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  1. http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/tv/showtracker/la-et-st-game-thrones-george-w-bush-head-20120614,0,6765627.story
  2. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001722/
  3. But Alfie Allen wasn't in the episode; isn't that just....wrong somehow?
  4. Without Reek/Ramsay to provide even the faintest possibility of reinforcements, how does Theon think he will hold Winterfell?
  5. I find it impossible to take Vargo Hoat seriously with his lisp; I can't imagine how his men keep a straight face. And them I remember what kind of guy he is and I have absolutely no problem with it.
  6. Hey Greywolf, that majorly sucks. I contributed and didn't use Paypal. There was an option to pay by credit card.
  7. I'm so proud; it's now a holy-shit-we-made-it-to-$3,000 day. Well it doesn't say so yet but I'm sure it will. Very soon. Really, really soon. Of course "soon" is such a nebulous term.
  8. Probably a stupid question but does it cost any less adding 5 minutes to each episode than it would to film an 11th episode? Even 5 more minutes would make a difference and since it's HBO I don't think they absolutely have to end at a certain time like regular broadcast TV.
  9. I apologize if this sounds like the incredibly stupid question it may very well be, but since I honestly do wonder I’ll ask it anyway. Since it’s HBO who may not have to adhere to the rigid end times of regular commercial stations………….if they added an additional 5 minutes to every episode would the expense be the same not doable amount as if they filmed an 11th episode? With even 5 more minutes per episode I think the story could be greatly enhanced.
  10. Ditto; in some scenes Sansa is so lovely. Another one from last season was during the joust between Ser Loras and The Mountain. Those braids do nothing for either her or Cersei; the castle stylist needs to keep up with current trends. But at least neither of them have ever appeared with Princess Leia's cinnabuns. They just made me hungry.
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