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  1. JayDubya

    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    Lotsa hate on this episode. I saw some things that I really enjoyed: The implication of a burned, abandoned Kings Landing if Dany took the throne was intriguing. As often happens, I get distracted by architecture, and didn't notice the skeleton on the ceiling of the Red Keep. Alas. [*]The implication that Dany will find happiness and home beyond the Wall was also very, very intriguing [*]The betrayals that Melisandre predicts for Stannis are also very intriguing. I immediately thought of the possibility (often suggested here) that he's the ultimate _bad_ guy in the series And his actions at the Red Keep, meant to demonstrate his nobility and courage support this, IMO: the directors make him admirable and awesome, specifically to deceive the viewers into rooting for him [*]Ros feeling up Varys seems like it was designed specifically to address some of the conspiracy theories - that Varys is not really a enuch. Random Observations I was almost hoping that Robb _wouldn't_ marry not-Jeyne - that simply the fact that he slept with her would piss off Frey enough to commit the RW. There's an ongoing motif now (two times!) where someone betrays Dany and she has them killed in cold blood. I hope Xaro won't be showing up again in the books. Awkward! Alfie Allen has to go three years without a screen appearance? Oi. Luwin's death also seems to address some of the theories around him being the Ghost of Winterfell. Things I didn't like The sacking of Winterfell was lame. Luwin could have spent 15 seconds explaining what happened, but no... The HOTU was not as epic as the original. But I didn't hate it like a lot of people - it was just underwhelming The White Walker staring at Sam was ridiculous, except that it implies a certain level of agency and tactical/strategic smarts. Which is somewhat interesting. It would have been better if someone else had been there, seen the WW, and then was killed, to rise up again on the other side. Jon's fight with QH, etc, marks a significant difference in his story - he is not nearly as noble and pure-of-spirit as book Jon, _BUT_ I think the implication of Jon being a bit more dark means his return to the NW will be more interesting.
  2. Although it's obviously somewhat academic at this point, I don't understand why Craster left Jon alive after he saw what he saw. Seems to me that Craster would have no issue killing Jon in the woods, especially since he took such a dislike to Jon in the previous episodes.
  3. The way I read it, Shae is awkward, angry, humiliated and very stressed in the current situation, and she's acting like it. In which case, she's perfect!
  4. I was uncomfortable with the Renly/Loras scene during the kissing part, but that's my personal hangup, not an issue with the show. The fight after was fun to watch. A lot of people didn't seem to like the Renly/Margaery scene, but I loved it. The way they presented Margaery was brilliant - she's immediately presented as a player in the Game - someone who knows when to lie, knows when to tell the truth, and understands the practical compromises and deals one makes for power. I never really cared for her in the books, but I believe that this is GRRM telegraphing her importance - she is a serious piece on the board, not an ornamental diversion. Lurking unnoticed this whole time! The Margaery Tyrell in S2E03 is the kind of woman who would help plan and execute the Purple Wedding. Awesome! I also loved the scene with Tyrion and the whore (was that Ros?) and the second gold piece. Beautiful. Brienne is a giant next to Catelyn. The only flat notes in the episode for me werethe way they used Lommy for Gendry - that felt forced. And Shae/Sansa felt pretty forced as well. Next week should be awesome, and the week after (presuming Renly meets his shadow) should be great as well.
  5. JayDubya

    [Book Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

    I have a general rule that I follow... If I've never ever done something, and someone else has years of experience in that field, then I assume that, even if I don't understand why it's been done, that the expert has a good reason. I mean... why do calculators have + signs on them? Who can't add numbers in their heads? Why would anyone need a device to help them add things? Why do toothpicks have instructions on the box? Who could possibly be so dumb as to not understand what a toothpick is for? Why did Sony invent a form of DRM that can be eliminated with a magic marker? What possible person thought that was a good idea? The fact is, that these things were not done in a vacuum. They didn't magically appear one day. Someone made a specific effort to pursue a strategy and implement a change. Just because I don't understand the reason, doesn't mean the reason is stupid. It is far, far more likely that I'm simply ignorant of the reason. If I were to educate myself, and become an expert in the field, then, perhaps, I can render an educated assessment of the intelligence (or lack thereof) of the decision and the person making the decision. Until that point, I continue to work under the assumption that I am lacking data. Because me assuming that someone has the 'auditory discriminatory neurons of a blind cave fish' because they made a decision that I don't understand approaches the heights of callow arrogance.
  6. JayDubya

    [Book Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

    Ok, then let me say that: If Sansa and Margaery had the same name (or they had the names Sansa and Sonsa), a lot of people would get confused. Not you, not me, but a lot of normal people who don't have very good memories, and/or haven't read the books would get them mixed up.
  7. JayDubya

    [Book Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

    They're both women in their late twenties/early thirties, they're both dressed plainly, they both have some martial skill (Asha more than Osha). In a sea of 30+ different distinct characters, you don't think the average person might get them confused?
  8. Book four of the War against the Chtorr (David Gerrold) came out in 1994. It ended on a cliffhanger. We're still waiting on Book 5. :)
  9. JayDubya

    How Would You Rate Episode 110

    I'd say 9/10 - I was definitely grooving on the dragons, very excited to see that scene, and it didn't disappoint.