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    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    -wtf is with Littlefinger disclosing a major spoiler so early!? did they forget the camera was rolling or something?? wow...
  2. TheTrueMithrandir

    How would you rate episode 209?

    solid 9. maybe 9 1/2 ;)
  3. TheTrueMithrandir

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    best episode yet! -the only thing that threw me off at first was when they showed Bran and Rickon on the move, I'm hoping they hook back around and they end it with Bran's famous line "Winterfell is not dead, just broken. Like me..." -Tywin/Arya exchange was great! -Dany/Jorah exchange was great! -Jon/Ygritte, even though they are getting a jump-start on their relationship out of sequence, was great! ...see this is the kind of dialog that should have been present all along, strong conversations and character development -"You know nothing Jon Snow" yay! she said it!!! -good to see them working in the Rickard Karstark angle, as we all know what that leads to... -even though they've changed quite a bit about around Dany and Quarth, that ending was pretty good and it sure took me by surprise, it also goes to show how completely alien and morally corrupt the customs and grabs-for-power are in the East, that look of surprise and terror on Dany's face was priceless! -2 dead little boys! awesome! still would have been better had they worked in the Reek angle but that is neither here nor there, the final scene was still pretty effective and that final look on Theon's face, as if to say "maybe this wasn't such a good idea"...haha -and the best part of the episode....fucking Jamie! I think this show has been in dire need of Jamie's wit and humor, the character and his lines are written so well to begin with and the actor pulled it off with ease -also did they mention Genna Lannister?? a bit different in the book but that was one of her sons there with Jamie right? good to see them going a bit deeper into the family lines, her part in AFFC is also entertaining as well
  4. TheTrueMithrandir

    [Book Spoilers] EP 205 Discussion

    Ramsey's gone for this season I assume, maybe a we'll see him in season 3? I'm hoping in the last episode we'll have some sort of unexpected revelation involving Ramsey, not sure how they'll advance the Winterfell arc without him, just hoping they wont f it up too bad,
  5. TheTrueMithrandir

    [Book Spoilers] EP 205 Discussion

    you're right, I just looked at that now, The Red God has his due sweet girl and only death my pay for life.... . and that makes sense, I'm starting to remember that now as well... I still hope in the long run they keep them separate
  6. TheTrueMithrandir

    [Book Spoilers] EP 205 Discussion

    thoughts SE1EP05 -Renly's death was okay, cant top the imagination, but I really liked seeing Brienne destroy those 2 guys -Roy Dotrice, yay!, but no Joffrey's chain I guess? -Even though there are omissions and changes (like everything else in the show) I'm really enjoying Theon's parts the most so far -Dragons! so cute... -now for my biggest complaint, so I was enjoying seeing and hearing Jaqen H'ghar talk, but I got the wind knocked out of me twice during this scene 1. WTF with him killing The Tickler first!? granted I knew we weren't going to have Chiswyck nor Weese, but The Tickler? that was supposed to be Arya's kill.... its like one of the most orgasmic and satisfying scenes in the books having Arya's stabbing The Tickler yelling out, "Is there gold in this village!?..." pretty lame, I hope they remedy this come time when she hooks up with The Hound, 2. did I hear Jaqen H'ghar say "The Red God"?? so are they combining 2 gods into one now? maybe its just a personal nitpick but how can you do that? the gods in these books aren't some paper-doll gods that can be switched around with no accord, one of the reasons why we love these books so much is that GRRM has everything corned down, including the religious and spiritual side of the ASOIAF universe, each God/belief has their own system and philosophy behind it, to switch them around or combine them would negate the motivations and beliefs behind the followers of each respective God/system, thats like saying: 'nihilism and gnosticism are practically the same thing, no biggie...' it's just ridiculous,
  7. TheTrueMithrandir

    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    - the Tyrion/Lancel exchange was probably my favorite scene, Lancel oddly is one of my favorite and IMO one of the most interesting non-POV characters in the books - where he starts, his both psychological and physical journey and where he is currently at in the books and his ultimate and as of yet unknown fate - he has always fascinated me....
  8. TheTrueMithrandir

    How would you rate episode 203?

    after getting the gripes out of my system after the first 2 episodes, I sat back and really enjoyed the 3rd tonight
  9. TheTrueMithrandir

    [Book Spoilers] Ep 203 Discussion

    newcomer with a few thoughts: -Brienne was impressive! -I like that actress that plays Margaery Tyrell, she was great in the Tudors, I'll be curious how much more screen time she will get this season since she is very minor in the book, but come time ASOS and esp AFFC she'll be front and center -they really are setting up Varys to look great and cunning, the show version of Littlefinger on the other hand isn't looking as impressive -you can tell they really are trying to hash out the complexity of Theon's character and his story line with the small amount of time that they have, I really enjoyed his scenes tonight -so they combined 2 parts of the Arya epic into one cohesive scene, no biggie I guess, I was just really hoping to hear Hot Pie yell out "Hot Pie!" during the fight :*(