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  1. A Redeemed Hound

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 603?

    More lazy writing and storytelling. Killing Shaggydog was just a way to save CGI and wolf money since they only have Bran as a warg on the show. I had hoped Davos would be sent from the Wall to find Rickon but I guess not. What's annoying is that we now have to hear how the head of Shaggydog was not big enough to be a direwolf and it is all a ruse. Well, it is Shaggydog and the lazy powers that be killed him off to trim down the story line.
  2. A Redeemed Hound

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 510?

    No I heard it loud and clear last night. It was amazingly sloppy. Why is it like poison? And, again, why wouldn't he have killed Arya for breaking THE rule of rules of the Faceless Men? And I gave the episode a 7. I fear if I watch it "a couple of times" I will go even lower.
  3. A Redeemed Hound

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 510?

    I think Ghost will play LSH next season.
  4. A Redeemed Hound

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 510?

    I gave it an 8 but I think I will change it back to a 7. If it ended the way it should have...winter comes to King's Landing and Varys kills Pycelle and Kevan, I would have given it a 9 despite the Dorne crap. But Varys pops up in Mereen so I knew right away the one scene I was hoping for would be null and void. Did not like the final Mereen solution of Jorah and Dario leaving while the other three are in charge of ruling the city. Best part was Cersie's walk of shame. Lena better win an Emmy for her acting this season. Wish she didn't use a body double but what can you do? The scene worked brilliantly and even made me feel bad for our rotten queen. Stupid part was Robert Strong. Loved seeing him but it's a bit silly that you can obviously tell he is some kind of monster behind the helm. I think people in King's Landing would not be thrilled to notice that. Again, sloppy writing that assumes watchers of the show would be too stupid to figure anything out. Arya's scenes were also awesome. One major stupid thing was at the end. Why would someone poison themselves and not kill her instead? Also, why did she go blind? Was she poisoned? I didn't see her drink or do anything. Was it a spell? Pretty sloppy writing there. Jon Snow's betrayal was fine. Would have been better if it was a result of something more dramatic than "Hey, who's that over there? STAB!" A fight breaking out between the Wildlings and the watch with him trying to break it up would have been better. Again, sloppy and lazy writing. Where the F is Ghost? To not even show him is upsetting. And I guess the Wall is approximately 50 feel from Winterfell. LOL. That's been a major issue with the show since Season 1. Westeros on HBO is the size of Rhode Island. Dany's scenes were good. Nothing wrong there. Why did she drop her ring? To help anyone looking for her? Like Merry and Pippin did in LOTR? Dorne...so lame. The point of this season down there was to kill Myrcella and give Jaime and Bronn some screen time? And since they barely set sail, wouldn't they just turn the boat around and say "Hey, Doran, what gives?" Hell, they could have shouted it from the boat they were so close. And what of Tristane? He's going to be safe now? I guess that's what the Sand Snakes wanted. Stannis' death and quest's resolution was okay I guess. Hope is does not ruin anything from the book since he is alive and well in them with Theon and Asha. Theon saving Sansa was good. Probable should have CGI'd a bit more snow than the dusting they jumped 900 feet off a wall into. LOL. So I will change my vote to a 7. Easily the weakest and worst season of the show. I give the entire season a 5, saved only by the last 4 episodes.
  5. A Redeemed Hound

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 509?

    To give it a 1, in my opinion, is comparing it to Small Wonder. Remember that? The show with the robot girl/slave/maid from the 80s?
  6. A Redeemed Hound

    [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion

    Killing a brother or nephew is not the same as killing your daughter. Still, I was fine with it last night. The second they made Shireen and Selyse join Stannis, and the second he insisted upon it, I knew it was going to happen. He is desparate and, as in the books, he will break before he bends. He is true to his cause because it is just.
  7. A Redeemed Hound

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 509?

    Gave it an 8 whereas I gave Hardhome a 9. I was hoping for a solid 10 but I knew Dorne would ruin the flow of the episode and I was right. Dorne makes no sense right now and it is painful to watch. Loved the scene at the Wall with Jon Snow and the wildlings and Wun Wun. As messed up as it was I thought the scene with Shireen was very powerful and upsetting. It showed just how fanatical Melisandra is and just how devoted Stannis is to his cause. It made me pretty much hate Stannis now but the desperation of his situation drove him over the edge. Not sure how Davos will take the news. I am guessing rather poorly but I hope it somehow leads to him going on his search for a missing boy and his wolf. Arya's scenes were just okay. Based on the released chapter GRRM sent us for TWOW, we know what comes next. Cannot wait for that. Mereen was great. I did not find it anticlimactic at all. I was thinking it would have been silly if it was just pit fighting and was very happy when the Sons of the Harpy attacked. I actually stood up when Drogon landed and saved his mother. It felt more like a surreal moment for me and from what I could tell Tyrion, Jorah, etc. as they watched what just happened. Not sure where they will go with this with one episode left but SOMEBODY has to release the other two children. I had thought it would be Hizdar but he got all stabbed and stuff. I can see Missendei or Jorah doing it but maybe it will be the head of the Sons of the Harpy. Who knows. A solid 8 for me. Going to watch it again tonight.
  8. A Redeemed Hound

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    I find it insane that a lot of people (I assume non-book readers) have been giving every episode up until now a 9 or 10. Before last week's 7, I have not gone higher than a 5 with mostly 3's and 4's for ratings. And after last night's show, which I gave a 9, there are people giving it a 4 or 5. I am simply dumbfounded.
  9. A Redeemed Hound

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    Last week was my fist positive rating of the season. I gave it a solid 7. This week is a solid 9. What a great episode. This episode is a perfect example of changes being made that make sense and pay off big time on television. Lena Headey has been the best actor on the show this season and I hope it pays off for her. Her portrayal of Cersie has been spot on IMO. Very emotional and solid all season. Also loved Qyburn informing her that his work is still progressing. He he he. Tyrion and Dany was actually very enjoyable. I think having a great actor like Peter Dinklage with her made her act far better last night. Normally I only think she is good when speaking Dothraki or Valaryian but last night she was very good and I enjoyed their conversation greatly. I was thrilled to see Cat of the Canals. I figured that portion would be written off but I was pleasantly surprised. I was hoping for a face change but maybe that's coming up. But I am enjoying Arya and J'aqen a lot. Wish they could spend more time with them and a lot less time with Dorne. Excellent moment between Sansa and Theon. I was okay with her being at Winterfell this season and so far it is paying off. Sophie Turner played her with great emotion last night. Alfie Allen is still one of the show's best. I was utterly shocked when the Others attacked Hardhome. I was NOT expecting that. Not even a little. My only complaint is with Tormund. Only GRRM's episode a few seasons back gave him a "Har!" and had him act like his character in the book. But that's all. What a great television moment. Truly epic and horrifying in every way. Those kid wights freaked me the hell out. And the Wun Weg giant was just spectacular. I will reserve giving this a 10 because of what SHOULD be a 10 next week. My only dread is that Dorne will be in next week's episode. Dorne has been the absolute worst idea of any given season but I hope it pays off somehow.
  10. A Redeemed Hound

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 507?

    The Ironborn story from the books is great. Far better than the Martell story in the books. The show runners ruined the Ironborn last season and completely dropped it from the show. Where the F is Asha?
  11. A Redeemed Hound

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 507?

    Episode 7 gets a 7. First good episode of the season for me. Hopefully the next 3 episodes are at least as good as this one. Some questions. Where the frick did Ghost come from? And where the frick did Ghost go? Why even have the wolves anymore? Are they that expensive to use? More so than CGI dragons? Mormont and Tyrion confronting Dany was a tad weak too. Dropping the Greyjoys in favor of the Martells was a huge disaster. The Ironborn story would have played out much better on television.
  12. To me this is not even a season. It has been far weaker than Season 2. I hope the last 4 episodes can turn up something decent. But so far my fears for Season 5 have been very much justified. They screwed up everything and nothing good has come out of the changes. I get changes but these have been for the worse. Why do I need lame Dornish sand snakes who act like morons (and act poorly) when we could have had some seriously action packed Euron and Victarion and Damphair scenes!?!?! Leaving out the Ironborn to focus on the fancy Dornish was a disaster. Everyone loved The Viper last season because of the way the actor owned him. He was played to perfection. Dorn could have been part of the story this year but is should have been toned down a ton to focus on more interesting parts of the overall story. Like Euron and his horn. And Victarion's mission. I guess It's just too much story for any sort of television show. Even HBO.
  13. I didn't see it as Sansa getting raped. It was terrible but pretty much just as Dany was taken by Khal Drogo.
  14. Do yourself a favor, read the books. They are amazing. They will ruin the show for you but it is worth it.