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  1. Euron is officially the worst brother ever: killing three brothers and sexually abusing two. I agree with the theory that the dwarves fighting and making love refer to the claimants for the IT fighting and making alliances such as the case with Arianne and Aegon which does involve actual copulation. The warlock shouting "Pree" pretty much confirms that Pyat Pree's party was the group Euron captured. I also agree with Lord Varys that Euron got the armor from the warlocks as his response to the Reader's inquiries suggests he is full of shit. Poor Falia, her CInderella story apparently doesn't have a happy ending. It just demonstrates that Euron isn't loyal to anyone. As to Ran's assertion about Euron being a dreamer or greenseer, I think the throne of skulls might suggest that given we see plenty of skulls on the walls in the CotF cave, and Melisandre sees skulls about Jon when we know BranRaven is going to help him. The woman with him possibly being the Others' leader brings to mind the Queen of the Norns from MS&T who rules from a mountain in a cold land far North. As for the Shields, he made sure he gave them to rivals and supporters of rivals, so his rivals are weakened if they lose them.
  2. They're the septon and maester who possibly accompany her on the Perergrine from Ghost Hill, or meet her when she lands.
  3. That is a nice one. The Pharaoh puts his signet on Joseph's finger and gives him a new name while Stannis gave Davos a new title, Lord of the Rainwood. One of the prisoners Joseph was with was executed just as Alester Florent was.
  4. Daemon's battle with Aemond ending with Daemon plunging his sword into Aemond's eye so hard it came out the back of his throat over the God's Eye could be reference to the Last Battle of Mag Tuired in Irish mythology, where Lugh drove Balor's eye out of the back of his head, with the eye creating a lake known as "Lake of the Eye."
  5. Dany left Meereen, and Barristan is still there, and he would be inclined to see her killers brought to justice. The freedmen would still be naturally opposed to the people who enslaved them, without Dany, and they would be likely to avenge her if they thought she was betrayed and murdered. He needed her alive as his rallying point? Alive, she was the one in control and her husband was removing him from power. Multiple factions in Meereen who want her dead? I think there was only one faction: the Meereenese nobility, and outside it was the Yunkai'i and their allies. The locusts were not from the kitchens of the Great Pyramid but a confectioner, and the freedmen aren't described as completely rational beings, and anger and rage over Dany's death would likely inhibit their ability to reason and look at all the evidence which isn't entirely available to them. The Yunkai'i would be the first suspects in Dany's death. It was meant for Dany and Hizdahr, Dany knows that they had no reason to kill Hizdahr as he was the one who constructed the peace deal with the Yunkai'i, and had many friends amongst them and their allies. It's gone over here. But he still would have had Meereen and an army. The dragons were in the Great Pyramid, and he isn't the most cunning given his clumsy assassination attempt.
  6. It would have served his cause since Dany had married Hizdahr, and Hizdahr was replacing people in Dany's court. He was losing the ground he had just gained in Meereen. If Dany and Hizdahr had died from poison, then he could have blamed it on the Yunkai'i and rally Dany's forces to attack the slavers. He would have Dany's army and her two dragons, making him the undisputed ruler of Meereen.
  7. Then we found out in ASoS. Both Renly and Tywin are dead, and I don't think that foreshadows Barristan coming back to Westeros. Being from Bear Island, and having fought in the Greyjoy Rebellion, he likely has a natural antipathy to Ironmen. I don't think he would want Victarion to have any chance of meeting with Dany, especially if he founds out what happened to Victarion's last wife.
  8. Not the entire fleet but a few warships with all the other ships being merchant vessels. The Volantenes want to save their fleet for Dany.
  9. Then what would be the point of Tyrion going to Meereen just for him to be killed by Victarion before he even mets Dany? I think it is more likely Tyrion ends up having Victarion getting killed by Dany.
  10. According to Val, Mel did know, but let it happen as it suited her. Jon all but stated that if Mel and Stannis intended to burn Gilly's baby he would reveal the child's identity as Stannis wouldn't let Mel sacrifice an innocent child as he wants to win the free folk. she heard the whispered name Jon Snow.
  11. The poster said the "horn Mance says will bring down the Wall", and that is Mance said of the giant's horn. I don't think a dragonhorn is the Horn of Winter. I think it is more akin to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where the Holy Grail is actually a plain wooden cup. The Horn of WInter is the cracked horn Jon gave Sam.
  12. No, because Melisandre burned Mance's horn, remember?
  13. I have to agree with this; Shavepate wouldn't want to close the gates on Barristan because if Barristan loses then the battle and Meereen is lost. The Yunkai'i will have his head.
  14. Didn't Arianne in this TWoW chapter released on which this thread is based confide in Elia that she wishes Oberyn was her father?
  15. I know Arianne is Doran's daughter, but she wishes Oberyn was her father instead of Doran.
  16. No she smothered him with a pillow in her previous POV before giving him to the pyre.
  17. "If you would wed, wed" the Red Viper had told his own daughters. "If not, take your pleasure where you find it. There's little enough of it in this world. Choose well, though. If you saddle yourself with a fool or a brute, don't look to me to rid you of him. I gave you the tools to do that for yourself." When Arianne marries Aegon, he will prove to be a bit of a fool, as he suffers from some of the shortcomings of youth, as Tyrion notes he risks all for the quick kill, and Aegon is still lacking in maturity. Could this quote provide any hints?
  18. Actually I think Tyrion is the Thorin Oakenshield reference: Tyrion, like Thorin, is focused on retaking his rightful mountain fortress that has a vast hoard of gold, Thorin reclaims it from a red dragon while Tyrion is going to use dragons to reclaim it, or uses a red dragon (Dany) to do so, either way works Tyrion, after escaping his imprisonment across the Narrow Sea, is carried in a wine barrel to avoid notice like Thorin escaping by a wine barrel to avoid notice with the rest of his company Both dwarves seem to fight with axes at the beginning of their stories
  19. At the rate they''re advancing south I think it is unlikely that it took them three centuries to get to where they were since they would have to be extremely slow. I don't think they're to act as a counterbalance to the Others.
  20. I do think Garth and Alf of Runnymud did have a homosexual relationship given Alf's reaction. As for Satin, it's because he was a boy whore, and he would be regarded as the the lowest of the low for what he did being the one who catches.
  21. Roose Bolton supposedly came upon Ramsay's mother while he was hunting and found her washing clothes in a stream. Robert I "the Maginificent", Duke of Normandy and father of William the Conqueror, is said to have met Herleva of Farlaise, William's common-born mother, while hunting in one legend, when she was washing clothes in a stream in another.
  22. 2.0 and who is supposed to be involved? Thanks! Riverrun where Tom O'Sevens is. His [Emmon Frey] hand came away red and slimy from he sourleaf. "To be sure. Riverrun is mine, and no man shall ever take it from me." Compare that to the prophecy about the demise of the Witch-King Angmar: Far off yet is his doom, and not by the hand of man will he fall. It won't be a man that takes Riverrun, but Lady Stoneheart. Jaime's description of a dead Tywin: Bloody hell, he's grinning like a bridegroom at his bedding. Daven Lannister is that kind of bridegroom. The massacre will take place during the bedding, and Tom plays "The Wolf in the Night" which commemorated Robb's victory at the Battle of Oxcross.
  23. They were the mutineers from Craster's Keep, among them Ollo Lophand.
  24. to that I'll add: She thought back to a tale she had heard as a child, about the children of the forest and their battles with the First Men, when the greenseers turned the trees to warriors. The Northmen disguised as trees is also a reference to Macbeth, where Tolkien got the idea for the Ents, feeling cheated that he didn't see the trees move in Macbeth like he thought.
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