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    [Book Spoilers] EP 209 Discussion

    Best show of the season. Bronn in battle (first saving the Hound, then killing dudes) was badass. Joffrey is a bitch, so all is well. I liked Cersei and Tommen in the throne room, and Tywin's entrance. Stannnis didn't get very far did he? He took that one section of the rampart and pretty much stayed there. Anyone think Shae may not betray Tyrion?
  2. I'm enjoying the Arya/Tywin scenes. And. . .yeah Osha, sup girl.
  3. Grunkins

    [Book Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

    And many liberties shall be taken! Good episode. More Arya is always for the better. Not sure how keen I was on overt Mel and Stannis getting it on, but I'll never turn down nudity. Enough Ros. Did Theon smell his finger afterward? Because that would make it dirtier. Pike was perfect. Saan was good. Davos is a pimp. I'm not sure if it gets points added or deducted for Littlefinger wiping the semen off the girls mouth before she made out with the outraged client. A little Renly might have been nice. Cersei good as always. Jon's dead! (yay, the site is working again)
  4. Much depends on Mel's ability to shout "FREEFOLK!"