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  1. Hoping Croatia beat these Argentine frauds. Would love to see them cry. So thinking more on the Brazil game, Raphina was the biggest flop , yet Tite continued to play him. Also, why bring on Fred instead of Gumaires or Fab ?
  2. Should Ederson have started instead of Allison? Allison is the better keeper overall, but Ederson better at stopping penalties?
  3. Fantastic ! But damn, it's true that the Germany teams over the decades have beaten some of the arguably best national teams in world football!
  4. Does this include Allison too? I mean i know he's some sort of born again Cristian type, but pro Bolsonaro?
  5. Didn't watch the Brazil game. Heard Allison made multiple saves, why was he substituted?
  6. 70 million for Liverpool. Rest of the world: 150 million
  7. I love his roast/mocking of Jamie Oliver fucking up every cuisine known to man! How does a trained chef like Jamie use olive oil in Asian cuisine?
  8. Hopefully the Dutch beat this average Argentina team.
  9. I started episode one and stopped watching after 20 minutes. Terrible dialogue and acting. Not even Molina can save this.
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