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  1. I propose this forum go on strike
  2. It would be interesting to get a chapter from Moqorro's POV. I doubt it'll happen, because as with characters like LF and Varys, he knows too much; a chapter heading with his name on it would be like a "dark and full of spoilers" warning. On the other hand, perhaps he is doing just what you say: projecting; acting as if he knows a good deal more than he does. Certainly I'd argue that has worked for someone like Varys (he knows a lot, obviously. I'd be the last person to deny that. But some theorists see him as some kind of omnipotent being who knows what you're having for dinner tomorrow), so who's to say Moqorro isn't doing something similar? It could benefit him in getting Vic to do what he wants- in turn, benefitting the red priests' intentions for Dany.
  3. My question is "how substantial are the flashbacks going to be?" I doubt they'd announce this as major casting if they intend for them to only show up for a two-minute half-arsed scene. I'm interested in how much there is in store for these two.
  4. Out of curiosity (oops, derailing the thread), how many people definitely do know Loras is gay?
  5. I didn't think about that. I guess Moqorro could be wrong, but I suppose he just seems to have a lot of gravitas as a character. So I suspect it's more likely, as you say, he's lying to him. I can't see Vic surviving for too much longer.
  6. I think the issue we're faced with when we're trying to analyse the intentions of R'hllor is the fact that he's a god. The only entity higher than him in the pecking order is GRRM. He allowed Mel to have shadow babies and Thoros to revive Beric because those things serve a purpose. I don't think he gifted those powers to the individuals out of favouritism or love.
  7. Well, according to Moqorro, Vic's the master of the horn (not a euphemism), but if Moqorro's up to something sneaky, I would assume Vic will either not get to use it, or, more likely, using it will benefit Moqorro's goals but not his own. This is assuming that he represents all the red priests, and is actually loyal to Benerro. I imagine he is, but it's always possible he isn't.
  8. Well, since he was sent by Benerro to help out Dany, I'm not 100% sure what he's doing hanging out with Victarion. But Moqorro is one heck of a prophet, so he probably sees something in Vic's future that benefits Dany in some way. Don't ask me what though.
  9. Illyrio is secretly Cersei Lannister It ain't a secret if it's this obvious. Cersei begins with the letter "c", which is also the first letter of "cheesemonger". It's the ASoIaF fandom. We don't believe in coincidences here.
  10. To be fair, they have a decent track record of getting dragon hatchlings to attach themselves to Targ lil'uns. Before they died out, a Targaryen who couldn't tame a dragon probably seemed something like a blonde Baratheon: fishy. Or, to quote the cool kids, "hella sus".
  11. It would depend upon how I'd fared under Viserys; while Rhaenyra wasn't a carbon copy of her father, she was exposed to his way of ruling the Seven Kingdoms- probably more so than Aegon, since she was Viserys' chosen heir. So if I'd been having a ball during his reign, I'd support the blacks. But since this is entirely hypothetical (Westeros isn't real. Shocker, I know), I can't give a cocksure answer. In conclusion, I have not come to a conclusion.
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