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  1. 420faceless called astrology pseudoscience and I have to agree - which is why I'm so embarrassed I know much about it - that said, in my early 20s I did consume quite a bit of (better) writing on the topic and I recommend the psychoanalyst Liz Greene, definitely, on the topic if you're into it at all. I don't know why - but if you look at it in any serious capacity, you see that it does seem to have relevance. That said, my husband and I both have Mars in Leo (both in the 9th and both part of Grand Crosses) and what you just wrote here seems to be more of what Greene always called the "cookbook" version which isn't really relevant. One must consider all the aspects of course Virtually every sign, every house, every planet, every aspect has potential to manifest itself in anger - if the other right ingredients and circumstances are present. But, yes, what you originally wrote made me think of the proverbial bull in the china shop - and I may have taken that line from Howard Sasportas - but I think the whole thing was just so, so badly done in the show. All of Dany's horrific actions have had a calculating logic to them. I fail to see how completely sacking King's Landing gets her what she really wants beyond an uncomfortable iron chair and tribute - which I suppose will happen because it seems that winter has ended in Kings Landing - and it seems not many people are starving. I mean, they still have pack animals for one. There is no serious other competition for the throne at this point in the show - other than the North - which was destroyed, but somehow goes on because... shoddy writing. Perhaps Dorne (?) Perhaps the Iron Islands and "Yarra" - yet another retarded female character on the show... but we don't really know. And thank God because no one gives a shit about the Iron Islands or Dorne any longer. We'd just like the pain to end. Dany does say, "Fear then" but as one of the first posters on this episode 5 thread pointed out, this Dany is completely different than all previous 70 episodes of her character dev led us to believe. In fact, she refused to burn King's Landing precisely because she wanted everyone to love her, she wanted to "break the wheel", she wanted to free everyone even though as a (technically) foreign ruler bringing Unsullied and Dothraki over, she wanted to rule. Power corrupts and it corrupts absolutely- which is why Jon is supposedly the better claimant - he doesn't want the power. As has been said by Rick Maybury and many others, what's the point of political power if you don't use it on someone - for your good intentions or otherwise? *Those on the receiving end of those good intentions don't recognize any difference between the outcomes of "good intentions" and the bulls in the china shop most of the time.
  2. An immediate rating of 1 - and that wasn't difficult. Changed to a 2 for beautiful cinematography (one particularly awesome shot of Drogon wheeling overhead seen through a marred castle wall as the Cleganes fought) and some of the actors doing well despite having excrement for material to fling at one another in the dialogue. That's it. I won't bother going through this point-by -point other than to reiterate what others have noted, that if the trend continues of every episode being shittier than the last in season 8 then the finale/episode 6 is going to be a real humdinger.
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