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    How would you rate episode 202?

    I'd give it an 8, but it's a shaky 8, because I despise the girl they cast for Asha/Yara. Anyone else picture Asha as really skinny, but with an athletic body, and maybe a pony tail or something, and TAN? Like, really dark tan? And maybe be a bit more fierce, instead of perching on Balon's shoulder? I can't see the current actress talking about her "Lord Husband" and "Suckling Babe". This chick they picked for her would be better cast as the Captain's Daughter. Well, maybe they will cut the whole Euron/Victarion/Asha/Damphair storyline to save us from the awfulness.
  2. GreenAppleFossoway

    [Book Spoilers] Ep 201 Discussion Part 2

    Does anyone else think that they are building up Ros to take the place of Chataya? Also I noticed they cut out Tyrion moving Shae to a random brothel as soon as he gets to KL. I hope they are able to fully portray Tyrion's cunning and super sneaky-ness. WTF was with that whole Craster-Jon stuff? All that happened in the book was Craster saying "This one has the look of a Stark." Guess they need to give you a reason to hate Craster, besides the whole molesting all of his children/doing something shady with the male children. I think if they had made Craster as weird looking as I do from the book, plus having those lines, people would just say WTF Jeor, why would you take this guy's advice? The way they showed him, he just looked like a really crappy Lord, or even a Ser. Definatly not one of the free-people.