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  1. It seems to me that if this story is true (and it's not clear that it is; it could be a confabulation on Axell's part as part of a dig at Davos, which was certainly the intent behind telling the story), that Aerys I seems like the likeliest of the Targaryen kings to carry on like this. Having no sons is, rather than a con, actually a pro -- it'd give him reason to "make up" a son by treating his pet monkey this way. And I expect he was rather mad, in his way. Alternatively, it wasn't actually a king, but a Targaryen prince I suppose... Then Rhaegal sounds as likely. BTW, for anyone else who heard the report, did the Targaryen king's name get mentioned, and can anyone else confirm it's the Snow Sept rather than the Snowy Sept?
  2. Early chapters in the books always cover some of the ground of previous books. It's how GRRM recaps rather than writing those 'What has come before' chapters some other authors do. It looks like this Davos chapter is giving us a recap of the situation in the North (specifically as it relates to the connection to events in the south), and some reminders of how events in the east may relate to the Seven Kingdoms. There's at least one more Davos chapter after this one. It does not involve Davos leading a fleet. That's all I'll say about that.
  3. That's the general gist of where many of us are going with this, yes. ;) Manderly fakes Davos's execution (how? probably using the fact that tarred hands and head are hard to identify ... maybe some random prisoner from the Wolf's Den is the lucky fellow who gets to take Davos's place?) to play the Iron Throne and bide his time until he can act. He sounds like he could end up following Stannis, if this proves to be right. What will Stannis do with a fleet, though, one wonders? Obviously, he's a skilled naval commander, as such things go, but I'm not sure there'll be a lot of scope for it just now.
  4. See, I knew there was a reference to the Freys somewhere that connected them to the bones. And now that I look at AFfC, yep, the Freys in White Harbor are the ones who confirm Davos's execution. So, are some of those 23 galleys flying the Frey/Lannister banner? Hrm...
  5. Wendel Manderly's bones are already at the Snow Sept (Snow Sept or Snowy Sept? I like the latter because one can see a parallel to the Starry Sept in Oldtown, what with the Manderlys hailing from the Reach), which probably helps give us a sense of timeframe between the Red Wedding and this chapter. Who brought them? Silent Sisters, usually. I do wonder if anyone else might have done so, however. Presumably they travelled by sea ... were all those ships Manderly's?
  6. Amazing report, Mastiff! The fleet -- a nice call back to ACoK -- and the fact that Wyman is building his strength (hiring any healthy man who can carry a spear) suggests Lord Manderly may prove a decisive fellow... whether he's doing the bidding of the new Warden of the North, King Stannis, or his own will. I don't know that anyone's deliberately sent out people to start spreading gossip about how Aegon might still be alive. I think it's entirely possible that this is genuine gossip and historical confusion, something GRRM's always made a point of. However, I wouldn't put it past Varys to have his informants doing just that. I firmly believe Young Griff is going to be passed off as Aegon, so either works for me. Of course, he could always surprise us and reveal the mummer's dragon is something else and that he's really Aegon. But I'm not holding my breath.
  7. Word has it George has (again) read at least part of the 2nd Davos Chapter, this time at the Days of Ice and Fire event. I notice that it seems we never got a thread started for Davos 2, even though he's read a part of it before, so here's the initial report we had from gedo way back in 2007 after GRRM's appearance in Second Life: I suspect this new reading would have covered rather more ground.
  8. It probably is movable. I'll need to look at the plugin to see how it places them.
  9. The Ice and Fire wiki is back, with some changes. Users should now be able to log in, now that I've sorted that out. We've moved the default skin to Vector for the time being, and recommend its use. We will eventually create a Vector variant that will match a color scheme we'd like to use to make it a little more distinctive. We have added a few new extensions. The most notable of these is a WYSIWYG rich text editor that, we hope, will make it easier for users to contribute. It is entirely optional, and can be turned off! We've also added a navigational breadcrumb that will help users travel forward and backward around pages they've visited on the wiki. If you are aware of any obvious, major extensions which should be included, or of current extensions that are broken because they are out of date, please post here and I'll see if I can fix it.
  10. Hrm, that's not impossible. May be time to start a second post, or maybe trim down earlier stuff, and see if helps.
  11. Erk. That's ... odd. ETA: Hrm... I managed editing it without a problem. Could just be my admin status, though. Could you try clearing cache, restarting the browser, and trying again? And if that doesn't work, what browser and version are you using, and are you using the quick edit or the full edit?
  12. Bryan Cogman's most recent post at the Making Game of Thrones site has reminded us that presently, they're just giving the episodes numbers. This may or may not be a temporary placeholder -- no one has clarified that publicly -- but I thought I'd run a poll to see what fans here would be interested in seeing. Feel free to also use this thread to discuss episode titles.
  13. Ran


    Welcome, DNKing. :) I would avoid looking at any threads about the books until you're done with the series. There's a lot of spoilers.
  14. Yes, I took the hanging as quite contemptuous. As for Starks and hanging... well, I'm pretty sure George never forgot Robb was Ned's son, but Robb had Karstark's accomplices hanged. I think it's a very contextual sort of rule.
  15. Thanks, Brush Guy! It's amazing how these chapters evolve over time. I think that ending sounds a bit stronger, especially as it ties back more directly to the first time we meet Jon.
  16. It's been suggested that there is a difference, not so much as to what happens but how it comes about exactly. Poking someone to provide details. *poke poke*
  17. Ran


    Roman training marches carried out several times a month were expected to go at a rate of 20 Roman miles at the regulation pace, or 24 Roman miles at the quick pace, but those were one-off and it's not clear how sustainable those were over time. A Roman mile is about 9/10ths of a statute mile, too, and some books on the subject don't make the distinction when discussing marching rates.
  18. Ran


    Would that be an unladen swallow, or one carrying a coconut? Stubby, given how the Unsullied are the "lock-step legions of Old Ghis come again", probably safe to say that something like the sustained Roman marching rate would be about right under optimal conditions (such as if using one of the old Valyrian straight roads), which comes out to about 16.5 miles a day, day in and day out, give or take. I guess we have to wait until ADwD for how optimal conditions will prove to be.
  19. Ran


    Welcome to the forum... or, well, welcome to having an account on the forum, since you've been lurking. :)
  20. Last I checked, no decision was yet made. What I've been told is that they tend to make those decisions when a production is further along. For example, McCreary was announced in July as the composer for The Walking Dead, which will debut in October. Of course, the first season is just six episodes. I suspect the Game of Thrones composer is likely to be announced no earlier than November, and perhaps as late as January. McCreary is already handling ... what, three different shows right now? No, four I guess: The Walking Dead, Eureka, The Human Target, and Caprica I'm not sure if he could fit another into his schedule (of course, if Caprica is cancelled after one season, then it's rather moot). GRRM has said they had completed interviews with a select list of composers, so the decision would be drawn from that particular pool. We have no idea who was invited to talk with the production. A common speculation is that we're going to see an HBO veteran selected. HBO seems to like doing that.
  21. Brandon is Leobald's son, not Ser Helman's. Benfred Tallhart was heir until he was killed by Theon and his ironborn, leaving Eddara (Ser Helman's only surviving child) as his heir. I would list Eddara as Lady of Torrhen's Square at this time. There's no clear sign that Mistress is used in that sense in the series.
  22. I'll see about doing a blog post regarding the wiki as well.
  23. As discussed in the other thread, the third option of starting the entry with the status of House Tully "at the start of the series", strikes me as best for this and similar situations. 'At the start of the series, House Tully are the Lords Paramount of the Trident', and then when you get down to the end of ACoK and you note, 'King Joffrey names Petyr Baelish Lord Paramount of the Trident, granting him Harrenhal as his seat," and then for ASoS, 'King Tommen grants the remaining lands and titles to Ser Emmon Frey.' This is both up-to-date, consistent, and prevents people from being spoiled right off the bat. The same could be said for the Starks, as well, the Baratheon status in relation to the Iron Throne, etc. 'At the start of the series' should be a pretty good default. I'm going to add some additional thoughts in the other thread.
  24. PG, Thanks for your contributions. I hope you'll reconsider your participation. The fact is that a community project has to be governed by some sort of consistency rules, and Scafloc started a thread to try and discuss it and settle the question. That said, personally, the most important thing for the wiki is getting content in, first. Consistent style is important, but it doesn't matter if there is no content to be consistent about. If you find it impossible to write content to the exact letter of consistency rules, well, that can be something others who want to contribute can help with. But that's just my opinion on the matter.
  25. I am misremembering about the mother's name bit, I think. Not quite sure where I got that from, unless it's something in my mail archives. Will have to hunt around. Here is a relevant entry, however.
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