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    How would you rate episode 210?

    Had to give it a 9, I thought it was great but not as good as Blackwater! Although many people have valid gripes with the HOTU scenes (I myself would have liked to see more but understand that's not going to happen) ...I liked it and found it rather emotional. Loved seeing Dany in the Throne room! And lets face it...they've already messed her storyline up a great deal this season...I was actually expecting less from this part of the story. Was hoping to see Rhaegar though! The Jon scene I wish they had done differently. As they've done it I think many non-book readers are left wondering what the heck Jon is doing? If they had taken just a few moments and lines of dialouge more they truly could have explained it and given Qhuorin Halfhand a more honorable death which truly showed the sacrifice made for the Nights Watch...the scene would have ended up better with a more emotional impact. And where the heck is Ghost? Yes overall a 9 because unlike other episodes this season this one left me wanting more. I truly liked it a lot! And I must say the White Walkers looked bad ass this time!
  2. GOTgirl

    How would you rate episode 209?

    Phenomenal episode!!! If GRRM was already finished writing the Book Series I would be campaigning for him to be writing each and every episode! Now that is how a real writer does it!
  3. I agree...leaving quite a bit out about how much planning Tryrion really did do.
  4. Where's the Weasel soup?! Was looking forward to that scene...disappointed not to see it. Liked the Asha (Yara) & Theon scene.
  5. The kids are so funny! Power goes out for 6 hours and they were "dying". Nicole couldn't even go a few hours without a computer...Lol. She was using her battery power, and James was relieved when the power came back on...not to mention he was also using battery power for his DS. So funny.

  6. Yeah got Power! What a crazy day!! Power goes out all over the county and people seem to forget how to drive. Stores closed, no gas, people running out of gas on the side of the streets, trolley stopped and stuck in the middle of the tracks, food spoiling in the fridge, no way to cook or buy dinner and lets top it all off with some 104 degree heat!

  7. Could it be any HOTTERRRR!!! Ugh! 105 degrees and I'm melting~~~~~

  8. Spent 6 hours cleaning Caitlin's room today! Finally an organized room - Now only if it will stay that way!! Got my fingers crossed.

  9. Heading to the mountains today! :)

  10. Why soooo slow internet! And why won't my pics or recommended links with comments post to the news feed?! C'mon Facebook!