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  1. I gave it a solid 7....pretty much setup for next season. With a father like Tywin, who needs enemies. I think this episode will fuel the speculation that Tyrion is not really Tywin's.
  2. Set-up episode...can't give it more than a 6. Liked the Theon scene. Its good to see what a psycho Ramsay is in person. Liked Tywin taking control of Joff, hope to see more of it.
  3. I gave it a solid 8. Tywin and Olenna, Cersei and Tyrion, Varys and LF....well done.
  4. For Loras there was no one but Renly. That was why he took the white.
  5. I agree, Loras would never betray Renly's memory is such a way.
  6. So many changes to the story, but I gave it a solid 9. 1. The fight b/t the Hound and Berric was excellent. 2. I love Rose Lesley. 3. Nice twist with LF giving Loras a boy to get info. Could have done w/o the sex, but it is HBO 4. The scene with Tywin, Tyrion, and Cersei is classic.
  7. I gave it a 9! This episode is all about the ladies....Dany, Marg, and the Queen of Thornes. Varys getting the wizard who cut him...I don't know about that one. Scheming to marry Sansa to Loras? Many changes, but I loved it.
  8. I'll give it a solid 8: 1. Love watching the Theon story unfold before our eyes. Poor Theon. 2. I think they made Edmure too much of an idiot. I'm loving the Blackfish 3. Martyn and Willem the grandsons of Tywin's father's brother? I guess Kevan's story is done. 4. Loving Dany more and more. Can't wait to see her take the city. 5. Poor Jaime. That was well done. 6. The scene with the small council was strange. 7. Pod is the man. He must give details. Best sequence of the episode.
  9. So many changes. I gave it a 6. 1. I like being able to see the breaking of Theon from the start. He has no idea he being set up by Ramsay 2. I like how Marg is manipulating Joff and I loved the Queen of Thornes. I missed Butterbumps 3. The fight between Brienne and Jaime was awful I know the first four episodes are setup but this one was kind of ordinary
  10. I gave it a solid 8. Its about what I expected, as the first four episodes or the setup for the rest of the season. 1. Love how they introduced Barristan from the start, but I do miss Strong Belwas; the assassination attempt by the warlock was awesome. 2. I love Natalie Dormer as Marg. I love how she making herself right at home and positioning herself to be queeen. 3. I love how Cersei is powerless to stop the monster she gave birth to. She is bound by her love for Joff and will suffer any and all insults. 4. The unsullied are outstanding, can't wait to see them in action.
  11. Gave it a solid 9 - I like the changes as it makes for good television. 1. The Pyat Pree/Xaro takeover of Qarth was well done. They had to do something to make that side of the world interesting. Can't wait for the House of the Undying. 2. I'm loving the exchange between Tywin and Arya. As smart as Tywin is he has to have some idea of who she really is. He knows that there is no way she is a stone mason's daughter. 3. I don't know if I could see Jaime killing a relative, even a distant one. I like the spin on his escape though. 4. The seeds of the Red Wedding are slowly being sown - The fall of Winterfell, the release of Jaime, the supposed death of Bran and Rickon, Robb is coming back from the Crag wed to Jenyne/Lady Talisa. All that is left is the Blackwater. I have one major gripe. It was supposed to be Ramsay who devised the plan for the Miller's Boys. I wonder how much depth will the writers give the Ramsay character?
  12. Right...I said no mention when I should have said there hasn't been much mention. I just feel nonreaders should get a greater feel for him.
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