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  1. Davos55

    How would you rate episode 310?

    5 out of 10. It may be a somewhat harsh rating, but that ending was beyond cheesy. That was the true definition of cringeworthy, I couldn't believe it was actually happening. No surprise the best parts were with Roose who continues to steal the scenes he is in, Arya, Tyrion, my boy Davos, and Reek. Overall though, not that impressed. I am optimistic about season 4 though. I am curious to see how they do end up handling CH and LS, as I'm fairly certain they won't be completely cut.
  2. Awesome profile pic!

  3. Excellent about me!

  4. Best book series ever!! Hopefully Winds of Winter comes out sooner rather than later! I look forward to seeing ASOS translated on television and hope it turns out great!

  5. Davos55

    How would you rate episode 209?

    Absolutely a 10! I just stopped on here to say that..I really need to go watch it again. Damn..so so good!
  6. I gave it a 7. This was a "calm before the storm" episode that had some great moments, and some missteps in my opinion. Pros: -Theon's storyline continues to impress, and Asha/Yara was great this episode..a considerable improvement over earlier in the season for sure -Tyrion and Cersei's conversation was very well done, and Ros actually had a very relevant scene which I can't even complain about..I had a feeling she would be the one that Cersei would get to..but it was still a good scene -Varys returned finally..and Hot Pie -Roose Bolton is great -I was glad to see Stannis and Davos back, and enjoyed the exposition and background info here for the Onion Knight..but I didn't care for Stannis asking Davos to be his hand in that situation Cons: - Jon's changed storyline still pales in comparison to the novel in my eyes -The romance between Robb and what's her face is just too cheesy for me and took up way too much time this episode -Dany's scene was not really necessary..I would like to see her start to develop more Decent episode..I can't wait for Sunday though!
  7. I gave this episode a 7. A lot of things felt off to me for some reason, and a thing a lot of time allocation issues are becoming more and more prevalent. The changes to Jon's storyline annoy me the most and I don't like where it is going. This season Jon has been a complete moron and has made countless bad decisions, and sometimes I wonder if Kit Harrington even cares during certain scenes. Very disappointing, especially since Jon's chapters are some of my favorites in ACOK. Jon's story brought it down a lot for me, but this episode did have some great parts, especially with Theon's story and great acting in Jaime's scenes. I was so pumped to see him back that I nearly gave this episode a 9 on that alone..but other issues brought it down to a 7 for me.
  8. I finally watched the episode this morning and I will give it an 8 for now. The episode had some great scenes, particularly in Winterfell and Kings Landing. Alfie Allen continues to impress me, and I felt the opening to the episode was harrowing and very well done. I enjoyed the riot scene mostly due to the Hound finally getting some well deserved screen time, and for Tyrion getting to slap Joffrey again. I am on the fence about Dany's storyline right now, but it has potential to turn out good I suppose. The fact that Irri may be dead though..that really pisses me off..It is Known that she is alive and well after Qarth..and I like her a lot. I am holding onto hope that she may just have been knocked out..but I won't hold my breath. The mention of Roose's bastard, Sandor, and Shaggydog all could have brought this episode to a 9 or 10..but I felt that Jon's storyline in this episode was illogical and poorly written. I won't say that it deviated so far that it can't end up like it did in the novels, but I must say I am worried about it right now more than I thought possible. Overall, great episode and worthy of an 8 in my opinion.
  9. Great episode, I gave it a 9. At this point, I have just learned to accept the changes the show makes from the novels, and accept it as a standalone entity. (to some extent..) If I watch an episode and try to nitpick all of the changes, it only makes me sad and lessens my view of the show. So with a new mindset going in, I found I enjoyed this episode a lot!!! I thought the highlights were definitely the Arya scenes, Davos, and Tyrion and Bronn interacting with the Pyromancer..who was a pretty sweet guy The parts that brought it down a bit for me were the Qarth scenes and Loras' reaction to Renly's death Overall, great episode, and it should get even better from this point!
  10. Davos55

    Fantasy and SF Recommendations: Series

    The Abhorsen Trilogy by Garth Nix I read this trilogy when I was younger, but I still remember it to this day. It is definitely young adult in nature and easy to read, but the books are epic, have great characters, and the final battles are quite amazing.
  11. Davos55

    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    Just watched the episode again. What was up with Margaery's outfit?!? Lol! I swear LF's voice changes every episode!
  12. Davos55

    How would you rate episode 204?

    I think last week's episode was better, but this was still great and sets up things well for the rest of the season. I think episode 5 and beyond will really step the intensity up. I would like to see some more fighting though, but I suppose they are saving that for Blackwater, which will be amazing. One thing I wonder is will they ever reveal the other Kingsguard members? I mean Meryn Trant is important, but what about Balon Swann, Oakheart, and of course Mandon Moore? Right now, besides Meryn, Sandor, and Jaime the rest of the Kingsguard is just nameless soldiers with cool armor and white cloacks. I just love the Kingsguard in general, and wish it was more developed!
  13. Davos55

    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    Last season things really started to get intense after episode 4, and judging by the preview, it looks like this season will be no different! Can't wait for Qorin Halfhand, Jaqen in action, more Bran, and Brienne taking names! Also, if you are on a forum, you definitely have to expect nitpicking and criticism. If everyone agreed about every single thing..where is the fun in that?!?
  14. Davos55

    How would you rate episode 204?

    Does anyone actually know what Soumai is?!?
  15. Davos55

    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    Tywin does show up at Harrenhal in the books as well. At that point, Arya is helping out that crazy Weese character, who is probably cut from the show. Having her be the cupbearer for Tywin makes sense, and I am definitely pumped to see more Arya and Tywin! Roose shows up to Harrenhal and takes it over after Tywin leaves to fight in Riverrun and eventually the Blackwater. So Roose will probably still show there, have Lorch killed, and Arya will become his cupbearer as well, like she was in the novel. Just my guess though.