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  1. Well at least Sansa need not worry about feeding all those armies anymore. And the Dragons survived......yey .........well for a bit. I suppose D&D are not going to explain the whacked seasons etc. Mind you I've separated the books and the show since Season 2; it makes for a far more pleasant viewing experience. I would like to congratulate the production team, regardless of writing/acting etc. on a monumental effort. Some stunning scenes.
  2. Just a meandering thought but how big are the direwolves now? I know the old wolf is probably warg as well but surely he is much smaller and also old and probably ravenous. Summer, even with her sore paw should cream cracker the old wolf? Just wondering......not really up to speed with my direwolf lore but I was under the impression they were much larger or has Summer not reached full size? So long since I read this I just can't remember details anymore. Has Blood Raven been mentioned in the main novels (not Dunk & Egg) as I was also under the impression he's a very very very minor character if you were reading the books casually? Cold Hands being revealed to be Bloodraven would probably cause a big 'uhh?' from most normal readers - somehow I can't see it. I see Blood Raven being more a green seer type of character as Master Aemon was a wise old bird type of character who was revealed later to be a Targ but mostly I just think Blood Raven has gone gone gone.
  3. Welcome back Bran - we've missed you! So excited to read this, even though the mysteries are still held close to GRRM's chest. Going to be interesting how GRRM will handle the Green seer and the Children of the Forest.
  4. [quote name='David and Dan' post='1607351' date='Dec 3 2008, 13.19']"The things I do for love." Sound familiar? We think you're going to like it... D&D[/quote] Gone for the cliffhanger ending ol'chestnut................Brilliant! :P
  5. ITS THE UK!!!!!! Faints with excitement.................. When are you casting extras? :D
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