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    How would you rate episode 201?

    Not bad overall - I give it an 8. Not sure why so many posters don't like Stannis. I thought that he came across just like he is supposed to: uncharismatic, socially awkward, obsessed with nit-picky details, unforgiving of even the most minor slights and insults... hey, wait a minute, that sounds like us! I also thought the rest of the Dragonstone crew was fine. Mel is hot enough and red enough, and her ruby does glow. Were you expecting/envisioning Scarlett Johansson and Hellboy's lovechild? I liked the brief shot of the remorseful/disgusted Goldcloak during the bastard slaying montage. It's a nice touch to show that they are not all mindless stormtroopers, although Cersei's guards apparently are. However, I did NOT like the wolves. They should have scoured the arctic wastes and mountain glaciers to find the frozen, perfectly preserved remains of dire wolves, extracted the DNA, and cloned 6 real dire wolves for the show (oops, I guess they only need 5 now). To do anything less is a complete travesty, looks totally fake, and betrays GRRM's perfect vision.