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  1. Well, it is also a good way to defuse the situation with the Wildings that would be at the Wall, give them a purpose as they should be and I think they will be, eternally greatfull for what Jon did to save them. this is going to be very interesting how this goes down.
  2. The signifigance of tysha is that so far as we know, she is Tyrion's legal wife and his marriage to Sansa was not valid, even if it was consummated, however it is a very closely guarded secret very few know about. GRRM says that we will find out in the books about her but in the show, do not expect anything regarding that to come into play other than it being part of Tyrion's backstory.
  3. Happy Birthday. good actor and perfect casting here.
  4. 10 1- Battle of Hardhome was remarkable and well worth it. A strong reminder of what is the biggest threat to Westeros and it also shows that if the Wall is breached, all of Westeros could be overrun as the dead rise to join the enemy. killing the Others themselves should be the key to defeating them, starting with the Night's King. Dragons can fly. They will be needed. 2-Do no like Dany and her arrogance and I wish Tyrion would fucking tell her what her father did exactly to the Starks (which started the rebellion).This is my frustration in the books too. Dany has this huge grudge against the Starks and wants to destroy them. 3- Sansa did not look in distress (It breakes my heart to see her cry and suffering :bawl:) but completely pissed off. That is my girl ( :cool4:). Theon spilled the beans rather quickly, which was very surprising. She is gonna have to think about where her brothers could have gone. She needs more help from Theon etc. The scene was quick and I expected more, That Ice pick or screw or whatever she picked up last week is either headed for Ramsay's neck/throat or his genitals. 4- Ramsay is going to try and kill Stannis, I think that he will either succeed and Shireen sacraficed to bring Stannis back or Ramsay will fail but kidnap Shireen to try and use as a hostage. Stannis's tough decision may be to press on, allowing Shireen to die or turn back. We do not know yet what will happen but if Shireen is taken to Winterfell as hostage. I bet Sansa will save her. 5- Cersei is suffering a little bit and I love every second of it. Do not feel sorry for that brother f - ing bitch one bit. This makes me happy. 6- No Littlefinger means that he may be headed North, picking up a Vale host on the way. He may show up in Winterfell either episode but if he does, bet on it being episode 10.
  5. Sansa must be happy and yet pissed. She had to go through all of this shit for nothing. Well, I expected more of that but I bet next week and the finale to be very Winterfell and Stannis heavy. A lot of ground to cover and one more Sansa / Ramsay confrontation that ends differently? Also, Benjen, I hope comes back as Benjen and either shows up to help Jon or in Winterfell to help he neice, Sansa.
  6. If it were not for the book readers, there would have never been an interest in telling and adaptation on television for you and the rest of us to enjoy. Just saying. :cheers:
  7. Jon is Stark/Targaryen blood, the Others potential worst nightmare.
  8. Well, the Others are a different race of beings that seem to be heat intollerant and they are necromancers, or their King is. wights have to either be hacked to peices or burned to be killed but the Others have to have dragonglass or valyrian steele and or maybe dragonfire to kill them. Ok, we knew that but that was one fucking awesome fighting sequence. it does appear that Jon Tar.. , ahgh I mean Lord Commander Snow has the destinct attention of the Night's King as if the Night's King knows who he is. As for the episode intrigue, I told you guys so, Sansa will save that corkscrew for Ramsay in an intimate moment and Not use it to torture Theon into confessing. He did that on his own.
  9. When littlefinger and she rode into Winterfell, it was too late, she was outnumbered and essentually a prisoner at that time. Technically, once Lf and co got away from Brienne at the Tarvern, she was doomed. She just did not realize that yet until she was at Moat Caillin.
  10. i guess it would mean, KL was more psychological with a slap here and there. Ramsay takes it to a whole new level because it is centered around sexual abuse. A much more personal and humiliating abuse in many if not all ways.
  11. No, it will, if it happens and she births it, will always be a Bolton. She will always look upon that child as Ramsays. This is not a typical Westeros marriage where there may not be any attraction between lord and lady, wife and husband. This is Sansa Stark who is being raped and beated by Ramsay Snow Bolton, a devil incarnate. It would be another weakness in the plot if she did want to keep such a baby which would make it possible because D&D & Cogaman, are hatchett men when it comes to Sansa Stark's TV character.
  12. We can agree to disagree. some wounds would never heal and they are being inflicted upon her every night. I cry for her character.
  13. What else has she got. this is the most desperate of a situation she has had since the show began. King's Landing was a cake walk compared to this. It also seems that none of her experiences or lessons have prepared her for dealing with Ramsay Bolton.
  14. re-watched it, you are right, he snitched. Sansa is truely going to snap at Theon. Pittiful seeing her in that bed, crying all day, bruised and knowing what the night brings, every night.
  15. Which would be invalid if when her brother Rickon comes home. If Sansa was to actually birth a Bolton baby, it would be considered an abomination.
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