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  1. The longest I waited for a book was eight years, and it was a pathetically written poor excuse of a book. Not really worth the paper it was printed on. It was as if the author had forgotten what she was writing about in the first place. (in fact, I'm quite convinced she has, because most of it did not make sense.) If Winds of Winter is like DwD is turning out to be, he can take as much time as he likes. I will willingly send care packets if needs be, start a fund to support the author. Only I'm sure with this amount of fans and a TV series, he doesn't need any of that kind of help. Though I will defend the length of time to any fool who complains, as I have already. Because it's worth it, for a story like that, time is the least we can give.
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    Hi all, I used to be able to keep my excited mutterings about the books to those in my family. Then I found out a friend at work read them when I gushed about the new TV series. This, sadly, has led me to become a little obsessive and having a need to seek out more people who read the books. It's a sad geek cycle I'm sure we've all come to know and appreciate. Reading GRRM's blog just wasn't enough any more. :D Favourite characters would be Tyrion, Arya, Jaime and oddly enough, I actually have a soft spot for Theon, which I think is more because it's like watching a train wreck. I seem to get a lot of weird looks when I mention that. I'm currently in Australia and am spending my spare time working out if I can justify the costs of a flight to Germany to get the next book earlier. I could read it all on the flight home. I wish I had the income. I suppose I'll have to fill the time with rereading.