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  1. M'lady Cynthia Rayder

    How would you rate episode 410?

    I loved it! I love the differences from the books! I also love to no LS, I can't stand her in the books and I do believe she will NOT be in the TV series. I give episode 10 a 9/10
  2. M'lady Cynthia Rayder

    How Would You Rate Episode 105?

    I thouight it was great too! I just finished reading GoT yesterday, so a few things puzzled me... The Loras/Renly scene was one of them.. So far, I have yet to know that they are gay, from what I heave read. Also, I had no idea they had a relationship, so that was a shocker! The Theon sex scene was great and a full frontal view was't bad either! Lysa and he little boy, wow! That's just crazy! Just how I pictured it in the books... I would have liked to see a bit more Sansa as well, others mentioned that same thing... I also wonder why the mention again of the dead baby between Robert & Cersei, it builds a bond between them, but of course as a new reader to the series, I wonder if this is setting the way for more to come!