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  1. Sand11751

    If Robert’s Rebellion was built on a lie,

    No, neither were villains if they were going on they "knew" at the time; I could see Robert as a more likely candidate for villain, if Lyanna had told him outright that she didn't want him and he went to war to get her back. By the time Ned discovered the truth, he also knew the truth of Robert's vengeance and concentrated only on protecting his nephew and fulfilling a brother's promise.
  2. Sand11751

    That was Rhaegar?

    Yes, this. I was fooled into thinking Rhaegar actor would be this guy; the hair's the perfect color and this one is quite easy on the eyes.
  3. Not only should Jon know the truth because the stigma of bastardry clearly affected him with Catelyn at least his whole life and then with Thorne talking about his origins among his origins, but he has the wrong image about Ned's sacrifice. It won't change a thing of how he feels about his now cousins, but he may feel even better to have thrown off the KitN yoke because he's not just a Stark, but a Targ too. Starks are all he's known so I doubt he'll be sporting dragon jewelry or spouting about fire and blood anytime next season. I wish if anyone else had known the truth about him, it might have been Maester Aemon. His speech to Jon about the death of his family, "Even the little children," damn, just tears me up every time. I wish he could have known that ultimately more than one of his family line survived and experienced some hope for the future as a result.
  4. Sand11751

    That look on Tyrion's face

    Oded Fehr would have SLAIN as Oberyn, but I did enjoy Pedro Pascal immensely because he pulled off Oberyn's swagger so well. I'm beginning to think too that if it's anything, Tyrion might worry that he'll lose his place as a chief advisor. Or that whole 'woman in love can't think straight now' thing. I decided to binge watch S7 yesterday and that moment on the beach where Dany acknowledged she's losing and asked Jon for help, there's a very brief shot of Tyrion looking like, what the hell? Why are you asking him? I do really hope it's platonic love and worry he feels for Dany, not romantic. We already have Ser Friendzone in Jorah....
  5. Sand11751

    Best lines of 707

    May all your predictions be true. Even for the flaws, there are still many things I've enjoyed about this adaptation and I'd like to see more of Martin's world on the screen.
  6. Sand11751

    Best lines of 707

    Now that would be a good TV spinoff too! Too bad they're not doing the future events of the characters' lives. I can see Arya leaving Winterfell again and Sandor would make an excellent travel buddy. They can sail around Westeros killing baddies and eating all the chicken he can eat.
  7. "If Elia was the one woman from Dorne who didn't have a backbone and just submitted to Rhaegar's wishes for another kid (in show)" was the relevant part to what the showrunners may decide to go with. GRRM may have a different take.
  8. What examples of wives do we have in Westerosi history whose actions indicated they were perfectly fine with their lawful husbands being with another woman? Instead, we have Cersei, Catelyn, and Lysa, who each made their feelings perfectly clear about threats to their position as wives. It's human nature and jealousy is a constant in RL and fictional worlds. Beyond Elia's personal honor, the consequences for relations with Dorne of Rhaegar's annulment are huge. Want to piss off the only enemy who's never bent the knee to your dynasty? Ooh, I know, annul your lawful marriage that's engendered two kids of Dornish blood with one of their women. Regardless of why he did it; prophecy or whatever, Rhaegar knew what he started hence secret annulment and re-marriage. As for Elia getting behind that idea, I can't see what Dornish woman subverts her interests, her children's interests because of a damned prophecy or worse. If Elia was the one woman from Dorne who didn't have a backbone and just submitted to Rhaegar's wishes for another kid (in show), well that won't be the silliest thing the showrunners ever cooked up.
  9. The showrunners, bless their hearts, have done this oversimplification before. Look at the travesty of Robb and Talisa who get killed because they fell in love compared to Robb and Jeyne, whom he married from his overdeveloped sense of needing to do right by her. Creates two completely different impetuses; blind, foolish, stupid love versus honor. Same thing with why Robert's Rebellion started; they simplified it as being about Lyanna rather than it being related to the burning of her brother and father. I get why D&D thinks they should create these impressions; different media of TV requires oversimplification. Never mind that it creates a totally different impression than from the books.
  10. Sand11751

    Why is Jon's name Aegon?

    Have mercy. I'm not gonna review my prior post for where I typed or suggested the word simultaneously, cause I know it's not there. While I do agree Lyanna is likely to have named her child on her own, rather than it having been a discussion between her and Rhaegar before he left to meet his death, I maintain that it was a weird choice regardless of whether the never-to-be Aegon VI was alive OR not. Either it's two sons named Aegon or it's naming your new son after the dead son of the dead woman your husband left to be with you (which is truly where I believe this falls). Stupidly confusing or crass, we shall see, won't we?
  11. Sand11751

    Why is Jon's name Aegon?

    I make no apologies for liking logic in the things I subscribe to or read. I'm not quibbling about Rhaegar's choice except where TWO Aegons existed as his sons. If Jon's original name in show becomes canon in the books, too, I'm sure Martin will explain. I'm not so sure that will happen in any one of six TV episodes next season. Until then, let the speculation continue!
  12. Sand11751

    Best lines of 707

    Not really the line, "Won't be me" but the look on Sandor's face when he and Brienne are talking about Arya. A look of almost fatherly pride that she's finally able to defend herself and doesn't need either one of them.
  13. Sand11751

    Tyrion - Sansa reunion

    I can see Tyrion and Sansa as friends, not as a marital couple. I don't know that Sansa ends up with anyone in life or should. Lady of Winterfell carries lots of political implications. She would need a political marriage again to ensure the guy doesn't take Winterfell right from under her, but that their kids inherit. She probably had enough of those arranged marriages. As for love, I think she's become too cynical to believe in that anymore.
  14. If by winning, one is dead and the other alive, sure. But the winner I think is still LF because of what he was able to accomplish; near-ruin of some great houses and a war that destabilized the kingdom. Doesn't get much better than that if you're a megalomaniac. I can't even reconcile the first few seasons of show Varys to what he is now as part of Dany's council.
  15. Sand11751

    Why is Jon's name Aegon?

    Lol, true. George Foreman Sr. has been bashed upside the head several times. Make of that what you will.