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  1. Elba the Intoner

    Rethinking Romance: Love Stories of ASOIAF, Part 2

    I am replying from my phone so this won't be a long reply but I just wanted to say that I enjoyed this essay Longrider. It seemed like a labor of love for you. I don't think I picked up on the cloak symbol for Sam and Gilly before but it is really amazing how George throws these little details in consistently to give a hint of what is really going on. He consistently uses the cloak of protection idea as a means of showing us that these two people are married, not officially or legally, but in the way that counts most, in their own minds and hearts. And nice discussion too on Gilly's agency and that she is choosing Sam of her own free will as opposed to the first time she made the offer back at Craster's which was more of an attempt to make a bargain because of her desperate circumstances.
  2. Elba the Intoner

    Rethinking Romance: Love Stories of ASOIAF, Part 2

    And I forgot that too, Longie. I never picked up on the cloak symbolism with Gilly and Sam. And Sam bestows it earlier. I was totally lulled by the sweet act, it is cold outside, and there is so much cloak stuff in the series, I should have learned to look for it. LOL! But it is like his relationship with Jon. He bonds with you early, and you know he is true from the get go, with his love and caring and friendship. I agree so much with what you said in the spoiler. She has not forgotten any of them. One of the arguments I always hear against Arya and Gendry is that Arya doesn't ever think of him anymore after they have been separated. I don't believe that's true and that Mercy chapter is really a callback to all of this. I think Arya is just so numbed after the red wedding and her time with Sandor that by the time she gets to Braavos and has a chance to start a new life she wants to focus on that. After all, Arya runs into Sam in Braavos and even though she doesn't know him personally, she can see that he is a brother of the Night's Watch but she doesn't go asking after Jon then either, yet by the way she didn't give up needle you know she still cares about Jon.
  3. Elba the Intoner

    Rethinking Romance: Love Stories of ASOIAF, Part 2

    LongRider this was lovely. Thank you. I never realized how much the themes of the cloak of protection and singing a soothing song are reinforced with these two, almost as much as with Sandor and Sansa. Another similarity is that we learn that Sam, our POV character, has a gentle heart and sweet singing voice, just like Sansa. I think what bonds Sam and Gilly is how they both were abused as children despite their completely different upbringings and social status. Booknerd I also really enjoyed your essay on the Arya Gendry chapter where he first outs her as a girl. That scene was always one of my favorites between them, and it also sets up nicely their inherent conflict about being from two different worlds and Gendry's realization that he should never be this close to a highborn "lady". Actually, Sam sees that as an obstacle too between him and Gilly as LongRider pointed out. That Arya Gendry chapter is one crazy rollercoaster of emotions. It starts out rather lighthearted despite their dire circumstances and their exchange is so funny it made me chuckle. Then it takes this 180 degree turn and ends up so dark and ominous and with one of the worst acts of murder seen on page.
  4. Elba the Intoner

    Rethinking Romance: Love Stories of ASOIAF, Part 2

    Back on here after a long absence and I'm very excited to hear about Yolkboy's announcement! Really looking forward to it. I very much enjoyed the other episodes so far. Any ideas when Sandor and Sansa will be posted? Booknerd your Arya Gendry essays were great and funny too. I liked your take on Gendry's attitude at the Inn with all the orphans and why he was hanging around there, hoping that Arya would show up. One detail from the books that always stuck out for me was when the Hound first grabs Arya near the BWB's camp. She thinks she hears Gendry calling for her. I always believed it was him calling for her and that he was devastated when she was kidnapped, right after they had an argument too.
  5. Elba the Intoner

    [Book Spoilers] EP302 Discussion

    Also, lots of people were at court to see Sansa beaten and the Tyrells could learn that from anyone. Sansa gives another example that most people would not have known about. Only Joff, the Hound and Meryn were there when Joff forced Sansa to look at her father's head. It's a very intimate example of Joff's cruelty.
  6. Elba the Intoner

    [Book Spoilers] EP302 Discussion

    Hmmm, mostly I liked this episode a lot but I'm a little torn on a couple of things. First off, I'll start with what I loved. Sansa with the QOT was awesome! Diana Rigg is spot on as the QOT. Also, I loved the introduction of the Reeds and thought that was great as well and the direwolves look amazing. Aww, that dream of Bran with his brothers in the wood made me sniffle. Also, Jojen saying how when he told his father about about Ned that was the only time he ever saw his father cry. That was touching. And we get a Howland Reed mention, too! Sooooo, Jojen has "seen" the events of Robert's Rebellion. That's interesting. Of course seeing the Hound again was epic! Loved it. I like Thoros too, he seems cool. I guess they are combining him with Tom O Sevens unless Tom shows up later. And I almost forgot Dolorous Edd with another one of his sarcastic comments always makes me smile. I also liked the Joff Cersei scene. You can tell that Cersei has lost all control over him. The Joff Marg scene was fine. It sets up some good foreshadowing there about the purple wedding. Marg - "Would you like to watch me kill someone?" Joff - "yes". Well Joff, she's going to kill you he he. Tyrion - Shae scene was neither here nor there for me. I feel like saying to the show creators that it's okay - they don't have to show Tyrion in every episode. Anyway, yeah it looks like they are setting up that Shae is going to be jealous of Sansa with Tyrion or something. Robb talking with Karsark was good, especially the line about how Robb lost the war when he married Talisa. (I very much agree with those of you who can't stand Talisa. Even if they are setting her up to be a spy I just hate seeing her on the screen). What was hard to watch but great television - Theon. Wow! I cringed so hard when they went to cut off his finger. So, that guy who sets him free who was supposedly sent by his sister is Ramsay right? He's gonna have a little fun with a hunt next ep from what it looks like. I wish Ramsay didn't look so young and so much like Pod though. I pictured Ramsay a lot older than Theon but this guy looks younger. What I'm a little disappointed with is the Jaime and Brienne fight, though I hate to say it. Their fight scene was one of the things I was most looking forward to but I found it to be a bit of a let down. Maybe because I was so looking forward to it. Where was the dance with me, and kill me or kiss me stuff? And it looks like we are not going to get a Wench out of him now. I love the Wench - Kingslayer stuff because later on when they start calling each other by their names it really shows how they have come around in their thinking of each other. I know I'm just being overly picky but that's how I feel. On the other hand, I loved seeing them on screen again. These two are fantastic together and I know I'll still enjoy watching them. Also, I'm not sure what to make of this Catelyn confession about Jon Snow. I mean, where did that come from? I can't decide if that makes her character better or not.
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