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  1. I dunno if anyone else mentioned this, or if I'm just imagining it, but I'm pretty sure the Olenna scene teasing Loras about being Marg's father-in-law was her subtly trying to sway him to choose the White over marrying Cersei. I thought the show did a great job contrasting her method of getting her (grand)children to do what she wants (have Loras take the White, but not bc Tywin ordered it, to get out of marrying Cersei), with Tywin's method of yelling at Tyrion to "do his duty" in the bedroom (which he didn't end up doing anyway). It was subtle, but clever, IMHO.
  2. What, she couldn't have killed Xaro's guards with the dragons? Why would they need to show that? I think Dany having dragons that will breathe fire on command means she can go wherever she wants, pretty much.
  3. Wights are still (un) dead, and where in this episode did they eat brains, exactly? They're definitely slow and clumsy in the books.
  4. I thought they were white during the day and dark at night was bc they had camoflague, as they have Predator-like armor in the book (kinda) too.
  5. Are people forgetting that 1) Cat, Robb's mother, follows the Seven? Sansa also prays to the Seven and no one bitched about that. So would Jeyne Westerling.... 2) There was a Sept AND a godswood in Winterfell? 3) HOW DID YOU PEOPLE MISS THE GODSWOOD RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM?! They're also in the West, and the ceremony in front of JUST a godswood without speaking would've been kind of abstract, non-book readers might not have figured out it was a wedding. It's not that big a plot hole, GRRM never specifies how the wedding went down. People will complain about everything and anything, I swear. Also, Robb was under a bunch of stress...he has lost his father, the kingslayer is escaped, his brothers are prisoners of his former best friend, and his sisters are both hostages in KL, AND he lost Winterfell. So, in the midst of all this BS, he wants love in his life instead of gambling on a random stranger for marriage. This may be a more modern concept, but it happened in the Middle Ages too. I don't see how that makes him so stupid? Is him being identical to Ned that big a deal? I think doing it for love makes his story more tragic, ultimately. Just IMHO. Shrug.
  6. I'm guessing Tywin is onto Arya as well. "A stonemason who could read, eh?" That was a huge "YEAH RIGHT!" moment. Baelish also recognized her. TBH Dany's story in ACoK needs this extra suspense because she just kinda wandered around asking for help then came up to the warlocks and said "Ok I"ll try LSD with you guys" in the books. Very contrived. So I love this change. LOVED THE JOFFREY SLAP. Hell yeah Tyrion. I am not a purist - I love the changes, as I like being surprised by how they are telling the story. I have the books if I want to reread them. This is an adaptation - if they filmed it off the page it would be BORING AS HELL BECAUSE I ALREADY HAVE READ IT! IMHO. Btw, "Lady Talissa" seems to have been in Robb's camp for some time, so it's not weird that he suspects she is highborn and a Lady. And I'm pretty sure Tywin is onto Arya, and what better place to keep an eye on her than to keep her as his cupbearer?
  7. Didn't have time to read all 28 pages, but here are some of my opinions. What does everyone think about the change in Xaro Xaroan Daxos? He has gone from a pedophile to a very ambitious man courting Daenerys. I think I like the TV Xaro better. This is a nitpick but I didn't like Quaithe's mask. And why did she appear to Ser Jorah first, and not Dany? In the trailers people bitched and moaned about Dany's "The Starks and Lannisters fight each other, the Baratheons destroy each other" line, but it totally makes sense in the context. Sigh - people get so critical before they even see the episodes! I LOVED the Harrenhal scenes. Arya was quick on her feet naming herself part of the Dreadfort (and how ironic, lol - fake Arya, anyone?). Tywin seems fair with his servants, not unkind. It wouldn't surprise me if she had qualms about killing him. It seems the Tickler won't be dying in an inn via Sandor. I HOPE they keep Polliver for that scene! PLEASE!!! If she has the Mountain killed, it'll screw up the Dorne plotline an Tyrion's trial by combat vs 2.0. I hope she doesn't have him killed - I was hoping the Dorne plotline would remain. I realize they'll have to cut A LOT of the Dorne stuff but I want at least a little of it in there. They don't need it until Season 3 and mostly 4 anyway.
  8. Oops, sorry bout that. Thought the thread said BOOK SPOILERS. My bad. :blush:
  9. Ok that took me a looooong time to figure out on Google translator, glad they have language detection! But I agree!!
  10. fiercesome swordswench (by request) Yes, I am!

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