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  1. Raebo

    Tyrion, Littlefinger, and Tysha's Revenge?

    Littlefinger cares just about Littlefinger. He couldn’t care less what Tyrion may have done with Tysha unless he could use it to his advantage. Also, Tyrion told Bronn and Shae, he probably told others also. Shae he had just met and he was blabbering about it. Poor poor Tyrion, I am sure he wanted people to feel sorry for him because of his father. I am also sure the guardsmen would brag about it after a few drinks, even if they were sworn to secrecy.
  2. Raebo

    Is it time for re-read?

    How will you feel if you do a reread and book 6 is never released (let alone book 7)? Myself, I might do a quick reread but only after book 6 is released and if the reviews are good. In the meantime, there are plenty of other good books to read IMO.
  3. Raebo

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    For me, to many new POVs and IMO way to much meandering, especially with Tyrione and Brienne. I understand what GRRM was trying to do but they were still very boring to me. In Dance, on 2nd read, I realized Dany’s last chapter is extremely important in that it shows her character arc changing while talking to the “grass”. I missed that on 1st read but overall, some good chapters but to many new POVs and to many slow moving chapters that don’t seem to move the plot along.
  4. Why does everyone assume Sansa will not have children. She was concerned about Bran being a ruler and not having an heir so that tells me she plans on getting married and having an heir. I do not believe she would even have to marry for love. She married TYRION AND Ramsey not for love so I think if she found someone she liked and would be a good father/husband and respected she would gladly get married. As far as to your questions regarding the North’s independence, I do not have a clue.
  5. Raebo

    The North is finally independent

    RYshh, Wow, did you even read your hidden post? 1. The man himself says you can not answer what if question with any certainty so he does not really know. 2. He would have tried to find some way to disentangle himself from a LOSING situation. This is only logical for anyone unless you are very tied to the losing person. And then he says it would have been in a LESS SAVAGE form. That tells me he would not murder the husband of his daughter, if they would have married. 3. The red wedding was to wash away the dishonor done to him. Walker destroyed Robb because of the dishonor Robb did him. Not because it is in the Frey character. This implies if Robb had went through with the promise marriage, Walter would NOT killed Robb and would have fully supported Robb until it became clear that Robb was going to lose the war. Heck, if it became clear that Robb was going to lose, most of the other northern lords probably would have started conspiring to get a new leader. That is not in the books but there already are signs of dissatisfaction with Robb.
  6. Raebo

    Arya the Explorer

    She will discover an alien race and she will pass on the STDs she got from Gendry to them. Because of this, they will become insane with hate of humans and invade Westeros wiping out humans. We will then get the ending we should have gotten.
  7. Raebo

    What was the purpose of Jon Snow?

    What does this stupid back and forth have to do with the OP? This thread has turned into the the worst thread I have seen on this forum. If you need more than 3 post to prove your point, it is time to give it up.
  8. Raebo

    I hate the Starks, should I keep reading?

    If I had a do over I would not read it because I am tired of waiting for another book that will never come. I feel certain the show ending is the only ending we will get and it is pretty much the bullet points Martin gave them. They obviously made some modifications but the final result is basically the same. IF he does FINISH the series, do not hold your breath, then come back to this forum and ask your question. Thanks to Martin, I do not read any series anymore unless the series is complete.
  9. I would like to know a lot more about the Others. How do they communicate, what are they wanting, are they tied to the Starks, etc.? I would like to know what secrets if any are in the crypts.
  10. Yes she will die, unless Martin made her an alien. We all die. Will she come back to Winterfell? Martin likes to do the unexpected so it will be the opposite of your expectations. Why would someone volunteer, if they did, to crew on the ship? Maybe they wanted money for their family and got paid before they left. Maybe fleeing from a crime they committed. Maybe sense of adventure. Maybe starving and the promise of food is pretty tempting. Why assume it is a suicide mission? Again, expect the unexpected with GRRM.
  11. Ned’s siblings did not stay in Winterfell so why expect all his children to stay there. They all have their on life to live. Ned/Catlyn seemed ok with Sansa marrying Joffrey and moving south, Arya marrying a lord and moving away, Jon joining the Watch, Bran becoming a Knight somewhere, do not know about Rickon yet, Robb ruling Winterfell It is my understanding in medieval times for nobles, 1st born sons inherited everything, girls married and moved away, 2nd born sons might stay around in case something happen to the 1st born sons, any other sons moved away joining the military, etc.. The pack stays together has a nice ring but not realistic as they grow older.
  12. Raebo

    Ask D&D

    He cared just about his family and had the hots later on for Brienne. He came up with the story of his inner conflict to justify his action. Tormend said something to Jon about Jon belongs in the North. Did Bran send Jon North knowing that is where Jon wanted to be.
  13. Raebo

    I just finished the GOT books!

    Agree she is not a monster. I would not describe anyone with a mental breakdown while trying trying to do something good as a monster but this does show her inner turmoil. Where GRRM takes this I do not know but the show suggests where it is going. And Dany is one of my favorite characters and I feel pity for her if this is where Martin takes her.
  14. Raebo

    I just finished the GOT books!

    The conversation with the grass shows her inner turmoil and exhaustion. Protecting the innocent or freeing her children, the dragons. Yes, what was the very last thing she says to the grass when it asks who she is? FIRE AND BLOOD!!! The show does a very poor job of showing this inner turmoil.
  15. Somewhere on this site GRRM was quoted in 2015 talking about getting rid of the 5 year gap and he would do it even if it meant a 12 year old would sit on the throne. He also has mentioned other times that there are to many clues in the early books to change the ending. I think they knew from early on who would sit on the throne at the end. I blame GRRM for this mess for not finishing the books. Maybe the problem is on how to write the story to put a 12 year old on the throne.