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  1. It seems to me they were all wights before. Meaning, unlike the first book's Prologue, we've never actually seen an Other until the last scene aired tonight. Several things about that scene were different as it is, so that's my basis for that assumption. I was hoping for "cracking ice" voices, though. The noise it made didn't sound otherworldly enough to me. ;) I think the Other itself looked great! It certainly didn't look human. Can't wait to see what they do with the Children of the Forest, now that I think about it...
  2. I actually liked the scene with Brienne and Jaime. The point of it was Jamie got to see what she was made of. I thought it was great when she let loose. And I know I'm a guy, but the look on that third guy's face the whole time she was stabbing him in the groin was absolutely award winning. I also generally liked Jon's scenes and storyline. It didn't seem to be told as well as it could have, and I never grasped a real thought process of why a "guy on the inside" is suddenly a great idea. But overall it didn't bother me. The marriage ceremony with the new gods surprised me. I would like to think there was some sort of subtle rationale for it but I bet it was just a writing error. I was not touched by Tyrion's teary eyes... every sentimental moment with Shae he's been doing that and I just don't see that his character would be doing that. His first marriage left him bitter and cold and detatched, and I have great difficulty believing that he'd let himself feel that strongly for someone again. It makes sense he cares about Shae, but there is a limit. I also note the irony that the one person who really seems devoted to him (Shae) is the one he tries to push away. Everyone else he has proclaimed his friendship with has kind-of rolled their eyes at him - "okay, whatever". To me what happens with her and Tywin is ambigous in the books...it will be very interesting to me to see how the show handles that. Except for Dany's scenes (especially in the House of the Undying) I liked the episode, but I still think it was the poorest of the second season. Overall the show is awesome, and I can't beg HBO enough to keep it up! I'm really looking forward to next year, and hopefully several years after that!
  3. That end scene with Theon was a bit surprising to me. It almost struck me that the guy who has been egging him on was maybe really the Bastard in disguise after all? He suddenly got very authoritative. And then they put Theon's head in a sack? Will be a long wait to see what really happens with that in season 3.
  4. I'm more disapointed that the House of the Undying sequence didn't reveal why it's called that! Overall this was my least-favorite episode of this year.
  5. I had that exact same thought! But that leaves the death of the Maester unresolved, too.
  6. Eeeek! I don't really like reading that. I understand the need for changes to the plot by the TV adaptation... but I don't like the idea of the TV adaptation polluting the original story GRRM is telling/going to tell.
  7. The way I remember that in the books is Brienne had to kill the few guards that rushed into the tent before they killed her. Loras later slew the rest of the guards present because he grieved so hard and he felt them responsible for not protecting Renly. I completely agree. It strikes me as insolence that someone like Tywin would never seem to tolerate. I had to wince. Yep! But he did shove his food away. :) I thought the same. There was such a wide shot on Renly for so long when he was standing all alone it was completely obvious something bad was about to happen. You'd think they would have strived more to surprise the unaware. The scene leading up to the death just didn't flow right. Could have been the first bad direction the series has seen; will need to watch it again. I thought everything after the killing was okay, though I would have preferred for Catelyn to have dragged Brienne from the scene of the crime. Their acting from the death through the end of the episode was phenomenal! Loved seeing Brienne wield that sword. This show continues to amaze me with how well its actors execute--they are just so damn impressive! It wasn't what I was expecting, but then I wasn't sure what to expect with the mask. I *was* expecting a hood or shroud of some kind, worn by someone fatter, and a scratchy eerie voice, though. I need to watch that sequence again.
  8. I agree. And he just can't be so naïve as to take that stare from Arya after she had just gotten done saying "anyone can die" as anything but a threat to his person.
  9. To me it's where Tyrion proves he's really a Lannister. A more thoughtful and fancy-free Lannister, but a Lannister all the same. Edit: Alright, this forum software inserting a bunch of HTML tags where they don't belong is a tad annoying....
  10. This episode didn't leave me reeling quite as much as the last one. But I liked it. I'm going to miss Renly and his glib tongue. Props to Joe Dempsey to make up for it. I can't believe more haven't mentioned Pyat Pree and how downright creepy he was. He's one of the most captivating characters the HBO series has seen so far. I am expecting the Undying episode to be pretty fantastic. I am not sold on the Arya/Tywin thing. I thing both actors are great, but I just don't buy it. I can't imagine he wouldn't yell or raise a hand to her for lying to him like she did about where she came from. The whole situation and the way they interact strikes me as completely implausible. I can't to see how they have her escaping Harrenhal. She also better not wish for Tywin's death, because if it happens that way it will completely change Tyrion's character dynamic for the worse.
  11. I have not sat down to read the books, but before I started watching the series last year I read ahead to see how interesting the story actually would be. If the story was too stupid or predictable or juvenile I would have skipped watching the series. I've since skimmed some of the books, especially chapters of pivotal events. I have not had any trouble keeping up with what's going on during the series, and I like to believe I see some of the depth they're adding into the characters. The show continues to impress me with how well it's executed. This latest episode hasn't changed my opinion. The only thing that made me wince on this episode was Littlefinger's "fate has given us this chance" line. That seemed very out of character to me, but I can also guess that after finally seeing Catelyn he was emotionally overwhelmed and simply lost his cool. It makes sense to me Catelyn would be his weakness. It also seems a simple matter that she can soon command Ned's remains passed along to Winterfell, even off-screen. I appreciated the "whore" scene. I can't say I liked it, it was hard to watch. But every time you think you hate Joffrey enough, they find a way to make you hate him even more. And it worked, on me. I think the Sansa scene lost some of its bite since they couldn't bare her topless. I imagine dresses showing more of her bosom than was barred in the hall. The end of the episode puzzles me a bit. You really would think the death of Renly would make a great cliffhanger. How they're going to reconcile the reasoning behind the "shadow creature" being birthed inside Storm's End to get to Renly in his tent eludes me. But, I do have faith in the show's creators to tell a good story, so I'll reserve judgement until we see how it all plays out. Same for Robb's woman. Same for Arya and Tywin. To do otherwise isn't fair to the show. As has been mentioned by others, the length of the episodes does distress me. When the credits rolled my clock showed 7 'till. Add to that the time taken by the (unnecessary) "here's what has happened unto now..." montage at the beginning. Without this show I probably wouldn't be subscribed to HBO, and I do want my money's worth.
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