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  1. I suppose the question could just as easily be: Does she die in Winds or in Dream? There's no way she makes it to the end as a happy-soggy-zombie-mom, right?? LSH is one of the most mysterious characters I'm looking forward to learning more about as I could see her storyline plausibly going in a number of interesting ways. But when I really think about how she would go out I can only come up with three ways of it happening.. 1. Someone kills her (again). 2. She disappears after satiating whatever is driving her never to be seen again. Maybe an Obi Wan Kenobi fade away? 3. She gives up her own life to save someone else's as Beric did to her. Any of these endings for would be quite enjoyable imo. Entertaining the who's and how's on this one is pretty fun!
  2. I work a desk job and the amount of us who use fantasy/mystery/thriller/horror novels to escape and relax was eye opening. Out of the 15 coworkers I used to share an office with five of us read or were reading the books and another three only watched the show. Many a meeting turned into mini book club discussions
  3. I had a coworker in 2010 who was in love with the series and was trying to get me to read them before Dance came out as she knew I was into fantasy novels. I kept brushing it off until I saw her reading Dance at work... on the clock, haha. By that time the show had premiered and after the first episode I dove into the book series.
  4. So I decided to do some digging to see if we could find an educated estimate on how many (or how few) pages of Winds George has probably written. Fortunately, there are very smart people in this fandom who are willing to put in way more time and effort than I would like to and have essentially answered this question for us! Honestly, I bet the following has probably already been posted in a thread somewhere here before. Aynway! Two links coming your way! The first is from this very forum in 2013. @Coren82 did some nice work on finding out the average chapter lengths in each book. From this we can see that the average pages per chapter has been steadily increasing with each book. We will use this data to estimate about how long each chapter in Winds may average out to. Since AFFC and ADWD were supposed to be one book we can probably safely assume that the average chapter length in Winds will be between 14.5 and 16.4 pages per chapter. Now, how many chapters has George written for Winds? Enter the BFish... https://www.reddit.com/r/asoiaf/comments/hvtrv8/spoilers_extended_a_list_of_every_confirmed_and/ The BFish does some great detective work. Feel free to skip to the conclusion on his post to get the statistical floor and ceiling of confirmed chapters in Winds. All the work below is obviously taken from him. With these confirmed chapters I do assume that they have been written or are being written/revised. The minimum number of confirmed chapters in progress is 38. The number of confirmed completed chapters currently is 30. So if we take the 14.5 (let's just use the smaller number for this exercise) pages per chapter of ADWD and multiply that by 30 (the confirmed completed chapters) we have about 435 pages. If we use the number of confirmed chapters in progress (38) we have 551 pages. So what does this tell us? Well, BFish believes (and I agree) George could be about half way through the book simply based on these 38 confirmed chapters (considering there were 73 chapters in ADWD and 82 in ASOS and we are told this book will be about the size of those two). Now while those numbers only reflect what is confirmed I personally believe that there are many other chapters he has completed or is currently working on that he has dropped zero hints for. George doesn't like updating his followers on his progress so the fact that we have this data surely insists that this isn't the only work he has done. One such as George doesn't pat himself on the back in blog posts every time he completes something. I believe George is probably more than half way done with Winds but as he said in a post a few months ago, there is still a ways to go. Indeed.
  5. The burden of proof is on the one who lays the claim, however sarcastic and lazy. It is not up to me, or anyone else, to find the facts to fit your narrative.
  6. My head says Barristan, but my heart wants Stannis, haha. I'd love for Stannis to stick around into Dream with his influence ever diminishing to the point where both him and Davos are of a similar rank serving whomever leads the north after the BoI. Those Stannis POVs would be gold.
  7. Precisely my thought. If Barristan survives the battle of fire, which I think he will, I believe that his loyalties being tested (and his inner turmoil over the right thing to do vs perhaps what is the most "honorable" thing to do) is most likely his final character arc. If fAegon turns out to actually be a Targ he would have the better claim over Daeny, soooo what's an honorable old man supposed to do?
  8. Yeah, but his arc has been accounted for and noted in EVERY BOOK: Selmy appears in AGoT, ACoK, ASoS, is mentioned in AFFC, and has POVs in ADWD and WoW. Meanwhile Rhaego is only lightly mentioned in four novels and usually as a confirmation of Daeny's progress because he is d-e-a-d dead and not coming back because that would ruin Daeny's progression as a character. So no, I did not ignore him (Selmy) for four books but perhaps you did? Also, Selmy is a POV with a defined character arc that has a fairly clear trajectory for the immediate future, and comparatively, Rhaego never saw the light of day and is barely mentioned after his death. Rhaego served his purpose, there is no need to bring him back in any form but in memory. I'm curious how you can not see how it is possible for Selmy to be the twist. George mentioned the show couldn't do it because the character was killed off, and while that is quite a vague hint and in no way the end-all word for it to be him, Selmy would indeed fit the description. Plus, did I not mention his potential allegiance/loyalty being stretched and tested when he figures out that there is another Targ out there whom he knew and was sworn to protect? Ahh, yes, I did. Just making sure. Start there with your thoughts on him being the twist. There have been many posts and threads on this forum that discusses his potential loyalty issues between Daeny and fAegon should they arise. If he survives the Battle of Fire, it would be a disservice to his character if Selmy doesn't have some sort of internal strife regarding which Targ he should serve once he hears that him and Jon Con and Co. are invading the stormlands.
  9. This has gotta be a pipe dream, right? Why wait four books to bring it back up for it to be the "twist". My best guess is that is has to do with Selmy. He knows so much and has so much potential with his ties to Daeny and possibly to (f)Aegon if he falls for his chance to redeem his past failures to protect his King's family.
  10. AND using the toilet from time to time! ... But what about the other times? What is he using those OTHER TIMES?!?
  11. 'Gold will be their crown' could also refer to the very "curious" color of their hair, and not necessarily that each child will be a crowned regent. It's possible that Myrcella will be crowned at some point, however briefly, but it's also equally possible that she is not. But to get back to your main question of what their fates may be, I bet Myrcella will probably be killed by the sandsnakes in Dorne and Tommen probably by Varys or by suicide.
  12. I hear what you and Cas Stark are saying, I really do. It's hard to trust him when he changes his mind and plans often, but I do believe that when faced with his own mortality George is not going to let this ending slip through his fingers unless something unexpected and awful happens. It's his life's work and legacy. If he were a younger man I would definitely agree with you, however I think he will wrap it up in seven because he is totally capable of doing so and most likely feels he has to. Every story line in asoiaf is about to hit the fan. We saw how quickly he dealt with Ned, Renly, Tywin, Cat, Robb, and Quentyn. One moment they are key/interesting players and the next they are food for crows. He will have plenty of twists and ways to take out many characters in the next two books and a lot of people here are probably not going to like how it happens or feel like there was more to tell when really it was just their time to go. And it's okay to feel that way when the time comes. We have all invested years (decades for some) into this story. I'm aware that many vocal members in this group believe it will take more than seven books and anything less will be a travesty similar to the show, and mayhaps I'm in the minority on this opinion, but nevertheless I truly feel like he knows he has to get it done in seven or it wont get done by him at all, aside from outline submitted to his fans on his death bed.
  13. I see people here all the time saying that there is no way he can finish in seven books and that it at least has to be eight. I think he'll finish in seven. I mean he has said so many times, why doubt the man who knows how it's going to end? I highly doubt he wants it to go eight (he knows how old he is, his health situation, and his laid out what releases he wants to accomplish before he can no longer do so) and I bet he has a plan to do it in seven that might not please everyone here. I understand all the evidence people have brought up that he over writes a ton and ends up having way more material than he originally thought, and that how seven books wont do the characters justice, but has Martin not shown that not everyone gets justice in their end? I expect a lot of deaths and a lot of character arcs cut tragically short. Call me naive, but I believe he has a firm grasp on what he thinks he is going to be able to accomplish before his time is done. We will get seven, FaB2, and a few more Dunk and Egg stories if the gods are good.
  14. I have been reading the Dune series by Frank Herbert. I read Dune a while ago and had some friends tell me I would probably enjoy the rest of the series since I loved the depth, politics, and fantasy of asoiaf. And by the old gods, they were right! I'm currently about to start God Emperor of Dune (book 4). I honestly haven't burned through a book or series like this since my last re-read of asoiaf. Definitely add it to your list among the many other great recommendations here.
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