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  1. Tini

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    Brienne swore several oaths - including bringing Arya and Sansa to Catelyn. She may have to choose which one matters to her most. Most likely she will not even get to choose. We know what oathbreaker Jaime chose. It'll be interestng to see her choose - and how she'll be able to live with herself afterwards. If she lives. Jaime and Brienne might have some interesting conversations if both survive the cliffhanger. I don't think Arya will be involved in resolving the cliffhanger: I don't think the timing quite works. As for Stoneheart's final death, I think it will mirror Dondarrion's to some extent - like him, she'll realize what she lost, and give up her existence. I think that will require meeting some of her surviving children, and seeing their horror at what she has done/become. Arya may very well be the one to find her. After all, there would be no reason for Arya not to accept a contract on Stoneheart - she doesn't know who Stoneheart is. If they recognize each other, the shock might even be mutual - Catelyn Stark would be horrified that her daughter joined the Faceless Men. Maybe that will make Arya reevaluate her choices. But then, there isn't much left of Catelyn Stark. I wonder if Stoneheart would try to use Arya's abilities / hire her own FM daughter.
  2. Tini

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    Stoneheart may still be holding Ser Hyle and/or Podrick Payne hostage. I think Brienne would gladly trade Arya and Sansa for those two. Jaime and Brienne might reason that Stoneheart will, at least, not kill her daughters. But neither has any idea where to find either girl. I don't know where, or how, but I think Stoneheart is going to meet her children - all of her surviving children - before she passes on. But that time has not yet come. I think the current arc's resolution will depend on Jaime's secret sword training, and on Ser Ilyn Payne.
  3. Tini

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Doran told Arianne that she would've been more than Viserys' queen consort - she was to be his equal on the Iron Throne. Yet he didn't teach her to rule. That is more than an error on his part. It's stupid, really, really stupid. And if he didn't trust her to keep secrets, he should've at least tried to teach her. But he didn't. As you said: he didn't prepare her for her role as Princess of Dorne, he didn't prepare her for anything else. In that respect Doran is worse than Tywin Lannister - Tywin didn't teach Cersei anything, either. But at least Tywin told his daughter that he expected her to become queen of Westeros. It seems Doran lost track of time, lost track of his plans as well. And while he made plans, he never followed through on them. He excpected others to do that for him, and had the gall to blame them if they didn't work as expected.
  4. Tini

    Aegon TWOW

    He seems to be a bit like the young Robert Baratheon, then. Capable of inspiring his followers, not necessarily good at lengthy planning - nor at losing. Robert was a mess as a king - but in battle, all would follow his lead. As for getting out of control of his mentor, Connington did not raise Aegon to be a puppet but to take initiative. That is what Aegon does when he announces his plan to head for Storm's End himself. Connington knows he has to let go - he is just not happy about the timing. Letting go means to let Aegon make his own mistakes. For mistakes, timing is never good. If going to Westeros instead of Mereen is a mistake, then that reflects more badly on Connington than on Aegon. Connington is much more experienced after all - and on a mission to keep Aegon from making grave mistakes. Aegon can, and probably will, fail - but I will only consider it a failure for Varys if Aegon fails at ruling. Just like Robert Baratheon did.
  5. Tini

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Tears? I don't think Aeron will die. Or rather, what is dead may never die. He will die, and come back again. Just like Lady Stoneheart. Maybe that accounts for the change in his eyes. I don't agree that the woman in the vision is Cersei. Cersei doesn't fit. I agree that Cersei may be stupid or desperate enough to consider marriage to Euron. But why would Euron consider marriage to Cersei? What can Cersei offer him that he cannot take by force? Nothing. Cersei is weak. Not only is her grip on the Iron Throne and Westeros tenuous. She is inherently weak due to her character traits, her character flaws. Euron despises weakness - and we know what he does to weak, defenseless people. He killed helpless Harlon by pinching his nose shut. He sexually abused Aeron and Urrigon. There is Victarion's wife. And, in this chapter, Falia. I don't wish that on anyone - not even Cersei. Whatever use Euron may have for Cersei, he would have none for Tommen and Myrcella - execpt as sacrifices. In which case Cersei might lose her remaining children to Euron, and would long for death soon after. Aeron might then fill the role of Valonqar - and the beautiful younger queen Cersei is so afraid of, and the woman with the long shadow in Aeron's vision, might turn out to be be one and the same. For Cersei is neither of them. Obviously she isn't the queen who will replace her from Maggy the Frog's prophesy. But she is not the woman from Aeron's vision, either: she doesn't possess a a long shadow. If the long shadow stands for influencing things from afar, Cersei just isn't skilled at it. Cersei always was in the shadows but never knew how to use them. Quite unlike Olenna Tyrell who casts a long shadow which Lady Olenna then skillfully hides in the shadows. Cersei hates shadows, she wants a place in the sun - and always, always she was overshadowed by someone with a large shadow. Hence, no shadow of her own. She grew up in Tywin's shadow. In Jaime's shadow, too, as he was the heir, a boy. She lived in Robert's and Joffrey's shadows. She was determined that little Tommen would not steal her place in the sun - only to end up in Kevan Lannister's shadow. These shadows are now gone because their owners are dead (Tywin, Robert, Joffrey, Kevan), or because she removed them (Jaime). Some still loom (the High Septon, Tyrion). But there is at least one shadow she cannot remove: Maggy the Frog's shadow, that prophesy which has haunted her life ever since she killed Melara. Cersei will not get her place in the sun. Who that woman in the vision is? I don't know. It could be Daenerys if Aeron is the corpse at the prow of a ship from her vision. Plus, Euron intends to marry her. Her very existence set things in motion in Westeros despite the fact that no one knows what she looks like - which might explain the form she takes in Aeron's vision. For all other women with long shadows (the Sand snakes, for example) the question is the same as for Cersei: what do they offer that he cannot otherwise obtain?
  6. Tini

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    I don't think anything will change in the short-term if the dragons get caught. Whoever catches them will need to train them to understand and obey orders. Victarion's horn might facilitate catching the dragons, I doubt it'll replace training. Whoever catches the dragons will have to find a safe place where they can train them. The situation in Meereen will get resolved without the help of dragons.
  7. Tini

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    I suspect that only dragons without riders are susceptible to be bound by horns.
  8. Tini

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    It means that someone realized there is a greater threat than the threat to Margaery.
  9. Tini

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    Demanding Dorne's support by virtue of his blood ties is the plan. But Daenerys has blood ties to Dorne, too, even though they are not as strong as his own. And Doran Martell offered her an alliance. If conflict arises between Daenerys and Aegon, Aegon might marry Arianne to make absolutely sure that Dorne will stand with him. If Aegon can't marry Daenerys, Arianne is the next best match. No one expects that she will turn into Ramsay or the White Walkers - people expect her to turn into her father, Aerys the Mad. She won't do that, either. The end of ADWD, for me, doesn't imply that she suffers from the Targaryen taint. It implies that she has broken the self-imposed chains that tied her to Mereen. It was about time she reevaluated her Mereen experience. She needs a fresh approach to breaking the Harpy's hold, or she must move on according to her original plans. It seems she is about to do both.
  10. Tini

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    Exactly. His plan is no longer on track. Dany isn't there but two dragons are. He won't sit down and wait for Dany's return. He doesn't know where to start looking for her. He isn't a patient man. He has a horn that can control dragons. It might even call back Drogon (and by extension, bring back Dany). He won't wait, he'll use it immediately.
  11. Tini

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    Victarion might not wait for Dany's return. He doesn't strike me as someone who'd wait for the return of someone who may be dead already. And he'd need a really good reason not to use the horn immediately on the dragons present in Meereen. He wouldn't want it to look as if he needs Dany's permission to tame a dragon. Maybe he'll try using the horn to call back Drogon to Meereen, or use the horn on Drogon after Dany returns. A distinct possibility if Dany refuses to go along with his plans.
  12. Tini

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    Why would unCat need Edmure to get Riverrun support? Catelyn was the heir to Riverrun until Edmure was born. With Edmure out of the picture, unCat could claim Riverrun for herself. If unCat has any interest in that place. I don't think she does. All she is interested in is vengeance upon people she blames. And that includes Edmure. Why would Jaime need to beat the entire BWB? It sounds as if Brienne is supposed to lead him into a trap set by Lem Lemoncloak. There won't be many BWB members present for that ambush - the more people they bring, the more likely they will be discovered prematurely. And how many people does it actually take to subdue a cripple? Jaime may not be able to best Ser Ilyn but he is now better with a sword than the BWB will expect. His opponents are likely to underestimate him - thus giving him a chance to kill them / escape.
  13. Tini

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    They have shown absolutely no interest in helping Edmure until now. And that was before Edmure relieved the Blackfish of his command and surrendered Riverrun to Jaime Lannister. They won't rescue Edmure. If anything, they'll want to punish him as a traitor. The BWB won't recruit Jaime. He would be a threat to their leaders - not to Stoneheart herself, but to Lem Lemoncloak and the others who are currently running the BWB in Stoneheart's name.
  14. Tini

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    Only the second point actually matters: he doesn't know if he is the horn's master. The fact that he has chosen slaves/serfs to blow the horn indicates that he intends to use the horn. Victarion will not blow the horn himself, so it doesn't matter if there are dragons near. He can have it blown as often as he considers necessary. And I doubt that wooden ships play any part in his reasoning - at least not until the dragons start burning them - in which case he would try to make them stop using the horn.
  15. Yes, she receives sustenance from R'hllor. That does not prove anything one way or another. That statement may apply to Beric Dondarrion and Catelyn Stark as well who are/were both undead. Who are undead because of power attributed to R'hllor. I don't think the fact that she is always warm shows that something happened to her that enables her to see visions in the fire. That seems to be an ability that comes with practice. Thoros of Myr consults the flames, Stannis does. Others do as well, not all of them Red Priests. She may still be "human" but she is not "normal". If she were normal by any standard in Westeros she would not take care to hide the differences from her surroundings. She reminds herself to eat so that people don't notice she doesn't starve otherwise. So she eats food she doesn't need at a time when starvation is threatening the people around her. Food that might keep other people from starving. That is thoughtless at best. I don't hate her. I don't like her, either.