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  1. Only 10 replies half an hour after the season finale ends... Hm, Blackwater had at least 10 pages by this point last week. Anyway, I liked the episode very much, but I cannot say I loved it. While it had a lot of great scenes, the majority of which coming from Daenerys' story arc, I could not shake the feeling that it was slightly anticlimactic. I suppose that is OK since there was absolutely no possible way they were going to top the Blackwater episode, and we all need to come to terms with that if we do not want to feel disappointed. As an aside, there was one thing that really irked me, and it had nothing to do with the story or the acting. It actually comes from the technical side of things. Why does it seem like any time something fantastical screams, it sounds the same? I am thinking of the dragons, the shadow baby, and the Others. I honestly thought the sound editors just recycled the same sound for all three of these creatures and slightly altered it. I was hoping for some booming, deep voice to wrap up the season, and I all got instead was an scream identical to the two creatures I just mentioned. Oh well.. Commence the S3 premiere countdown.
  2. How could this episode earn a rating of anything other than a 10. I mean, really.. GRRM = BA Mofo.
  3. Anyone else digging this song during the end credits?
  4. Heartbreaking scene for the Hound... acting and writing both are so good this episode!! Shit!
  5. Hmm... Stannis first to charge the beach and first to climb the ladders putting himself in harm's way. He is trying his hardest to be cannon fodder, is he not?
  6. Hmm... The line about Cersei having a better chance of seducing Stannis' horse would have had slightly more impact if we had not seen Stannis get seduced early this season...
  7. The wide shot of the wildfire explosion... That.... Was.... Gorgeous.
  8. "That would make me the Quarterman." Fucking brilliant!
  9. I believe he has the honor of penning just one episode a season, and it was confirmed long ago that he is writing the Blackwater episode (2.9). Also, I think D&D were given credit for the writing during the opening credits, just as all the other episodes displayed the one(s) responsible with the task of writing the episode script.
  10. Only if Roose sired Ramsay when he was 8, could I see Dagmer being Ramsay. Otherwise, no way. Dagmer is too old to be Ramsay. I think D&D simply merged the two characters as far as the events of ACoK go. Ramsay may make an appearance in the season finale.
  11. For those of you who are complaining that Tywin is ordering his own men to be killed, has it occurred to you that the corpses we saw might just be prisoners like Jaqen who simply wear Lannister armor and serve the war effort instead of wasting away in a prison cell? We know Tywin wanted to put these prisoners to good use, but I honestly do not think Tywin hesitates in killing these prisoners-turned-soldiers in hopes of finding the assassin. They were never Lannister men to begin with.
  12. With Alton's murder, Jamie is digging an even deeper hole for him to crawl out of in order for viewers to change their opinions about him. I guess readers were not really given the opportunity to warm up to him until ASoS anyway, but interesting deviation they took with Jamie's escape attempt.
  13. Pyat Pree's cloning trick is a little annoying, but they have certainly upped the ante on the Qarth scenes. The council massacre was definitely unexpected, but I thought it suited the story well. XXD and Pyat Pree need to be fried to a crisp. Doreah's disappearance is still a mystery. Did XXD persuade her to betray Daenerys?
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