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  1. Am I the only one who wasn’t convinced by the Sandor/Sansa interaction in this episode? As a fan of these two, I was really impatient to see that scene, and I’m happy that they finally got one (their first real conversation since the episode 2 of season 1! :bang: ), but the whole thing felt rushed and forced. Their dialog was kind of weird, they went from one thing to another, in a way that didn’t made that much sense to me… True, most of what they said is in the book, but it felt like someone took the original conversation and just picked a few random phrases from it before putting it all together… And now, their next interaction will probably be the BW bedroom scene in episode 9… If Sansa and Sandor don’t get any other scene before that, which will probably be the case, it’s going to be really weird… :stillsick:
  2. A riot with horses would surely have been extremely dangerous, as horses are animals and would have panicked since they would not have known that it was all an act.
  3. Especially since Tywin’s role is much more important in SOS. If they did that, I would really start to question myself whether or not I should continue watching the show…
  4. I hope you’re right on that, but what I’m really starting to be afraid of, is that HBO is going to soften the Hound WAY too much. He’s not supposed to only be this tortured guard that pity Sansa and wants to help her, he should also have those harsh interactions with her where he questions ALL of her beliefs and actions, and yes, he should also scare her. Without this ambivalence and, I agree, totally weird dynamic between him and Sansa, their relation looses a lot of its interest. Some people really don’t like it as they see it as unhealthy and it’s ok since there are so many different stuffs going on in these books; we all have some things we like and some we don’t, but Sandor’s not that nice ways are a big part of his interest. Now, if he’s just that rejected guy with a heart of gold that is truly one of the good guys in a too obvious way, I think that HBO is just not getting it. The reason why Sandor is so captivating is that he has those huge mood switches. At first, you’re never completely sure how to classify him. We didn’t get that psycho factor he is supposed to have yet, and that is disappointing to me since this is what makes him so appealing to me as a character… you have to get that he is totally TORTURED!!! Where is his rage??
  5. Well, I also disagree with you since Sansa, in ASOS and AFFC, keeps thinking about Sandor in ALL of her chapters!!! Something is growing there; GRRM is not the kind of writer to throw stuff in his stories for no reasons… Of course, it’s all for us to see in WOW, but Sandor is definitely, at least as important as LF and Tyrion in Sansa’s arc, even if he has not been there physically for her in the last two books.
  6. As I said before, even if you didn’t like their interactions in the books, it’s still an important part of Sansa’s arc, and also a relatively important part of the ASOIAF story, so if HBO keeps ignoring it, something is going to be lacking in the end.
  7. I was sure it was you, not only because of the avatar, but mostly because of the biennsa shipping! ;)
  8. Winter's Knight, did you change name? I'm all confused now... :huh:
  9. Ok, sorry if I didn’t follow the whole conversation. I’m with you on that anyway.
  10. Whatever you call it, it’s still supposed to happen.
  11. Robb does not look to be in his 30s, I'm 26 and I don't see him as being older then me; he could be my age, a little bitty more (like 28, MAX) or less... Anyway, it’s ok, since they aged everyone the show..
  12. Thank you Caro, you reassure me. I was really getting nervous and loosing my will to live (Ok, I exaggerate, but still…) :crying:
  13. @ Caro99 I know you are in my crowd (sansan shippers). Was the cloak really enough to satisfy shippers like us? Was it a good Sansan episode? I would PM you, but it’s not working right now… Why didn’t Sandor say enough?? I don’t see any reasons why they would not do it (HBO)…
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