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    How would you rate episode 208?

    Don't worry, you are not alone. The way that most of the season has played out, it's barely fair to call this an adaptation. It's more of a terrible rewrite.
  2. LordofWinter

    How would you rate episode 208?

    Um.....actually no. That's why it doesn't happen until then. IIRC cat had been at riverrun for a little while before she finds out about bran/rickon. It's that news coupled with her father's impending death that pits her over the edge. The 'death' of the boys and her ensuing grief are the only things that help justify such a careless move on her part to the reader.
  3. A friend of mine and myself were talking about this the other day-he hasn't read the books- i was telling him that he was lucky for not having read the books because he benefits from not being upset about the changes. And after I ranted on for a half hour about the millions of little (I felt) unnecessary changes he said that I was overreacting because they all sounded to him like tiny changes that won't really change much in the but that are more important/symbolic to fans of the books, who are bound to find things they don't like about the 'adaptation'. Plus the generic "it can't be exactly like it was in the books" line. My argument was that I wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't becoming painfully obvious that the writers of the show are making a point of showing that theirs is a different story. My best example of this is Renly's lack of peach. Now I know this will sound petty to some people who claim that the peach holds absolutely no importance to the story; I agree to a point, but the writers proved in the same episode that they knew about the peach (focus shot of Renly reaching for the apple) but chose to leave it out purposefully knowing readers were anticipating seeing it. Because if you read the book that little insignificant peach was a topic of discussion for at least a few pages. Stannis dwells on it forever, and while I can understand not being able to make time for that not including the peach seems to me to be a deliberate slap in the face. Most changes have been small, just so. But they are all over the place. Taking ideas and decisions away from certain characters and giving them to other ones, removing characters and combing those lost stories into the stories of main characters. Now I'm rambling but i want to make it clear that I am not actually trashing the show. On it's own it is great, but as a person who was seriously looking forward to seeing a great series of books turned into a tv show I was and am continually disappointed to find out that I am instead watching a cheap version of fanfiction(it is essentially somebody else's rewrite) even though they have kept the main plot points I get the feeling that they'll continue to skip over some great subplots. And furthermore the way certain scenes played out so differently on the show than they did in the books makes me no longer looking forward to certain scenes as much as I am afraid to see what changes they'll make. The down and up playing of certain characters will eventually have to effect the end story differently. As of right now I'm doubting if I'll look forward to the RW, Jon joining the free folk/killing QH/Jamie,brine and VHoat/the purple wedding/Ramsay takes winterfell and so much more. I could be wrong(I seriously hope I am) but I think when those scenes finally happen these boards are going to be filled with angry readers. Just my opinion on the subject
  4. i agree as well, but i think they are doing this (and have been for quite some time) with a lot of characters. and i'm not certain whether that is due to the writers personal interpretation of the books or that D&D thought that they needed to amp up the sympathy for certain characters. i'm probably alone in this thought but i think that alot of the changes are made to the benefit of certain characters image in reference to the possible fans of the show. ie: CAT- they have changed alot of Catelyn's decisions and actions to make the viewer more sympathetic to her- Ned leaving for KL went from her urging it to her seeming (rightfully so)worried and sad about it. Her not saying to Jon "it should have been you". Going to see Renly stops being her idea and becomes Robb's to make her appear to of being pushed away by her children. (also prevents her from going home like she wanted to, instead of it not occurring to her to go home and take care of her sons) Sansa- Sansa is a little girl who tends to take a lot of flack from fans of the book series so i wasn't too surprised when they started to combine her story with Lollys. I always found that when reading the books it was harder for me to feel sorry for Sansa whilst she shared a castle with Lollys who was a little girl as well, but life(and this story) had been much more cruel to her. I mean you feel bad when joff gets ser meryn to strip san at court, and again when she gets attacked at the riot, but you stop feeling so bad when you remember that poor dim Lollys was left to be raped and almost murdered. so by removing Lollys completely and having sansa almost get raped you earn her some extra sympathy while saving costs on casting. Theon- plain and simple in the books it is almost impossible to feel sorry for Theon the turncloak, but in the series you genuinely feel sorry for him at times. especially when ser rodrik says to him "may the god's bless you soul boy, for now you are truly lost" the look on theon's face is saddening as you can see all happiness drain out of him. though they have stayed mostly true to the story with theon Jamie- There have been a few extra scenes either with or talking about jamie lannister and most of them tend to provide a better window into who jamie lannister really is. his scene with robb in the first episode i found really great. and finding out from Tywin that jamie had dyslexia was a big shock for me(incidentally it also showed that tywin wasn't the absentee father we all thought, strict and stubborn yes, but you can't take away the credit of a great lord who spends four hours a day trying to help his son rid himself of his learning deficiency. Cersei- oh dear god, they are really trying to calm down the crazy bitch that the books depicted her to be. though maybe they are just building up to it. but so they been keen on turning joff into a young charles manson in order to make her not look as sadistic by reflection. and changing who ordered the killing of Robert's bastards was a huge change in my opinion because that was when I as a reader really began to understand just how (ambitious?) sick Cersei could be. but hey, i'm probably what is referred to as a book purest. even though i deny it. i just truly enjoyed the books and thought it would be nice if i could watch a series based on them. but as a friend of mine (who has never read the books because he doesn't want to ruin the show for himself) said to me. "dude, you're a fan of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series. that's cool, but remember you're not watching a song of ice and fire, you're watching a game of thrones so while they may be similar they are not the same thing. so accept that they are different entities and start seeing them as such and your expectations of the show can go back to just being that you want it to be entertaining." which in my opinion is great advice, i only found the book series because he told me about the show, so after watching the first season(and fucking loving it) i burned through 5 books. and then decided that i now hate my new favourite show because they keep changing things. and that is my late night rant. oh and jaqen's face when arya is freaking out saying that it has to be done now is hilarious. you can just see him in his head going, "ugh, little girls are so tiresome"