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  1. Knight ofthe Laughing Tree

    The purpose of R+L=J?

    Years ago I wondered somewhere here on some thread if Jon would finally learn who he was, and we readers would as well, but that the world of Westeros would not, and would not know what he had done. That seems very plausible in Martin's writing. It seemed so years ago, it seems so now. But in the show - the way D and D painted things - it is just so, so, so flat. I usually like Kit Harrington, but this season gave him literally nothing other than the dialogue of a ball-less bastard. It was so blase. What they gave Dany this entire season was horrible as well. Rushed, and seemed implausible given how they'd painted her over years and years - and since Jon's arc, in the end, was dependent on hers, it just fell so, so flat. They really needed a few more episodes. They could have painted together how it was the Song of Ice and Fire - and how Jon Snow was the Prince who was Promised. Even if he didn't end up in power at the end, and even if Westeros didn't know it. Bran said at the end to Jon he was "where he needed to be" but my husband and I had a good laugh that maybe Bran had been engineering his ascendancy from the beginning... I mean, come on. There we have Jon saying, "Your Grace..." and bending the knee, and Bran knowing that while he's been nominated, Jon really is king by all rights and laws of that sort of world - other than by the right of conquest, which Bran has not accomplished either. And what was Bran's purpose at all? Relevant to this thread because he had the big reveal about Jon's parentage-- but again, why is Jon's parentage important at all? It's a magical world... and we don't really feel at all any kind of relevance in the Song of Ice and Fire with Jon other than he warned people many many episodes ago and then, yes, kills Dany. So back to R and L -- and why it mattered. Definitely, the TV series hasn't shown us anything of WHY it mattered. They could have, but rushed the ending - and I don't understand why. They had so, so much money. They could have wrapped this up properly with an entire season, but even just three more episodes would have done wonders. Hopefully Martin, before he is 96, will give us an ending we deserve - wrapping up the loose ties and making a cohesive whole (which D and D were, unfortunately, woefully unable to do).
  2. Knight ofthe Laughing Tree

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    420faceless called astrology pseudoscience and I have to agree - which is why I'm so embarrassed I know much about it - that said, in my early 20s I did consume quite a bit of (better) writing on the topic and I recommend the psychoanalyst Liz Greene, definitely, on the topic if you're into it at all. I don't know why - but if you look at it in any serious capacity, you see that it does seem to have relevance. That said, my husband and I both have Mars in Leo (both in the 9th and both part of Grand Crosses) and what you just wrote here seems to be more of what Greene always called the "cookbook" version which isn't really relevant. One must consider all the aspects of course Virtually every sign, every house, every planet, every aspect has potential to manifest itself in anger - if the other right ingredients and circumstances are present. But, yes, what you originally wrote made me think of the proverbial bull in the china shop - and I may have taken that line from Howard Sasportas - but I think the whole thing was just so, so badly done in the show. All of Dany's horrific actions have had a calculating logic to them. I fail to see how completely sacking King's Landing gets her what she really wants beyond an uncomfortable iron chair and tribute - which I suppose will happen because it seems that winter has ended in Kings Landing - and it seems not many people are starving. I mean, they still have pack animals for one. There is no serious other competition for the throne at this point in the show - other than the North - which was destroyed, but somehow goes on because... shoddy writing. Perhaps Dorne (?) Perhaps the Iron Islands and "Yarra" - yet another retarded female character on the show... but we don't really know. And thank God because no one gives a shit about the Iron Islands or Dorne any longer. We'd just like the pain to end. Dany does say, "Fear then" but as one of the first posters on this episode 5 thread pointed out, this Dany is completely different than all previous 70 episodes of her character dev led us to believe. In fact, she refused to burn King's Landing precisely because she wanted everyone to love her, she wanted to "break the wheel", she wanted to free everyone even though as a (technically) foreign ruler bringing Unsullied and Dothraki over, she wanted to rule. Power corrupts and it corrupts absolutely- which is why Jon is supposedly the better claimant - he doesn't want the power. As has been said by Rick Maybury and many others, what's the point of political power if you don't use it on someone - for your good intentions or otherwise? *Those on the receiving end of those good intentions don't recognize any difference between the outcomes of "good intentions" and the bulls in the china shop most of the time.
  3. Knight ofthe Laughing Tree

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    An immediate rating of 1 - and that wasn't difficult. Changed to a 2 for beautiful cinematography (one particularly awesome shot of Drogon wheeling overhead seen through a marred castle wall as the Cleganes fought) and some of the actors doing well despite having excrement for material to fling at one another in the dialogue. That's it. I won't bother going through this point-by -point other than to reiterate what others have noted, that if the trend continues of every episode being shittier than the last in season 8 then the finale/episode 6 is going to be a real humdinger.
  4. Knight ofthe Laughing Tree

    Rant & Rave Without Repercussion [book and show spoilers]

    I'm trying to think back when as I haven't stuck with the series through its entirety but, yes, I do recall a time or two Jon stood his ground in the show. Trying to think when his man bun first appeared... there may be a correlation between when he lost any forward character development, complexity, and my interest. Yup. A very stunted, very withered, very sad sack
  5. Knight ofthe Laughing Tree

    Rant & Rave Without Repercussion [book and show spoilers]

    Jon -- the way D and D wrote him - has been played decently by Kit Harrington - but seriously D and D are both such beta males themselves they must just get off in making him an absolute twat. I get that he wants to honor his agreement - I mean sure, the armies did come to the North - so he wants to be honorable. But all of it is just so fucking retarded. How do they have any fucking armies left? Why did we get only one episode of the White Walkers? Why weren't any White Walkers engaged in battle? Brienne and Jaimie? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. This would never, ever, ever happen. Jaimie would never be able to get it up with Brienne. Ever! I literally had to hide under a blanket during that whole fucking scene. RETARDED. WTH is Jon Snow still alive? What was the fucking point of Jon being resurrected??? And when he died in season ... 6 (?) why did he say when brought back, "There was nothing...." when we full well know that he was in GHOST and he was a wolf and felt like a wolf and came back after being a wolf, adopting wolf like characteristics, and then becoming a man again - making him even MORE into a Stark direwolf. Why don't we have more confirmation - for HIM - of who he is??? Doesn't he find anything in the crypts? Doesn't he make contact somehow with the Heart Tree of Winterfell? Nope! Gotta make the girl the badass! Probably had Kathleen Kennedy as a guest consultant on that screenplay - or Ryan Johnson - that's "R-I-A-N" Johnson. I mean, I love Arya. Love Maisey Williams and Arya in the books - but come on. WTF???? The girls of Westeros blow. Sansa is a bitch now. Danny, I guess, has also turned "unstable" (?) 'Cause I guess in D and D's Westeros and Essos girls have to be all powerful or bitchy or raped or bisexual or "not ladies because that's not them" because I guess all that makes them complex or something. And I guess the guys have to be whores without conscience or sacks of shit or beta males or males that women can easily spurn, or literally men without dicks. "Yes, Danny, I won't tell anyone (who isn't a Stark) who I really am." No woman on earth would find that attractive. "Yes, Danny, you are my Queen. And even though I have a better claim - much, much better claim and we could just get married ('cause we're Targaryens), I will just bow to you and give you head while you rule." When he left Ghost without so much as a scratch behind the ears, as my husband put it, I had to wonder why I was still even watching the show. It's like such a train wreck you can't pull your eyes away. I skipped seasons 4, 5, and 6, then went back and watched a bit of 6 - watched all of 7, but this is so, so, so bad. Worse than the stupid Sand Snakes. Worse than Ellaria Sand murdering Prince Doran. Worse than the stupid "Yara" and her blatant dikish appetites. Worse than "The Lady of Winterfell," "Queen of Mereen" and "Queen Cersei" and "Lady of Bear Island" "The Lady of Thorns" and all the other stupid twat girls that run Westeros. Worse than the stupid Dothraki who look either Hispanic or Mid-Eastern or Mongoloid or Native American or Somalian, depending on casting that day. Worse than the fact the D and D never gave us true Starks as the only Stark who ever warged was Bran. Worse than the stupid casting of Jane Westerling. Worse than the lack of horses all over Westeros - whenever there's any meeting or parlay or treating or anything to be approached with heraldry or pact-making they're always approaching on foot and we have to watch them walk for fucking ever. Worse than the crap job they did of the Black Fish's meeting with Jamie at Riverrun. Worse than what they did to Euron Greyjoy and the lack of Victarion Greyjoy. Worse than the lack of a dragon horn. Worse than the lack of Lady Stoneheart. Worse than Winterfell being cleared of rotting zombie corpses in - what- less than a week (Jorah isn't rotting on his bier - nor Theon on his). I could go on all day - what they're doing to Jon is sick. THE SONG OF ICE AND FIRE. And I don't give a shit of some people didn't like the whole R + L = Jon. That was how it's obviously written - and the show obviously adopted this - so why don't we have a song of ice and fire? Ghost is the heart of that. Lyanna Stark - Rhaegar Targaryen are the heart of that. I don't give a shit who's on the Iron Throne! I want the essence of ice and fire. These last episodes are moving way too fast - there is no story at all in them - just move, move, move, get into final places everybody! Horrible writing. Horrible, horrible, terrible, bad, awful, ugly, bullshit, lame, retarded, retarded, retarded writing.