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  1. Lord Daedrunk

    Pick your small council

    Using only POVs... King/Queen: Eddard Stark Hand: Jon Snow Master of Coin: Tyrion Lannister Master of Whisperers: Bran Stark, duh Master of Ships: Davos Grand Maester: Samwell Tarly Master of Law: Barristan Selmy Commander of KG: Jon Connington Commander of City Watch: Brienne of Tarth
  2. Lord Daedrunk

    Patchface is a threat to Mellissandre

    I just re-read this part in Clash and I couldn't get the thought out of my head that this was definitely Cercei. She is constantly referred to as beautiful, especially during the first two books, and the rats seems to be pleasuring and/or servicing the woman, not harming her. I viewed the rats as clinging to her for their power, almost as if they were hungry cubs competing for a teat/milk (their power is tied to her having and keeping power). That idea led me to wonder who the rats were... Qyburn, Kevan, Lancel, and Mace? I'm not sure myself, I'll have to do some more digging. Anyone out there have some thoughts on the matter they care to share with me? Or if you think I'm totally wrong please say so!
  3. Lord Daedrunk

    They're both Azor Ahai, that's why!

    I've definitely heard crazier theories, haha. The only way I see Stannis sacrificing himself for Jon is for the following to occur: -Stannis returns from the battle of ice alive, at the very least. Result of battle probably doesn't matter too much. -Mel resurrects Jon. -Stannis has a change of heart seeing a dead man brought back to life along with seeing the new found loyalty that Jon commands. -SOMETHING happens! Jon probably has to get killed or mortally wounded (AGAIN). -Stannis realizes that Jon is a true leader who men rally behind as well the fact that he is becoming more and more irrelevant. -Stannis the man-is does the most noble deed in the entirety of ASoIaF and sacrifices his own life for Jon. For the sake of supporting my very loose prediction based on the current conversation, I'd say Stannis loses the battle of ice and heads back to the wall defeated and uncertain of his future claim to the iron throne given his most recent loss. He realizes he needs Jon to lead the wildlings, available northern men, and (some) NW brothers to head south with him to take on Ramsey if he has any chance of retaking Winterfell and thus give a shred of credibility to the strength of his campaign. All that happens, they fight, and Jon gets mortally wounded or dies. Stannis gives up his life for Jon's maybe.
  4. Lord Daedrunk

    What made you become a fan of ASOIAF?

    Ultimately, the characters and the complexity of westerosi politics sold it for me (I was a history major in college and avid sci fi/fantasy reader). I initially put off watching the show and reading the books while having a few friends tell me over and over that my nerdy ass would love the books (as well as the show), and they were right. George writes characters that I truly fall in love with. Even the evil bastards. I can't imagine not ever knowing what happens to them all . I watched a few episodes of the show and immediately went out and bought GoT and ACoK. I recently even read A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms to bide my time for Winds and I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. Love me some Dunk the Lunk.
  5. Lord Daedrunk

    Was Brandon Stark really that good a swordsman?

    Ah, that's right, my bad. I got confused. Thanks for the correction.
  6. Lord Daedrunk

    Which scenes from the books would you most like to have art for?

    -Tyrion playing Cyvass with fAegon on the boat would be cool. Perhaps the moment where fAegon gets frustrated and tosses/flips the board. JonCon and Lemore's expressions would be fun along with Tyrion's smug reaction. -The moment Quentyn realizes he's being burned alive trying to tame a dragon. -Jon being stabbed in the "For the Watch" scene with Wun Wun standing by all bloody from bashing that dude.
  7. Lord Daedrunk

    Was Brandon Stark really that good a swordsman?

    Right, I don't disagree, nor am I saying that the Starks in question are top tier swordsmen. Just pointing out that they are at the least good swordsmen and better than most (the majority of the 7K), but not implying they are some of the best (let alone top 15). I believe the question was if Brandon was really "that good", not if Brandon is one of the best.
  8. Lord Daedrunk

    Was Brandon Stark really that good a swordsman?

    I tend to think of the Stark "average" as a good deal above average when compared the the greater population of Westeros. Jon was constantly told that one of the reasons he was a better fighter than most the rest at the wall was because he was trained how to fight from a young age by seasoned veterans. We can only assume Brandon, Benjen, Ned, and even Lyanna have access to better training than at least 50% of the 7K. Plus, it is known that Brandon and Lyanna seem to have more "wolf blood" in them than the rest of their siblings, for whatever that is worth. And that worth seems to give certain Starks abnormal strength and aptitude in combat when in danger or pushed to their limits. Given that I would say it is fairly easy to assume/trust GRRM that Brandon was the best swordsman of the litter. Hells, Ned at least held his own against Darkstar and, as others pointed out above, Lyanna supposedly unseated three knights as the assumed KotLT. I'm going to have to agree with my other liege commentators that listing Brandon's victories wasn't terribly important nor necessary to establish that the oldest Stark of this generation was a gifted fighter and most likely the best swordsman.
  9. Lord Daedrunk

    How much time do you think TWOW will span.

    My guess is about two years. While the story lines are supposed to start converging, consolidating POVs, Daeny still has a long way to travel to get to Westeros. I do expect some time jumps for certain characters. Or at least notifications to the reader that character x is taking for fucking ever to get to where they need to be...
  10. Lord Daedrunk

    Why did Aegon allow the former kings so much power?

    This is a very succinct way of breaking it down. Plus, cats! On top of what Lion of the West said, I believe it's also in the best interests of the realm to have and keep familiar faces in charge locally. It would probably be more damaging to Targ rule if they installed loyalists whom the smallfolk don't recognize or respect. Also, keeping the heads of the great houses in charge locally shows the smallfolk that while the Targs are in charge they are trying to respect their heritage and customs without changing their day to day lives on a dramatic or larger scale. I doubt there was a better way to handle the situation than the way it played out. Aegon had no way of knowing what would become of the 7K fifty years, let alone hundreds of years, from his conquering.
  11. Lord Daedrunk

    A Single PoV from a Secondary Character

    Greyworm or Daario would be fun. Another view (*gasp* - more eyes in Essos!) of how Daeny has been received and perceived by the more common folk of Essos would be an entertaining perspective. Also, it would be weird, but maybe a POV from Nymeria. Perhaps the inner monologue could be played out entirely through one of Arya's wolf dreams, or even through Bran... But having a wolf "talk" might also be kind of lame.
  12. Lord Daedrunk

    What’s your favourite ship?

    Sea Btich. All day. The proud ship where Theon's only hope for an heir was consummated.
  13. Lord Daedrunk

    Which Targaryen ploy would work?

    Aegon/Connington have the best chance with the information we have been given. They have an army, are starting to court allies, and Aegon has the birthright if he truly is who he thinks he is. On top of that he has been trained from a young age to rule and be just. Daeny comes in second for me on this scenario, even if she has the highest ceiling due to her dragons. Only because she has to free herself from the Dothraki, consolidate power, and then decide to go all the way to Westeros. All of which she hasn't done yet on page, hence the #2 ranking here. Viserys never has a chance. Even if he were the only Targ left and he makes it to Dorne I don't see him inspiring enough loyalty and respect to come close to being the leader of a Dorne-ish backed alliance, let alone a leader of any army. I feel his hubris and ego would constantly get in the way of his larger goals of ruling. Viserys is very punchable and I think the people of Westeros would agree if they got a feel for him.
  14. Lord Daedrunk

    Time to show your true colours

    A) Who is the "Hodded Man" in Winterfell? 3 Someone else B ) Who wrote the Pink Letter 1 Ramsay Bolton C) Rickon Stark, Shaggydog and Davos return alive from Skagos and Rickon is presented to Stannis and/or House Manderly 1 Yes D) Jon Snow after the mutiny at the Night Watch 1 is dead and needs resurrection by Melissandre E) Arya's killing of Raff the Sweetling (or someone from the entourage of Harys Swyft) was done on the orders of the Faceless Men 2 No F) Arya hears of or meets fArya (Jeyne Poole) 1 Yes G) Jamie/Brienne Lady Stoneheart 1 Brienne and Jamie meet Lady Stoneheart and Jamie survives the meeting H) The boy with Jon Connington landing in Westeros in ADWD is Aegon Targaryen, the second child and only son of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and Princess Elia Martell 2 False (thus he is a fake = fAegon) I) Jon Snow’s true parentage 1 Rhaegar+Lyanna = Jon Snow J) Grey Scale will be transmitted by Jon Connington and/or Shireen Baratheon to other people 2 No. The grey scale will only kill JonCon K) The outcome of the Battle of Ice (at the Crofters Village), the capture of Winterfell is not included 1 Stannis wins and survives L) Who is the Harpy in Mereen? 1 Hizdahr zo Loraq M) Robb’s will disinherits Sansa 1 Yes - he names Jon as his heir. N) If Victarion orders the dragon horn (“dragonbinder”) to be blown, Victarion himself gains control over at least one dragon 2 False - I don't think anyone really knows what true outcome will be when it is blown in the vicinity of a dragon.
  15. Lord Daedrunk

    Events for the last two books

    Agree to disagree, I suppose. You don't really know what's going to happen so your speculation is merely a guess based on passages that you feel support your theory. My guess is just that as well, however, I'm not telling people they are straight up wrong. Did they now? I'm pretty sure the only mention of how dragons were tamed was simplified down to "magic", not through resurrection and living a second life as a dragon once they died. The eggs being awakened by blood magic does not mean that Drogo and Rhaego's souls are in those dragons, those things are not mutually exclusive. Drogo and Rhaego are not wargs. Dany is honoring her loved ones by naming the dragons after them. It is true that she recognizes personality traits in the dragons matching them to their namesakes but that is a very human thing to do in general when you name someone or something after another person. The eggs are important to her because they are the last items she has of a life she never knew (as a Targaryen) and the life she should have but never had (a life with Drogo and their child). She is adding sentimental value to the eggs and the blood magic making them warm helps her add value to them. There is only "soul swapping" when warging. Rhaegar was not a warg either and died long before, by your logic are you saying his soul is in Rhaego? Her surviving the funeral pyre is simply magic, not some huge reveal that she is literally a dragon (or will be). The Valyrians considered themselves gods because they conquered everyone in their path and were able to tame and breed dragons due to "magic". All conquering cultures with no rival feel they are empowered by "god(s)", however that doesn't mean that just because they believe it that they are in fact gods. A lot of that lore is metaphorical and isn't meant to be taken literally. When a Khal dies they don't actually take their place among the stars. Cultures create these comforting ideas around death all the time. All throughout the series there is a focus on the interpretations of prophecy and how most of those interpretations are wrong or mostly inaccurate. I think you tend to take these ideas a bit too literal from reading your posts. Euron doesn't know what the horn does. He thinks he does, but that is why he has other people blow it and handle it for him. He's not sure and he's very cautious. I do agree with your assessment on Dany being fire. She's not the best creating, better at cleansing. But to say she is an actual dragon is a bit of a stretch and an assumption on something that hasn't been proven. Just because you feel something is foreshadowing doesn't mean it is, especially when the last two books aren't out yet. Azor Ahai reborn. While I do believe this prophecy will take shape in some form I don't think the legend is literal. Lightbringer most likely is not a sword, it could be a dragon though or even a person personified. I highly doubt Dany will warg into Drogo when she dies. When has she shown any abilities that hint that she can do this? I also doubt that we will be getting a stone dragon (an ice dragon at some point, probably) that suddenly becomes as large as Balerion. If you mean to say Drogon will become a stone dragon I think that even less likely. Your thoughts on Aemond vs Daemon could be foreshadowing, but for now it's just your guess. Not everything is foreshadowing for what will happen. One of the main themes of this series is that what is currently happening is not a repeat of history but a unique and different version of what has happened before.