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  1. The show has done something I never expected; make the youthful Alicent Hightower sympathetic. I've been Team Black since reading F&B, so it was surprising. But the more I think about, and perhaps when I do the season re-watch, I can better understand the thing that puzzles the most: how has Alicent been harmed so far by Rhaenyra's lies? Alicent's got this self-righteous bent about her. After having done everything expected of her, I assume she's jealous because Rhaenyra flouts her kids and breaks the rules. She certainly hasn't been the Realm's Delight, but her behavior doesn't rise to the level that explains why Alicent refused to consider a reconciliation, ala Jace and Helaena's marriage. It actually makes the Dance even sadder and more destructive because up to this point, there seems to have been a way to avoid it.
  2. Now paging Ser Criston Cole, bitter, part of one. After that crap characterization of him last week at Rhaenyra's wedding, no worries about any attempt to redeem him going forward. He's an ignorant, bitter shit. The episode was so good, maybe because last week ended so poorly. Laena! The actresses who portrayed her have been stellar. They shouldn't have cut the claiming of Vhagar. Loved seeing that old hoary bitch. Everything I expected her to be down to the tears in the wings. And I also loved that, given the choice Viserys had with Aemma, Daemon did not take it. Though, his pregnant, bleeding wife slipping past a bunch of people until he has to go belatedly look for her is complete nonsense. But we can't have everything.
  3. Very disappointing about Criston Cole. I had so hoped, as the showrunners have done a decent job of fleshing out why broodmare and reluctant bedmate Alicent Hightower does as she does eventually, for a bit of fleshing out of Ser Criston's future motivations for being a turncloak. But we can't have everything. Instead, we got, "Come away with me and live poor and have cinnamon and orange-spiced married sex" immediately followed by, "I soiled my white cloak for you!" Later he BEATS THE FUTURE KING CONSORT. Ah, that's no big deal. Kills a man at a feast. Ah, no biggie. All so Alicent can have a pawn in her pocket? WTAF. And damned Viserys. Easily, the weakest Westerosi king ever. As Tywin Lannister said, "You really think a crown gives you power?"
  4. Opinions are like... Anyway, these initial episodes are set up for the Dance, just like the first few episodes of GoT set up the Lannister-Stark confrontation. There are legitimate issues of character development; specifically with Rhaenyra the brat and her clueless father, but this article did come across as whining, "where's the T&A?" more than anything. Hopefully HotD is different from it's predecessor AND it does the job of fleshing out what Fire & Blood didn't.
  5. Which is why it's a bit ridiculous that Rhaenyra spent an entire night with a kingsguard alone in the woods and no one makes any stink about that the next morning when they show up. But, you know, the plot.
  6. Where is the button that let's me like this six million times? The show is doing an excellent job of laying out character motivations. Rhaenyra has as much reason to lie as does Alicent for doing her duty by her king and by her father - it's what society expected of her. I'm glad the last scene established that Viserys was in no way fooled by his daughter. I'm reserving judgment on Ser Criston. So far, I can see clearly why Alicent does as she eventually does. Hopefully, Criston doesn't get a weak sauce motive for compounding breaking his vows before becoming a turncloak.
  7. So, Cole betrayed not only his kingsguard vows, but also Rhaenyra in the end. Not entirely unexpected. But what did surprise me was the sympathy Alicent Hightower stirred.
  8. 1, because again there's no negative rating. If this is GRRM's ending as well, I'm sure someone will mention it to me. Someday.
  9. Just a shame there is no negative million choice.
  10. As penultimate episodes go, this just didn't do it for me. Too much of this entire season has been rushed and disjointed. The wight hunt was long a stupid, terrible idea but the consequences really hammered that home. D&D really should not have shortened the season.
  11. 10 easily.; Theon and Yara, Arya, Varys and Dany just embodied their characters' feelings so well. Even Cersei, grudgingly; although she did exactly what I thought she'd do and played to people's fears. My only quibble; a big crossbow? That's what they come up with? I expected something more inventive to be honest from UnGregor creator. So glad to see Hot Pie and Nymeria again. And Billy Bones as Dickon Tarly. I can't decide if I like Olenna or not; she's just a polarizing figure from one ep to the next. And while I did initially think the Grey Worm thing was pointless and still believe it can only herald death, I liked the way that scene played out, very believable. Poor Jorah; how does he still manage to look hot with grayscale?
  12. Solid 8. Best opener and kudos to Walder Frey actor; he gave away a little of the farce without giving away too much. Jaime's jealousy is still sickening, but I suppose understandable if you go along with the idea that he's loved his sister all his life. Euron was a little too animated in that scene; I wish Jaime had run him through for that alone. The scenes of Arya breaking bread with the Lannister army and Sandor being forced to confront guilt possibly for the first time in his life were so well-done. For both Arya and Sandor, a code of life might be easily formed but when you see how a certain approach to things impacts the lives of those just trying to go about theirs, gives you a different perspective. Things I could have done without; Sansa's petulance in the great hall; save that shit for private convos with Jon, and speaking of shit, yeah, we all know Sam's job at the citadel is revolting - how many times did we need to see him doing it? Glad GoT's back.
  13. Wish I could rate it an 11. The best GoT episode ever. Even more satisfying than Frey pie. Bring on season 7.
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