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  1. 1/10. Just god awful. Failed in every capacity. Dorne stuff: plodding, badly written, acted, and seriously...Jamie just happens to be sitting there to enjoy the Martel's infighting? Jesus. I thought they were really going to put the cherry on top with Jamie banging her, but thankfully it did not come to that...yet. Arya showcasing her assassin skills...ha. This would be laughable, if we weren't supposed to eventually believe that she will be an able and direct threat to her enemies. Stannis...sweet God, Stannis. Some have said this will play out in the books, anyway, but I highly doubt. Woefully inadequate story-telling and plot/character direction. Dany's scene was hamfisted, ruining the Unsullied once again, fousting Jorah back onto us in an unconvincing manner (dude sucked in the pit), and the terrible CGI of Dany mounting and crawling off with the lizard. And the Wall stuff was mediocre, as well. Really thought they were just going to keep the gates closed...
  2. And that is what GoT's should look like! I am amazed this forum is still functioning. Best episode of the show, so far, IMO.
  3. Making some big assumptions concerning Jon and Daenerys there. I wouldn't expect Jon to be dead, but he'll be going no where for a while. Marsh and his men will have made their point well. He must stay on the Wall. And while Daenerys may appear to have been saved, it's by her opposing Dothraki warriors. I think they'll join her, as they recognise the power she holds via Drogon and co. but it'll be a tough slog for her, before then.
  4. I can accept the battle scenes not being featured. Shame Grey Wind is totally absent. Would've been cool seing him running back with the riders, covered in blood and filth. But I'm a realist, so can get over it. :thumbsup: Episode couldn't have been any better, really, so a second 10/10 in a row, from me. I've warmed to the show.
  5. I was completely pissed off with the standard of the last episode (I gave it a 1 rating), so for this one to be following straight after was just great. Best episode of the season, so far. 10 out of 10.
  6. 8/10 Pretty good episode. Not quite reaching perfect marks, though. Figure the second season will improve. They'll learn from their mistakes. More direwolves, less exposition. A little more Lannister gold. Should be sweet.
  7. I like the Dany chapters in the books, but every damn scene of hers makes me cringe at the moment. Hell, even before her scene comes on screen, I'm internally thinking about the current scene elapsing and hoping one of hers doesn't follow. Makes me uncomfortable. The sooner her plot advances, the better. I gave it an 8/10.
  8. Welcome everyone! Sweet idea. That spell would come in useful, y'know...as long as it didn't summon Paolini or some other twit.
  9. Fucking hell. Cool. Nice one, Arbor. :lol: Welcome to everyone else.
  10. has no status...must find some

  11. Good to have you here, May. :) You're welcome. Keep your avatar!
  12. Heya, welcome to the board mate. Always good to see a poster introducer themselves with a bit of info. :)
  13. Yeah, I googled you after reading your previous message. A few people read your short story and seemed to think it was great, so who knows - your book may find itself upon my book shelf. ;)
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