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  1. It makes sense that a pyromancer might think differently, though.
  2. darrylzero

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    Well, the Starks had pretty rad parents by Westerosi standards. Jon didn't have it so easy, and Rickon's been parent-less from a pretty early age, but the other ones had a pretty lengthy experience of a pretty supportive environment, at least compared to their peers. It's not so outlandish. I'd probably say that Brienne is too naive to trick Jaime at all. It shouldn't take him long to figure out what's really going on. Even if it were for really noble and important reasons, I have trouble imagining her lie well (or Jaime being easily deceived).
  3. darrylzero

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    In terms of plot I agree that her purpose so far might be mostly derivative of Jaime's (and to a lesser extent Cat's), but I think those chapters in Feast were all about the horrors of war, and I loved them. I thought Septon Meribald's long monologue was amazing, and I maintain that Hyle Hunt is one of the more realistic feeling and interesting characters we've been introduced to. The differences (and similarities) between the ways he treats Brienne and the ways that Randyll Tarly & co did were phenomenally well-played, I thought. That's stuff I didn't pick up until I read it a second time, because the first time I was too concerned with what was going to happen. So, I can kind of understand the frustration with that, but Martin's reflections on the cost of war are a big part of what sets this series apart from a lot of others, for me. I loved the nooks and crannies of the world Brienne explored in AFFC and I found the ways that world reacted to her to be extremely compelling (even if she herself does not always feel very realistic to me). Good point, can't wait to see how all this pans out. You might be on to something. All the discussion of dragon riders has always felt kind of out of step with the mood of this series to me, and I wonder if/how he can write things starting to work out. I don't think Arya's or Bran's path is all that dark, though. Bran's will be sad, because he's probably never leaving that cave, but I still feel pretty sure he'll be a force for good (and I think the eating Jojen talk is a wild misreading of the text, but I guess we'll see). And I don't think the FM are so bad. In a world where reanimation is clearly dangerous, being devoted to the gift doesn't seem so dark. Think about Sabriel. Assassins for hire are a little amoral, but it's a hell of a lot cleaner than open battle (the costs of which Martin has been emphasizing and reemphasizing). Plus their founding story is all about escaping slavery. They're all right in my book.
  4. darrylzero

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    Good points. Since Brienne appears to be doing what Cat wants, can we assume that Pod is still alive (but probably hostage)? I'm having trouble seeing Brienne doing this just to save her own skin (or Cat assuming that Brienne will follow through without leverage). Also, why would Brienne lie to Jaime at first in order to spill the beans later? I think she's lying to save Pod's life, and that means she'll go through with it, unless she's just not a good enough liar to pull it off (which, actually, is totally plausible). So, you're proposing that somehow Jaime and Brienne can convince Stoneheart to let them go search for Sansa together? That doesn't feel right to me. Why would Cat do that? There could be rumors that Sansa is alive, but I can't see there being much in the way of proof. Shadrich seems like the only one who might guess what's going on, and I can't see him helping any. That leaves maybe the Blackfish? I don't see enough time for that to play out. What happens if Jaime figures out what's going on before they get back to Cat et al? It does seem likely to me that Brienne won't be able to lie convincingly enough to fool Jaime for long. What does he do when he finds out? Does he have some brilliant plan? I don't know, that doesn't feel right to me either. I think there's another intervention here somewhere that we don't know about yet and therefore can't really predict.
  5. darrylzero

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    This is the most interesting take on this I've heard so far. While I can see why some people don't think that Cat would choose Brienne as a champion, it does have some poetry to it. Under those circumstances, I think we can be sure that Jaime would not kill Brienne, and we can be sure that Cat would not accept this result (barring some new revelation). And I like the idea of the BwB refusing to carry out this execution under the circumstances. The bigger problem I have is that I can't see Cat granting a trial by combat in the first place. Maybe now that he can only fight with his left hand, she'd enjoy rubbing it in... I don't know, I'm still having trouble imagining it. So, that's where this breaks down for me. Either way, I think Brienne's story arc is closer to finished than Jaime's, but it's hard to say for sure. I'd like for her to find Sansa or Arya somehow. Neither may be long for this world, but I can't quite see either of them going out quite yet. I sure hope I will know the answer before 2015, though I kind of doubt it.