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  1. Me, trying to use Angular.

  2. Started 2012 off by dropping my phone on a rock and cracking the screen. Luckily I was able to buy a replacement screen and the tools to open the phone fairly cheaply on ebay. Unluckily they have to be shipped from Hong Kong so I am phone-less for the next 2 weeks. :(

  3. This week I'm going to look for the chance to use the term "Anthroapologist" in casual conversation.

  4. Just realized I forgot the 5th of November. Tell Guy Fawkes I'm sorry!

  5. "Do you know what they call Alternative Medicine that has been proven to work? Medicine." - Tim Minchin

  6. I should not have eaten that chocolate cake for breakfast. It made me a bit woozy.

  7. Time to sell that Apple stock you've been sitting on.

  8. Got the Mango update for my Windows Phone. Custom Ringtones FTW!!!!

  9. Milk chocolate is more chocolate than milk, and Chocolate milk is more milk than chocolate. What a strange world we live in.

  10. New Nebraska offense doesn't look much different from last year. If Martinez can keep his wheels for the whole season that might not be a bad thing. If.

  11. I noticed the Hobbytown Store at Southpointe is looking for a part time person to work weekends and evenings. If you know anyone looking let them know.

  12. To those who wished me Happy Birthday yesterday, Thanks! I appreciate the well wishes and I love you all. Those who didn't are stricken permanently from my Christmas Card list.

  13. Hobbytown is looking to fill a part time marketing position. If you or anyone you know is interested in putting in an application let me know.

  14. Awaiting my Google+ invite. Anyone on it yet?

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