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  1. Colder than Scotland. Sounds perfect.
  2. Perhaps the Queen can retire Prince Andrew to some storm-lashed island in the cold Atlantic where he can be governor of HMPrison Island: his first 'guest' can be Alex Salmond. Strictly no women allowed. Sturgeon will not like having to answer what the SNP knew and did not know. In the official residences no less.
  3. Well we now know where Drogon went. He flew to faux medieval world, settled down and had a baby dragon called Edgar who he pimped out to John Lewis for some fast bucks. GRRM: I hold you fully responsible for cute baby dragons this Christmas.
  4. Humbug News. This is a good example of how Twitter has been extremely unhelpful for the last three years on BOTH sides of the debate. https://order-order.com/2019/10/04/ben-bradshaws-shameless-gove-fake-news/ The speech is on YouTube so you can listen and decide yourself rather than rely on Guido if he isn't your thing or if he brings you out in a rash. And yes Guido can be wrong too.......
  5. Blue Roses

    LOTR prequel TV series 2.0

    Nothing in the article about Brexit. As HBO are happily filming in NI and Netflix have just announced a 10 year investment at Shepperton, I don't think Bogey Brexit has much to do with this. More, as others have said, NZ has been rattling the sweetie jar more than Scotland. Personally, I would love Wales to feature in some of this.
  6. Blue Roses

    UK Politics: The End of May

    Er no. https://www.historytoday.com/history-matters/harrying-north Its a bit hard to paint half of England as all a bit local. The Welsh border area as well suffered tremendously with wholesale relocation/looting/killing of the local populace in violent spasms throughout the Norman period and as the Welsh were just as capable at raids, killing and sacking, the Normans got it straight back at them especially in 1136. Peasants, clergy, nobility; all got it in the neck. Many were forced into slavery often to work on the Norman building projects of castles and cathedrals thoughout. They were definitely not left alone.
  7. Blue Roses

    UK Politics: Awaiting MV3

    She's toast today. Its just a question of who is going to play Jon Snow to Teresa's Daenerys......and be sent beyond the wall of Westminster forever. On another interesting note the latest YouGov European poll is predictably dire for TCP but Labour's support has totally collapsed to a miserable 13%.
  8. Blue Roses

    UK Politics: Awaiting MV3

    Glorious! Ran and Linda are on the 'front page' of the Telegraph website, along with Nigel Farage, both behind the premium content subscription. Now that's a pairing I never thought to see.
  9. Blue Roses

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    Well at least Sansa need not worry about feeding all those armies anymore. And the Dragons survived......yey .........well for a bit. I suppose D&D are not going to explain the whacked seasons etc. Mind you I've separated the books and the show since Season 2; it makes for a far more pleasant viewing experience. I would like to congratulate the production team, regardless of writing/acting etc. on a monumental effort. Some stunning scenes.
  10. oh dear. There are no such things as feudal characters or medieval characters whether in fiction or history. They are just humans. What is different is that the rules, laws and customs surrounding them are different and they operate within a different framework of what is acceptable and what is not. Medieval people are motivated by the same human impulses as we are but what they are able to do, how they react within their framework and how they justify their actions are all dictated by contemporary laws, regulations and morals. In other words, if you were brought up to believe you were entitled to be obeyed and that you had the right to chop some one's head off, you would. Or invade another country. Or forcibly take another person. Or do any number of things which are not acceptable today and which you like to believe you would not do. Game of Thrones succeeds as a novel because the people and how they are motivated are believable in their actions even if the background is fantastical. The same applies to medieval history or any other history. People are always either silly, stupid, vindictive, idiotic, kind, generous, ambitious, ruthless or whatever.
  11. Blue Roses

    UK Politics: Time Marches On

    L'en puet fere et defere Ceo fait il trop sovent It his nouther wel ne faire Therfore England is shent Nostre prince de Engleterre Par le consail de sa gent At Westminster after the feire Made a gret parlement La Chatere fet de cyre It was hold to neih the fire And is molten al awey.
  12. Blue Roses

    Was Joffrey coronated?

    Technical point here I'm afraid. Kings and queens can only be crowned. Coronated or uncoronated terms are not recognised or legitimate. You can have a coronation ceremony of course. Boring I know, but an editor or teacher would pull you up on this.
  13. Blue Roses

    First Quarter 2019 Reading

    Just downloaded The Hod King by Bancroft and started reading. Been really looking forward to this as the two previous books were wonderful reads from a few years ago. Definitely one of the most interesting and enjoyable series out there at the moment and refreshingly different. So far, so good......
  14. 14 charges! Including rape. Blimey, Mr Salmond.
  15. Blue Roses

    JK Rowling announces Five 'Fantastic Beasts' films

    Film was interesting and had some great stuff but missed the charm of the first one. Apart from the nifflers who once again stole the show. A few points: 1) Paris was cold cold cold. In comparison to the fully fleshed New York which had an identity of its own, Paris didn't really come alive at all. Only amusing bit was that to reach the 'magical Paris' one had a disappear up a lady's skirt: very French. 2) Imagery was brilliantly done. 5) Depp didn't annoy me as much as I though he would. He felt very much on his best best behaviour which retrained the performance but yes I would have preferred Colin Farrell.