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  1. Blue Roses

    UK Politics: Time Marches On

    L'en puet fere et defere Ceo fait il trop sovent It his nouther wel ne faire Therfore England is shent Nostre prince de Engleterre Par le consail de sa gent At Westminster after the feire Made a gret parlement La Chatere fet de cyre It was hold to neih the fire And is molten al awey.
  2. Blue Roses

    Was Joffrey coronated?

    Technical point here I'm afraid. Kings and queens can only be crowned. Coronated or uncoronated terms are not recognised or legitimate. You can have a coronation ceremony of course. Boring I know, but an editor or teacher would pull you up on this.
  3. Blue Roses

    First Quarter 2019 Reading

    Just downloaded The Hod King by Bancroft and started reading. Been really looking forward to this as the two previous books were wonderful reads from a few years ago. Definitely one of the most interesting and enjoyable series out there at the moment and refreshingly different. So far, so good......
  4. 14 charges! Including rape. Blimey, Mr Salmond.
  5. Blue Roses

    JK Rowling announces Five 'Fantastic Beasts' films

    Film was interesting and had some great stuff but missed the charm of the first one. Apart from the nifflers who once again stole the show. A few points: 1) Paris was cold cold cold. In comparison to the fully fleshed New York which had an identity of its own, Paris didn't really come alive at all. Only amusing bit was that to reach the 'magical Paris' one had a disappear up a lady's skirt: very French. 2) Imagery was brilliantly done. 5) Depp didn't annoy me as much as I though he would. He felt very much on his best best behaviour which retrained the performance but yes I would have preferred Colin Farrell.
  6. Blue Roses


    My copy from Amazon UK was dispatched yesterday and arriving apparently today (19th). Just finishing Tombland, the latest Shardlake doorstopper..so timing is excellent. As a writer of 'real' medieval history I'm looking forward to GRRM's fake stuff. Never as crazy as the real thing however, even with the dragons.
  7. Thus after two years, Her Majesty's Government, aided by the finest minds of the civil service, have left the lobby of the EU by entering the revolving door, going round in circles and entered back into the lobby of the EU having paid 39 billion for the privilege. My dog is a better escape artist.
  8. Blue Roses

    UK Politics: This Country is Going to the Moggs

    Labour conference was more like an episode of Citizen Smith.
  9. Blue Roses

    Single parent advice?

    Or cute teenage boy......sorry shouldn't assume. doh!
  10. Blue Roses

    Single parent advice?

    Get an emergency contact. Get a cleaner (lot cheaper than a divorce) Set punishments if room is not kept tolerably clean ......like take away screens or access to games. The cleaner shouldn't have to wear a gas mask to access room. Or ....if a cleaner is not a goer......make a routine time each week where you both clean together and its just part of the week. Or get a cute 16 year old girl to baby sit him.......and just embarrass him a lot. As a mother of teenage boys, embarrassment is often my only weapon in an unfair world.
  11. Blue Roses

    UK Politics: This Country is Going to the Moggs

    I see ( or rather don't see and just infer) that JC has retired to his garden shed, no doubt to read up on Venezuelan property prices and retirement villages, as his 'dear me, I just keep happening to bump into these anti-semetics on stage and in committees but I'm completely blameless and really don't know what they are gong on about as I'm a cuddly grandpa and not a racist in anyway.....oh....look at that unicorn over there' routine is leaking more than the Lusitania. Meanwhile the Momentum's party of Judea has decided to split from the Judean Momentum's Party over alleged or possibly alleged or not really alleged accusations of what have the Jews ever done for us? Its a crazy world when Monty Python looks more sane.
  12. Blue Roses

    UK Politics: Royal Weddings and Referendums

    That is ideology ie. the EU will maintain this regardless of any economic benefit or disadvantage. (Or reality....Schengen and Dublin being totally blown apart currently ). Otherwise, we agree totally that TM's Brexit white paper is just rehashed cherry picking which seeks to gain superior market access without membership. My comment on Italy and Austria is that the mood music is changing in Europe and hence Brussels will double down on it stance to maintain its position. ie. no cherry picking. Not that Austria and Italy are suddenly our friends and will help us. They are just as selfish as everybody else and have their own axes to grind. Brussels sees this an idealogical stance that must be won to maintain its dominant position otherwise everyone will just pile in with their demands inc. Austria and Italy. Hence get Brexit off the sodding table. Which means not going through yet more leadership challenges, general elections or sorry my white paper got eaten by the dog let me wait another few months whilst I write a new one. As Wert said...12 weeks.
  13. Blue Roses

    UK Politics: Royal Weddings and Referendums

    Yes they do care. And Brexit and the rest of Europe's ongoing issues are definitely idealogical. If Brexit was an economical issue pure and simple it would have been done and dusted by now by both sides.
  14. Blue Roses

    UK Politics: Royal Weddings and Referendums

    Otherwise its a very messy no deal with no money next year. It won't be very pleasant for anyone regardless of what side of the debate/continent they are on. Time is ticking for everyone not just the UK. And it will happen just as the EU is trying to wind up its next EU budget negotiations. The Dutch are pressing for a smaller budget next cycle and parts of their economy are almost entirely dependent on UK trade for one example. They are very nervous of a no deal scenario but are resigned to the fact that Brussels will stick to its 4 freedoms ideology regardless of them jumping up and down. The EU could do without the headache with all the other firestorms they are trying to put out.
  15. Blue Roses

    UK Politics: Royal Weddings and Referendums

    Perhaps both Wert. You do seem to have a hot and sticky relationship with BJ The EU is also in a bit of sticky situation. What TM has proposed is just rehashed unworkable nonsense which Remainers, Brexiteers & the EU itself has said is unconscionable. Its just cherry picking again. (The EU is guilty of cherry picking as well but that's got lost in the wash over the last 2 years). But do the EU want Corbyn or a Brexiteer in charge? Do they throw May a bone to keep her in the job as they know the devil they are working with? The EU need a deal fast. The new kids on the block, Italy & Austria are fizzing and not scared of shouting down Brussels and they are slightly more sympathetic to Britain. Merkel is busted. Interesting times.