get away to... to find exile... an edge of the world for people who need a remote place to piss off. It certainly no longer has a function as protection for the realm. I definitely don't feel its a place for 'criminals/undesirables' as expressed above, they've got plenty of prisons for that... but more of a place for those who need to leave regular society (or who don't fit in, in some way) and forge a new home of sorts amongst others like them.
  4. I agree with your take on it... Do you remember those "choose your own adventure" story books for kids... ? lol I kinda imagine it like Bran has skipped ahead and read all the back pages but has to mostly stay out of it and let other people make the choices... and the more their actions unfold, the clearer the future gets... But he does look rather smug in the end scenes, like he's seen it coming a long time... and I couldn't help remember Littlefingers pretty prophetic "Chaos is a ladder".... chaos is absolutely the route that lead to Bran becoming king.
  5. Figdoni

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Possibly.... but under whose jurisdiction is the Nights Watch now exactly? Do they follow Sansa in the North, as they are in the north and she’s nearer....? Or are they ruled from kings landing/ the six kingdoms, in spite of the fact that there’s an massive independent Northern landmass in between the wall and the six kingdoms, making any realistic connection or loyalty to the 6 kingdoms implausible? I mean aside from the fact that the wall is in bits, there’s nothing to protect the realms of men from and the wildlings have an open invitation to settle anywhere in the north... surely Sansa can just start including the real north as part of her patch?
  6. Figdoni

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Anyone notice that Sam was referred to as Grand maester at the council meeting at the end? That was a bit of a jump considering he was only studying to be a maester before. I guess he got his library book fines waived too... but how the heck did he get out of being in the nights watch?
  7. Figdoni

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Because bloodline was only relevant when rule was going to pass to descendants. Now the ruler is chosen, it doesn’t matter what family they’re from, or where they’re from, or what claim they’re thought to have, it only matters that they’re deemed the best option to rule.
  8. Figdoni

    [Beware- SPOILERS] Regarding Jon Snow

    Maybe she pulls her night king killer move and flies through the air, out of nowhere, and Jon finally sees her, before she sticks Dany with the point end of Needle... ?
  9. Figdoni

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    I could have done with a lot less Drogon burn time/ repetitive running & dust cloud scenes... and a bit more interaction between the main characters. In particular, I'd have liked to have had Tyrion and Jon discuss Danaery's state of mind & Vary's execution a bit. That was pretty much condensed to one look. Vary's death was rushed... like the rest of the season has been rushed... Would have also have liked to have seen Dany on the dragon a bit more... was she grinning maniacally while she torched women and children, or was she blinded by tears and cursing Jon for not being into the ol' incest thing as much as she is... we'll never know Are there any unsulled and Dothraki left, or did Dany burn them too? She was pretty much indescriminately burning everything that moved. Greyworm looked like he was on a suicide mission though, so he'd probably consider it serving his queen well to be her kindling. I dunno why Dany bothered to bring the army... she kinda sacked the place by herself in 5 mins flat- Iron fleet, scorpions, Golden Company... the lannister army could have just as easily been roasted next without anyone lifting a sword. The best scenes for me, by far, were with Tyrion... the most moving was between him and Jaime.... and the heavy look of "ohgodvaryswasrightandwereallfucked" on his face for most of the episode was heartbreaking. Euron gets the award for most pointlessly annoying prick of the entire 8 seasons. Arya finding a unicorn at the end was funny... Ok, so it was probably a Dothraki horse that had lost its rider, but still... I guess she's gonna be trying to stick Dany with needle in the next episode.
  10. Figdoni

    Varys burns, Rhaegal returns?

    I have wondered though.... is there a possibility that there are many more eggs under The Red Keep? Eggs that will hatch when Kings Landing burns? All the dragon skeletons were kept there... and we know that under the red keep is a warren of secret passages that were only known to the Targaryans because all the craftsmen and builders who built KL were killed to make sure that no-one who had worked on them could pass that knowledge about them on to anyone.... so they could, presumably, be filled with eggs, and wildfire and no-one know ... And Dany's eggs came from somewhere... presumably originated from Kings Landing... I can't help wonder if there's a tonne more.
  11. Figdoni

    Varys burns, Rhaegal returns?

    I think there is as much likelihood of a dragon lying at the bottom of the sea coming back to life, as there is of Varys surviving a Dracarys from Drogon and we find out this way that he’s another secret Targaryen... ... and maybe some eggs he’s been carrying around in that big robe of his then hatch...
  12. Figdoni

    [Beware- SPOILERS] Regarding Jon Snow

    And Drogon gets the nickname “The Flying Toaster”
  13. Totally... We hear Jaime in the last episode listing all the terrible things he's done, but yet our hearts still break for Brienne. Its the complexity of the characters that really make it. The books are obviously way more complex and insightful... getting to hear thoughts in characters heads as well... the show writers have a really difficult task trying to convey soooo much into a few scenes, it can never be as intricate or as well woven as the books and I do wish they could have drawn it all out more, over more episodes and more seasons... but oh well.... budgets.
  14. I found it interesting the parallel between Tyrions faith in Danaery's good side in spite of signs to the contrary, and his faith in Cersei's good side in spite of signs to the contrary. When he was telling Cersei "you're not a monster!" in the last episode, I found myself torn... She too has a side that is not monstrous, that is devoted to protecting her family, and she's had a horrible life that's made her how she is... but on the other hand, nah, she's a monster!! lol Is it Tyrion's fate to be the gullible one always putting his faith in monsters ... or is he right about both? I know there's GRRM quotes & book quotes about the heart at war with itself, and good and evil on both sides of a war... so i guess Tyrion is cursed with seeing both sides?