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  1. So true! While that week ultimately only cost me 15 points as week 10 ate my lunch like a lot of other people, it forced me to make picks in the playoffs I would not otherwise have made trying to catch Bronze. I figure I lost 15 pts(wk 5) plus 8 pts(wk 18), 4 pts (wk 19), 24 pts (wk 20) or 51 total. That would put me 2 points out of 2nd with no chance of winning. Learned my lesson for next year. it was fun guys!
  2. AARP just called wanting it’s mascot back.
  3. So when the playoffs come around, how does it affect confidence points available?
  4. I was wondering if there had ever been a season before with so many teams bunched so closely together. I feel like if the season were longer it wouldn’t really produce a lot of separation either.
  5. I picked the Thursday night game but didn’t to go back and pick the rest of the games
  6. Way to go!!! Sounds like a keeper!
  7. Congrats! Condolences. But mostly congrats! I hope there was a clear understanding about football season before the nuptials took place. My wife is a trooper when it comes to “illusion” football as she calls it.
  8. I think I flipped my pick six times in the days leading up to the game depending on AB. I should have stopped at five.
  9. The defenses will adjust to the changes at the beginning of the year once they get film to study
  10. My picks are in. I know we can’t see other’s picks, but during the season, will we be able to see rankings there or only here(this thread). How much value do the 4 tiebreakers have? Are the used only weekly or do they have bearing at the end of the season?
  11. # Name Div Tot M1 M2 M3 1 Alpha A 222.000 75.000 67.000 80.000 2 Beta B 217.000 70.000 69.000 78.000 3 Gamma A 160.000 50.000 50.000 60.000
  12. Wish I had more time, but I'll have to pass (this year at least). Thanks for the consideration though.
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