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  1. As was I. I was all like "Oh, of course you did, you treacherous piece of shit!" Then I had to eat my boots...
  2. Spidey

    [Book Spoilers] EP508 Discussion

    They haven't. They aren't moving at a snails pace and they are immune to head trauma. They're fast and really fucking hard to deal with. They're the exact opposite of RE/TWD Zombies.
  3. Spidey

    [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    Having eye witnesses present at the consumation of political marriages was quite common in medieval times. Remember the show Rome and how there were slaves around the bed whenever their owners had sex?
  4. Why? Revenge for a loved one is one of the most simple motivations in storytelling. Everyone understands it, nothing to explain there. Complicated intrigues and politics? Not so much. Does it go against what Oberyn would have wanted? Sure, but Ellaria is not an extension of Oberyn. She's her own character, one who never struck me as peaceful in season 4. She can have her own opinions.
  5. Maybe. But the Dorne plot doesn't need a dove. It needs a hawk to work. Why do you think GRRM dropped the character when he got to Dorne?
  6. Catelyn was Catelyn, through and through. Ellaria, though, she has to be Ellaria and Arianne, obviously her passive mindset from the books would not serve the plot at all. Kinda hard to get a vengeance plot going if the main instigator doesn't care about vengeance. So Ellaria takes on the hotheadedness and lust for vengeance from Arianne. Obviously, she won't be the Queenmaker but she gets into conflict with Doran which will eventually lead into the reveal of his game plan to her. None of that would be possible with a passive Ellaria.
  7. Show Ellaria hadn't had to watch the greatest wonder in Westeros get his head squished last season. Stuff like that changes you. Show Ellaria also doesn't even have a book counterpart left past the duel, so any accusations of character assassination are completely ridiculious. There is nothing to assassinate in the first place.
  8. Geeze...all this Stannis outrage is so incredibly stupid. He doesn't arrive at the first night in the books either. Did you throw hissy fits then?? His arrival has been in the descriptions for episode 10 for weeks. Learn to friggin read, guys!! Also calm the hell down, you're not doing yourselves any favours with misplaced nerdrage.
  9. Spidey

    [Book Spoilers] EP407 Discussion

    Why does it even matter? The meaning's the same. It's still getting the point across and it's still a great punchline.
  10. Spidey

    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    Agreed. We need Conan back.
  11. Why? because not much happened? Have you read AFFC? This episode seems to have the misfortune of having been written by the AFFC-GRRM instead of the ASOS-GRRM.