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  1. Blue Roses

    Generations - Not a Thing

    Oh it goes way back than that. The great Amorite king Shamshi-Addu (1796-1775 BC) wrote (on a clay tablet of course) to his son, the viceroy of Mari in Syria ( a position he owed to his father): 'Are you a child, not a man, have you no beard on your chin? Even now when you have reached maturity, you have not set up a home.......While your brother has won a great victory here, you remain there [in Mari], reclining among the women.'
  2. Blue Roses

    UK Politics: The Beast From The East

    We have three parties MIA since last year. UKIP, the Liberal Democrats and the Labour party. With the last one, it seems Labour has been morphing into The Jeremy Corbyn Momentum Party. Russian style hats optional.
  3. Alice in Wonderland. Even at a very young age I knew Alice and I were going to have issues with her 'what is the use of a book without pictures or conversation' but her propensity to eat and drink things just because they had a label on it saying 'eat me' and drink me' struck me as incredibly stupid and irritating. I think having her head chopped off by the Queen of Hearts would have been a more satisfying conclusion. Still hate that book.
  4. Blue Roses

    UK Politics: The Beast From The East

    So if the Tories are pathological liars and never ever to be trusted in any statements in the House of Commons, who would you implicitly trust if they stated that Russia carried out this act? Just interested, as you seem to be approaching this as 'yes Russia in all probability did this but I don't trust it 'cos one of those nasty Tories said they did it'. An interesting approach to say the least. Meanwhile, the appalling Telford grooming/rape case is being somewhat ignored. Jess Phillips has a piece about it on the Guardian website today. It is heart breaking to read about such abuse on an industrial scale, yet again. I remember Jack Straw raising this about a decade ago with his 'white meat' comment and being howled down, especially by those in his own party. And we haven't even got our heads around women being trafficked into this country for sex purposes. Probably young boys as well.
  5. Blue Roses

    United States of Europe

    Juncker's State of the Union address...... United States of Europe back on! Now the pesky Brits have exited stage right pursued by a bear the project can continue. And the migrant crisis has been resolved. Lots more Euros for everybody! Oh and Nick Clegg might need to eat some humble pie about that European Army question.....not such a fantasy apparently.
  6. Blue Roses

    UK Politics - summer edition

    I dunno. I first went on the internet 6th September 1998 in hotel in London. Nearly 19 years ago. I had friends who were laughed at in the mid nineties for starting jobs in the internet business as it "was a flash in the pan". 23 years from now, is a long time. Not only will the car industry fight to be industry leaders but insurance companies will be coercing people into chipped, safer electric cars, unable to speed or do anything interesting as it makes their lives easier and their profits bigger. I've already told my children they can forget the joys of driving a little bit too fast round a corner or putting the throttle down. Hydrogen is the other option and is definitely one to look out for. Electric versus Hyrodrogen could be the VHS v Beta of the future.
  7. Blue Roses

    UK Politics: Post-May Edition

    HANGED, Drawn and Quartered, my dear. Parliaments however are hung. And yes, I realise its a rather good pun but there are standards to be maintained when exercising medieval torture and punishment. Speaking of torture, does that mean I have to listen to another Diane Abbott interview, as it is now safe to get her out of the cupboard again?
  8. Blue Roses

    Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    Sounded like Harry Potter was about to show up at the beginning.......
  9. Blue Roses

    Senlin Ascends by Josiah Bancroft

    This and the sequel were one of my favourites in 2016 after reading about it on Wert's site. Incredibly strong debut and very very different. Loved a certain character's depiction as a spoon. Hope this does well, as it deserves recognition. Looking forward to the third book. Anybody got any ideas when?
  10. Blue Roses

    Looking for WWI or WWII Book Recommendations

    Having just finished Beevor's Berlin: Downfall 1945, I can add my recommendation to others. A brilliant and very readable book on a rather harrowing subject. I will definitely check out 'A Woman in Berlin' by Anonymous after reading Beevor. I've just embarked on Giles McDonough's 'After the Reich' as history does not come to an . in 45. [Apologies to 1066 & all that] Less military books on WWII I would recommend are Gitta Sereny's "Albert Speer:His Battle with Truth". Speer's closeness to Hitler, his obvious intelligence and his dubious assertions of not knowing about the holocaust are fascinating. The other first hand testimony I would recommend is Hugh Trevor Roper's " The Last Days of Hitler" written in 1947. Roper, then an intelligence officer and future historian, was charged by the British to find out what had happened to Hitler, as he had disappeared. This reads like a rollicking detective novel set in the smoke filled ruins of Berlin. By the way, Beevor's Downfall deals with the disappearance of Hitler from the Russian perspective. Trevor-Roper's great historical rival was A.J.P. Taylor who wrote the rather essential "War by Time Table", a extended essay on the origins of the First World War. Incredibly influential work and very readable with an original point of view. I would also recommend, if the OP is interested in the Ottoman/Asia theatre of war, "On Secret Service East of Constantinople" by Peter Hopkirk. Hopkirk is a brilliantly knowledgeable & engaging author with a sense of humour. Germany's meddling in the Middle East and getting the Ottomans to declare jihad against the Russians & British, and the secret squirrel adventures across the middle East Persia & Afghanistan is pretty breathless stuff. I knew nothing about the German agent Wilhelm Wassmuss before this, who was considered by the British to be the German Lawrence of Arabia. He has unfortunate role in the Zimmerman Telegram affair, which was not known when Tuchman published her book which I won't spoil here. Highly recommended especially for the Battle of the Erzerum which goes to prove that no army should take on the Russians in the depths of winter. A less grim, 'All Quiet on the Western Front" or "Goodbye to All That", fantastic books both but so sad, is Siegfried Sassoon's 'Memoirs of a Fox Hunting Man'. A darkly funny book in parts. I've also finished recently, so its fresh in my mind and was thoroughly engrossing was Luke McCallin's fictional Gregor Reinhardt Trilogy. A Berlin police officer, co-opted into the German Army as an intelligence officer, the first two books are set in Sarajevo and the last in Berlin just after the war has ended. As Balkans history makes my head hurt, these very well researched and at times quietly brutal stories are brilliantly realised in a part of the world that doesn't often get covered in the anglo world.
  11. Blue Roses

    Ripper Street- a Spook and a Sellsword

    Rose how could you!
  12. Blue Roses

    [Pre-ADwD Spoilers] Bran 1 - Spoilers for ADWD

    Just a meandering thought but how big are the direwolves now? I know the old wolf is probably warg as well but surely he is much smaller and also old and probably ravenous. Summer, even with her sore paw should cream cracker the old wolf? Just wondering......not really up to speed with my direwolf lore but I was under the impression they were much larger or has Summer not reached full size? So long since I read this I just can't remember details anymore. Has Blood Raven been mentioned in the main novels (not Dunk & Egg) as I was also under the impression he's a very very very minor character if you were reading the books casually? Cold Hands being revealed to be Bloodraven would probably cause a big 'uhh?' from most normal readers - somehow I can't see it. I see Blood Raven being more a green seer type of character as Master Aemon was a wise old bird type of character who was revealed later to be a Targ but mostly I just think Blood Raven has gone gone gone.
  13. Blue Roses

    [Pre-ADwD Spoilers] Bran 1 - Spoilers for ADWD

    Welcome back Bran - we've missed you! So excited to read this, even though the mysteries are still held close to GRRM's chest. Going to be interesting how GRRM will handle the Green seer and the Children of the Forest.
  14. Blue Roses

    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    [quote name='David and Dan' post='1607351' date='Dec 3 2008, 13.19']"The things I do for love." Sound familiar? We think you're going to like it... D&D[/quote] Gone for the cliffhanger ending ol'chestnut................Brilliant! :P
  15. Blue Roses

    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    ITS THE UK!!!!!! Faints with excitement.................. When are you casting extras? :D