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  1. Possibly.... but under whose jurisdiction is the Nights Watch now exactly? Do they follow Sansa in the North, as they are in the north and she’s nearer....? Or are they ruled from kings landing/ the six kingdoms, in spite of the fact that there’s an massive independent Northern landmass in between the wall and the six kingdoms, making any realistic connection or loyalty to the 6 kingdoms implausible? I mean aside from the fact that the wall is in bits, there’s nothing to protect the realms of men from and the wildlings have an open invitation to settle anywhere in the north... surely Sansa can just start including the real north as part of her patch?
  2. Anyone notice that Sam was referred to as Grand maester at the council meeting at the end? That was a bit of a jump considering he was only studying to be a maester before. I guess he got his library book fines waived too... but how the heck did he get out of being in the nights watch?
  3. Because bloodline was only relevant when rule was going to pass to descendants. Now the ruler is chosen, it doesn’t matter what family they’re from, or where they’re from, or what claim they’re thought to have, it only matters that they’re deemed the best option to rule.
  4. I could have done with a lot less Drogon burn time/ repetitive running & dust cloud scenes... and a bit more interaction between the main characters. In particular, I'd have liked to have had Tyrion and Jon discuss Danaery's state of mind & Vary's execution a bit. That was pretty much condensed to one look. Vary's death was rushed... like the rest of the season has been rushed... Would have also have liked to have seen Dany on the dragon a bit more... was she grinning maniacally while she torched women and children, or was she blinded by tears and cursing Jon for not being into the ol' incest thing as much as she is... we'll never know Are there any unsulled and Dothraki left, or did Dany burn them too? She was pretty much indescriminately burning everything that moved. Greyworm looked like he was on a suicide mission though, so he'd probably consider it serving his queen well to be her kindling. I dunno why Dany bothered to bring the army... she kinda sacked the place by herself in 5 mins flat- Iron fleet, scorpions, Golden Company... the lannister army could have just as easily been roasted next without anyone lifting a sword. The best scenes for me, by far, were with Tyrion... the most moving was between him and Jaime.... and the heavy look of "ohgodvaryswasrightandwereallfucked" on his face for most of the episode was heartbreaking. Euron gets the award for most pointlessly annoying prick of the entire 8 seasons. Arya finding a unicorn at the end was funny... Ok, so it was probably a Dothraki horse that had lost its rider, but still... I guess she's gonna be trying to stick Dany with needle in the next episode.
  5. Totally. Instead of looking at him and thinking he is someone to emulate or be inspired by, she's instead asking him to be less like that, and shed his principles.... (to make her look better, really.) She only made Gendry a Lord to win his permanent loyalty. It was a political move that Sansa caught & gave a helluva look at her over. He was on team Stark... She switched him to hers. It was cunning, I'll give her that... (Littlefinger would be impressed) Some part of me had a moment thinking "Ooooh, what if her next move is to announce that she's legitimising Jon Snow to Lord Stark, in front of everyone?".. coz that would have been a hell of an awkward and crafty move with it still being mostly secret. It'd then be down to Bran, Sam or Jon to pipe up... and Jon might've said nothing. Bran's probably too busy staring into the fire to hear & not sure where Sam was at that point. Prob reading books with Gilly ....
  6. Blind and deaf? Duuude, its a tv show... have some perspective. I didn't come at you insulting you. We have very different opinions. You speak of rule of law, but firstly, Dany isn't on the throne just yet, so she doesn't have the power nor the infrastructure to enact laws for the moment. IF she decides to enact laws that state that she gets to choose which versions of reality that people are allowed to utter, or face consequences... well, that just reinforces the whole tinpot tyrant image don't you think? Even Cersei hasn't taken her rule to that extreme. "The greater good" as far as Dany is concerned, cannot involve anything other than getting her way. What if Jon would make a better ruler? Has she considered this? She can see that people are drawn to him and follow him naturally. She can see that he's just, honorable, courageous. She claimed to trust him more than anyone. She also knows he has a stronger claim for the throne... yet no part of her thinks "hmm, which of us two would be a better ruler... since EITHER one of us ruling means my family is back on the throne & we have vanquished the usurpers & righted a wrong"..... Or does she think "hey we can rule together, as a married couple, coz that would help bring peace"... Nope... Dany's "greater good" can't extend to even contemplating either of these versions of peace, coz it doesn't involve her having absolute power. She's happy to burn innocent people to get it. She's happy to force the ones she "loves" to behave in a way that goes against their morals to get it. Happy to lie. She's happy to send exhausted and injured troops into battle to get it. This behaviour is no better than Cersei... why on earth would anyone believe it can bring peace? And yes, She is being cowardly in trying to stifle and smother the truth. Cowardly by being afraid to be compared to Jon. Why? Coz deep down, she knows she's lacking as a ruler. She is afraid! Her strongest claim to the throne is who she says she is.... ' Danaery's Targaryan, last of her name, rightful ruler....'.... but she's not that person at all... so on that note, why should anyone believe anything she says if she can't stand by the most basic of truth.
  7. 1. Good question. I can’t see a reason other than her impatience... Jon/ the northern armies must be at least a week away? 2. I think he’s resigned to the fact that he and Cersei are the same. Whatever fate she has ahead of her, he intends to be by her side... if that means they’re both doomed, so be it, And it may even be a relief for Jaime. He both loves and loathes her, emotions tied together like the twinship between them. But I personally haven’t given up hope of him being the valonqar yet
  8. Peace? You mean for the sake of Danaerys’ ambitions... there is no guarantee that Danaerys can bring peace, no more than Jon or any other leader who claims to want peace. If “peace” = “do as I say, regardless of whether it goes against your sense of truth, honour and what is right”, then it’s not really peace, it’s the kind of autocratic rule that any tinpot tyrant aims for. He shouldn’t respect her concerns, imho, because she is putting her ambitions ahead of what is right, and ahead of what is true. to paraphrase Sansa in the last episode.. the most heroic thing we can do is look truth in the face... I think she’s right. Dany is being a coward.
  9. Why should he keep his mouth shut? He’s spent his life being lied to, the truth matters to someone like Jon, as does being honest with those he loves.... and if she can’t manage to get the people of Westeros to follow her, when Jon has bent the knee and doesn’t want the throne.... then really... she shouldn’t rule coz she hasn’t got what it takes! it may be logical to you, but Dany was very clear that the only way Jon gets to be with her is if he keeps quiet about his parentage... this pretty much proves she doesn’t know him and therefore doesn’t love him... at least not nearly as much as she loves power
  10. Or the Golden Company laying waste to his Iron fleet, after they desert Cersei?
  11. Disagree about the plot and characters... I’ve been expecting both to go exactly the way they’re going precisely because of the point that I think GRRM is trying to make. yeah... a fight against death itself should put things into perspective... but it doesn’t... for some.... and that is why those that are so power hungry that they’ve lost perspective of that, and what should matter... so they have to be overcome too Death is swift. But the brutal tyrants of the world bring suffering as well as death. They are as much a problem for the living.
  12. I also think Jon is the PTWP... but I don’t read that “a song of fire and ice” refers to the Prines genetics or family houses. The PTWP brings in a new age, and he has a song, the song of fire and ice... this refers to how his story will endure afterwards... how the Maesters will write the story of his reign of influence.... ie. Bringing people together to defeat the Icy threat to the North... and then the Firey threat to the South, in the form of Cersei and her wildfire. I expect a LOT of wildfire in the remaining episodes for the prophecy angle to be resolved.
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