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  1. That was a great episode! LOVED it! They just seem to be getting better and better. The scenes with Jon were great. Arya was great. Tyrio and Joff were amazing as ususal. And everything at Winterfell was perfect. I can't believe there are only 4 left for this season. How long will we have to wait for the next season?
  2. I like checking out this thread and am sad to see so few people have posted here. I enjoy the discussion without all the comparisons to the books even though I have read them. I really liked that episode. It was my favorite of the season so far. I agree that Ned was a better father than Balon.
  3. I gave it a ten. I thought it was great. Arya is just perfect and the actress is amazing. I love any scene with Tyrion in it, it doesn't seem to matter what he is doing. And his exchange with Lancel had me laughing. Renly's death was just as I imagined, and I had goosebumps knowing that I knew what was going to happen. Brienne is very awkward, but that is the way that I "read her" in the books, so the actress is fine with me. I am so excited to see more!! Oh and Gendry, gotta mention Gendry. :eek:
  4. Just to throw my two cents in because I can... I really enjoyed the episode. I really look at the books and the tv series as two different things. I do not expect the tv series to follow the books to the letter. That would be impossible. I look forward to seeing how the story line plays out, both within the books themselves and the tv series.