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  1. The options on the ballot should be accepting Russian rule or "Russia, Go Fuck Yourselves".
  2. Hint: Look where it says "Location" beneath his name. He's from South-East Australia.
  3. Firstly, I want to give you a huge thank-you, SpaceChamp, for the incredible contribution you provide here. I read all your posts and watch the vidoes you link. I rely on your posts to keep me informed as to what's happening with rocket launches and space exploration. You make a massive contribution to this forum and I really appreciate it. Secondly, I have a question I'm curious about and you may be able to enlighten me. I'm just wondering why SpaceX seem to so often seem to return their main boosters to drone ships, rather than to the launch pads on land. Returning to a stable base on land would logically seem far simpler than trying to land on a drone ship that is rocking around in the ocean (and returning to the launch pad makes for a much cooler video :P). Is it simply that the trajectory of the rockets means that they can more easily return to earth in the ocean, rather than trying to "fly" themselves back to the launch site for landing? Anyway... thanks again for all the updates you provide. I might not comment much (or at all), but I always read your posts and view the videos you link.
  4. I had the Rift and really enjoyed it. But I sold it a year or two back, mostly for the convenience factor (and having a young child). I finally got myself a Quest 2 recently though. I also have only really played Vader Immortal 1 on it so far - also last weekend, funnily enough. So my experience mostly comes from the Rift and isn't very up to date. But I agree with Ace on Superhot - that's a must play. Arizona Sunshine was also a lot of fun, but I'm not sure whether that made it over to the Quest. A very simple game that I ended up really enjoying was Dreadhalls. And I know I saw that on the Quest store. It's simple, as I said - and at the start of it I just found it vaguely spooky. But the atmosphere is great. And by the end of it I was pretty much scared shitless when coming face to face with monsters etc. I had to really steel myself to push through and complete the game. Fruit Ninja is well suited to VR and is a simple game for showing to the neighbours' kids etc. And yeah - Res Evil 4 is definitely on my wish list (for when I finally get time to devote to it). I don't believe Res 7 ever made its way over to Rift or Quest, though (and I'd expect it would need more horse-power than the Quest can deliver)
  5. The showrunner addresses this directly in the interview linked (or quoted?) earlier. She says that if Yen and Ciri are introduced later, the viewers will always then view them as characters in Geralt's story (regardless of whether the viewers encounter them 3 weeks or 3 hours after watching the start). She wished the show to have 3 main characters of equal importance, rather than one major one with two important side-characters. So, I understand why it was structured as it was. Whether or not it was successful is a different question. (For me, the show is about Geralt first and foremost. But that may be a result of me coming to the show having played the games).
  6. Testing display name change
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